The Best Welding Pants – A Buyer’s Guide

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Safety is a huge part of any trade activity and welding is no different. With the searing heat, sizzling sparks, foggy fumes and fiery flashes making this a very dangerous occupation or hobby.

You should never underestimate the importance of purchasing the correct and safety conscious kit.

No time to read? Here is a table with the best products.

Special Features
Our Rating
Heavy side-split cow leather
Comes with double locked Kevlar thread stitches
 Best Overall Buy 
Durable side split cowhide
Adjustable straps for a better fit, Stitched with flame-resistant Kevlar
Most Economical Buy
88% Cotton, 12% Nylon
FR Certified to UL NFPA 2112, NFPA 70E, CAT 2, ATPV 9.5
Best Mid-Range Price Buy
100% Cotton
Fits Over Boots, Nomex Thread Used in all Garment Seams
Best Look Welding Pants
100% Cotton
Zip fly with button closure, HRC2, NFPA20
Most Comfortable Welding Pants

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Whilst covering the head, arms, hands and torso may seem like the obvious safety precaution, the lower half of the body also needs a level of robust protection.

If you are the sort that welds overhead, then consider the trajectory of flames and sparks. Or perhaps if you in fact weld sitting down then you will note that your lap is exposed to danger.

Sometimes it is just as simple as dropping a piece of equipment and you will soon realize that full body cover is essential.

With the number of possible pant purchases on the market, it can be difficult to know where to start and what type of item to go for.

It is not reasonable or practical to keep trying out different products until you find the right one, as this can not only end up being very expensive but may result in a very unsafe practice.

If you are in the market for new welding pants, then I have done the leg work for you and compiled this guide to keep your bottom-half safe.

Welding is a process that involves a variety of styles and environments, so when looking for new items of kit you should always approach apparel that suits your individual level of experience and type of welding.

Taking into account that you will need to be very comfortable, possibly for long periods of wear, in very hot surroundings but also safe against burns or scolds.

So here are the top five selling welding pants available and my own reviews based on extensive trouser testing!

MCR Safety Memphis Split Cow Leather Welding Chaps – Best Overall Buy

These Memphis welding chaps are made from a thick and durable cow leather which offers exceptional protection when welding.

MCR Safety Memphis Split Cow Leather Welding Chaps

The level of comfort makes these a great choice for anyone who spends extended hours wearing them and needs a good level of comfort as well as security.

These trousers have clearly been designed with durability in mind. They have rivets strategically placed on all the stress points of the pants and are stitched with double locked Kevlar thread.

This is further enhanced by the quick release buckle safety feature, making these a well-designed and well thought out product overall.

Performance and technical issues

Unfortunately, there is trip hazard potential here with the lower leg strap being too long which results in it dragging or catching on the floor or other items.

Following any purchase, this will very likely require some cutting or stitching before wear to make it safe for the user.

Is This Item Recommended?

Compared to other products these welding pants look like relatively unattractive work wear but if you are wanting an economical buy that includes all the bells and whistles and aren’t bothered about the look, then these will definitely tick some big boxes for you.
  • Comfort makes these great for extensive welding and wear
  • Ideal for heavy or industrial welding as they provide protection against slag and direct flame
  • The waist belt and legs are adjustable, so they can be altered to suit individual need
  • The thick material and extra stitching make these very durable
  • Great value for money as they are on the cheaper end of the fiver products that I have reviewed
  • The leather straps are very long for the lower leg and this can be a tripping hazard and they can get caught or trapped
  • Powdery residue and lint can rub off these light-coloured chaps which isn’t ideal when wearing dark coloured clothing underneath
  • In general, light coloured materials are not recommended for industrial welding (please see the tips included at the end of the article)
  • There are no pockets which is a poor design flaw for workwear

Revco Black Stallion Welding Split Leg Apron – Most Economical Buy

Black Stallion is a market leader in terms of providing welding apparel, so it’s no surprise that this welding split-leg apron features within this top five review.Revco Black Stallion Welding Split Leg Apron

Made from a highly durable cowhide, these pants feature an apron-style body panel, so you are provided with leg cover, as well as added chest protection.

Stitched with a flame-resistant Kevlar and allowing for additional customization with adjustable straps this item is all about comfort, style and safety.

For the price, you can not argue with the added benefit of the apron style torso cover and with the additional utility pocket (which is not a common feature in all welding trousers) you can see that these pants have been well thought out before being designed.

Performance and technical issues

Due to the apron styling, the leg length on these pants runs short. So, depending on the height of the wearer these may not provide necessary full leg cover so additional pants / long length boots or shoes will likely be required

Is This Item Recommended?

The Black Stallion split-leg apron ranked in as the cheapest purchase out of this top five review. For the cost, this is a great item for lightwork welding that doesn’t require heavy-duty full-leg cover. The apron rates very highly in terms of quality and comfort so is a great buy for the price.
  • The adjustable bib portion of the apron allows for it to be tightened and this adds to the amount of coverage provided and helps avoid gaping material or slippage
  • Features a useful utility pocket
  • The quality cowhide and Kevlar stitching makes this a durable and long-lasting product
  • Extra consideration may be needed for taller people when wearing this apron-style pant as it can run short on the leg due to the cut
  • Slightly uncomfortable for walking around as the tightening of the thigh strap can lead to pulling on the neck strap
  • The buckles used aren’t top quality but overall the apron lasts well

Caterpillar Flame-Resistant Cargo Pant – Best Mid-Range Price Buy

Caterpillar have been producing clothing of every variety for countless years and they are generally a brand that can be relied on.Caterpillar Flame Resistant Cargo Pant

Made from a blend of cotton and nylon, these machine washable 9oz flame resistant trousers have the look of a more casual style cargo pant than a workwear item. This may suit some buyers more depending on their intended use.

Nestled within a more expensive price bracket the pants to do not necessarily offer more in terms of added benefits than the cheaper options.

There are varying issues with respect to the size and length of the trouser, so it is recommended that added attention be paid when choosing a fit.

The flame-resistant cargo pant from Caterpillar, however, do offer added comfort in the form of the slightly flared lower leg which enables for work boots to be worn comfortably underneath.

Performance and technical issues

The level of comfort can be ideal and is often raved about, once the correct fit and size is found. Be prepared to have the trousers altered or hemmed to fit if necessary.

Is This Item Recommended?

If you are looking for welding pants that don’t essentially fit in the bracket of looking like workwear, then these cargo pants could be a good option for you. They are smart and stylish but more on the expensive side. They do provide flame-resistant protection, quality and added functionality of pockