The Best Welding Shirts – A Buyer’s Guide

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Everyone loves a bargain and likes to know that they have found the perfect item after shopping around.

However, when your health and safety is concerned it’s even more important for you to seek out extra advice and guidance to ensure that you are making a well-educated pick – and this is why I have put together the best welding shirts buyer’s guide.

Where do you start, especially if you are a novice, in terms of picking something?

Needing an item that will not only be comfortable for long periods of wear but will provide that all important protection for you against burns, scolds or worse!

Welding clothing should be approached with a view to suiting your own individual level of experience, duration of use and type of welding.

Full and safe cover with flame retardant materials is integral and there should be no compromise in terms of personal safety.

If you’re in the market for a new welding shirt then I have done the legwork for you and put together a guide to help you find the top-torso protection for your individual needs.

So, whether you dabble in a little bit of hobby welding or are a seasoned SMAW expert, then I will likely have something to spark your interests.

So here are the top five selling welding shirts available and our own reviews based on extensive shirt scrutiny and research.

ModelMaterialSpecial FeaturesOur RatingPrice

Carhartt Flame-Resistant Lightweight Twill Shirt

6-ounce FR twill: 88% cotton/12% high-tenacity nylonMaterial wicks away moisture for comfort, anti-odor fabric treatment

 Best All-around Buy 

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Chicago Protective Apparel Welding Shirt

Cotton 88%/Nylon 12%Two chest pockets, two side seam pockets, one sleeve pocket

Most User-Friendly

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Lincoln Electric Black Welding Shirt

9oz flame retardant treated fabricInside left pocket for protected storage, snap sleeves for form fitting cuffs

Best Mid-Range Price Purchase

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Revco Black Stallion Denim Work Shirt

8 oz. flame resistant cottonFR per ASTM 1506

Best for Look and Comfort

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Revco Black Stallion Cotton Work Shirt

7 oz. FR-treated cottonChest pockets with flaps, Durable metal snaps

Most Economical Buy

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Revco Black Stallion Cotton Work Shirt – Most Economical Buy

Black Stallion is one of the market leaders in terms of welding clothing and this 7oz flame retardant treated shirt has ranked in as one of our most economical purchases.
Revco Black Stallion Cotton Work Shirt
Whilst the importance of price is questionable when paired against the importance of safety – cost still features as a factor.

This Revco Black Stallion work shirt is on the lower end of the price scale, but it does still have a reasonable and sturdy number of features that are worthy of note.

There is concern that the lightweight material does not necessarily provide the level of protection needed by more heavyweight use.

This shirt may be more suited to those who are just starting out with welding, or only partake in light welding activities, as this is a very lightweight and thin item.

The fastened and hardwearing metal buttons and protective chest pocket flaps protect against any errant sparks, however, some concern surrounding the quality and functionality of the material and the cheaper use of snap buttons.

Performance and technical issues

The thin material renders this only suitable as a secondary wear item due to the very lightweight cotton, however, this can be used on its own if only light welding is needed.

Is This Item Recommended?

This may not recommendable for heavy-duty welding. It could be ideal for those starting out and not wanting to spend big bucks until they are more established in knowledge and experience.
  • Very lightweight and therefore suitable for hot environments
  • Only weighs 1ib in weight so ideal for transporting
  • One of the more affordable shirts at the lower end of the price scale
  • The quality of the material is on the poorer end of the scale, with it shrinking when washed, wrinkling easily and being susceptible to burn holes
  • Cheap and poor-quality snap buttons have been noted
  • Not ideal for heavy-duty welding unless worn as a secondary protection

Revco Black Stallion Denim Work Shirt– Best for Look and Comfort

Revco Black Stallion Denim Work Shirt

Another strong contender from Black Stallion! Having marginally ramped up the protection level of this shirt to an 8oz flame retardant treated cotton, this long-sleeved shirt is not only about functional protection but has an added air of style too.

So, if the image is your game, then this classic cut denim number hits a home run.

Featuring a full button-up neck and metal snap cuffs for added protection against wayward sparks.

Performance and technical issue

Based on the quality of material, much like Black Stallion’s cotton work shirt, this item is only suitable for very light welding or as secondary protection.

Comments regarding the useless and impractical sleeve pocket have also been noted – stating that it isn’t big enough to use and any items would fall out when the user’s arms are being moved around. Hopefully not an indication that this welding shirt is something of style over substance.

Is This Item Recommended?

If you are looking for a shirt that provides heavy-duty protection, then you will not find that here! This Black Stallion denim work shirt could be ideal for any hobbyist that likes to dabble in light welding. This item does weigh in on being more about comfort and style than protection and usability.
  • The Black Stallion emblem badge sleeve detail and classic-cut denim material makes for a better-looking item
  • This shirt could be more suitable for hotter climates or environments due to the thin material enabling added coolness
  • This is still a very economical purchase at the lower end of the price range
  • The carrying weight of this item is only a meager 1.85ibs so it’s easily transportable if you travel a lot or prefer a lighter-weight wear
  • The material of this item is very thin and therefore not suitable for high-temperature welding or extensive periods of welding unless additional protection is used
  • This material is not very breathable and can get hot in certain environments
  • The retailer notes that there are limited washing capabilities before the flame retardancy reduces – so depending on the frequency of use, this may not be a long-term investment

Lincoln Electric Black Welding Shirt – Best Mid-Range Price Purchase

According to their website, the self-proclaimed number 1 US company for welding equipment, this Lincoln Electric cloth shirt is the ideal number if you are looking a mid-range priced item that provides more in terms of specifications and safety features than a cheaper product.

Lincoln Electric Black Welding Shirt

This cloth welding shirt is touted as being lightweight and breathable and is packed with an impressive 9oz flame retardant treated fabric, which is the highest level of flame protection of all the shirts that I have reviewed.

Coupled with the form-fitting cuffs and snap flap sleeves and pockets, safety measures have been ramped up here for only relatively small hike in price.

Performance and Technical Issues

The heavier nature of the material and its general lack of breathability renders this item not ideal for warmer climates or hot environments.

Is This Item Recommended?

With its still reasonable mid-range price and added flame retardant specifications this is a great option for those who are counting their pennies but still wanting a decent and sturdy level of safety and security.
  • It’s made of a lightweight cotton for added breathability
  • Good for general purpose welding
  • Protection in the form of a snap flap pocket, fitted cuffs, snap flap sleeves and a useful pencil holder
  • Machine washable
  • A smart design with emblem and logo featured on the shirt – this item pays attention to both safety and style
  • It is a more expensive mid-range priced shirt, however, the level of protection would still only suit general purpose welding, not high-end or extensive long-term use

Chicago Protective Apparel Welding Shirt – Most User-Friendly

This striking looking shirt is not for those who want to blend into any workplace background.

Chicago Protective Apparel Welding ShirtWith the potent patterning and unique camouflage design, you can find safety and style within this item from the welding brand Chicago.

I have decided to rank it the most user-friendly of the welding shirts, due to its many multiple pockets and the level of comfort and coolness within it’s wear.

Performance and Technical Issues

Whilst this is a comfortable wearing shirt it is on the heavier side so long-time wear may render it a bit cumbersome.

Is This Item Recommended?

This look may not be for everyone and may not be suitable for a workplace environment that could favor a more low-key and traditional looking uniform.

It doesn’t have a huge amount of additional safety features compared to some of the cheaper shirts, so it could be concluded that the added cost is more to do with the look and style rather than any added extras.

  • This shirt is a more comfortable wear thanks to its cut and style and with the softer material than other welding shirts
  • This fire-resistant camouflage welding shirt is more unusual and unique looking than standard mono-colored shirts
  • With two chest pockets, two side seam pockets and one sleeve pocket it offers far more storage than others
  • With snap closures on the front buttons, the cuffs and pockets there is added safety and security from any errant sparks
  • This is at the higher end of the price range so would be more of an investment piece
  • A heavier weighing item at 1.51ibs – so may not be as comfortable for smaller-framed people

Carhartt Flame-Resistant Lightweight Twill Shirt – Best All-around Buy

Carhartt Flame-Resistant Lightweight Twill ShirtMade from a compound blend of cotton and nylon, this high-end price ranged shirt is the most expensive welding shirt that I have reviewed but it also packs a punch in terms of added features.

The Carhartt Lightweight Twill Shirt has 6oz of flame-retardant treatment which isn’t the highest of this collection of shirts, but it does have other specifications which make it a more safety-conscious choice.

Performance and Technical Issues

This welding shirt is not overly comfortable until after a few washes when the material softens a little however it is an ideal type of shirt if you are looking for a light, cool shirt on warm days.

Is This Item Recommended?

If you are looking for an investment piece with a lot of added extras, then this is worth considering. If you wear a welding shirt for long periods of time within hot environments this the moisture absorbent and anti-odor fabric will be a huge plus for you.
  • This item has rated highly in terms of comfort with its original shirt-style cut and fit
  • The added design thought behind the flame-retardant melamine buttons enhances its overall appeal
  • Machine washable
  • The shirt is hailed for its level of usability and functionality with its two chest pockets with flaps, extended sleeve plackets and adjustable cuffs
  • Made from a high tenacity nylon
  • The material is designed to absorb moisture and sweat for added comfort and is treated with an anti-odour capabilities
  • Triple-stitched main seams add to the durability of the item
  • It is within the high-end price range
  • Needs few washes to soften and become more comfortable
  • Can be a little on the warm side but still cooler than a heavy leather smock

Buyers Guide: What To Know Before Buying

Welding is more than protecting eyes and hands. By wearing chest and body protection it can further prevent the chances of burns and other injuries.

Before buying, it may be worth considering the following:

  • Needs: Safety when welding is not a luxury but a necessity, however, your personal requirements will vary depending on the type of welding that you do and how long you spend doing it.
  • Safety Measures: Long sleeves and a high buttoned collar, with buttoned cuffs, are a necessity with any welding shirt. However, you do have some flexibility in terms of the thickness of the shirt, the material itself and the level of fire-retardant treatment as this can all vary depending on your individual needs.
  • Comfort: If you spend a lot of time welding, for example as a full-time job versus a hobby, then comfort and usability should factor into your purchase. Consider softer more comfortable materials, a protective but comfortable collar and cuffs for added comfort during long-term wear.
  • Coolness: Being cool is a big deal when you spend extended periods of time in a hot welding environment. Look for a thickness of material that is suitable for the climate you live in, the season and the conditions that you are welding in. You will want to remain cool enough but protected enough in a welding environment as rolling up your sleeves or unbuttoning your collar to cool down is not an option.
  • Experience: Your level of experience can weigh-in on what sort of item you opt for. If you are just starting out then cost may factor into your decision, however, the more novice you are the higher the potential for errant sparks and injury.
  • Durability: If you spend extended periods of time welding then durability of the shirt will be a huge factor in your decision. If you are spending big money on a shirt then you do not want to be replacing it frequently as cost could spiral out of reasonable control. Those needing protection on a very frequent basis will need to consider a very heavy duty and durable product.
  • Material Weight: Whilst heavy materials provide better protection they can also result in the wearer being very hot and uncomfortable. Thinner materials, while often cooler and lighter to wear, will likely only serve as secondary protection or light welding use so additional protection such as a leather apron or jacket may be required.
  • Material Type: Synthetic materials tend to not be as good an option for welding as they do not hold up well against high temperatures and are prone to melting. Wool is known for its inherent strength and fire-retardant abilities but also cotton has been developed to be fire resistant and durable too.


Whilst the Carhartt Men’s Flame Resistant Lightweight Twill Shirt is more on the high-end of the price range, the more extensive specifications make this a more robust all-around shirt, longer lasting with its triple stitched seams and more comfortable cool wear.

If you are looking for an investment piece then this should suit your needs, however, there are many good shirts available for a plethora of budgets.


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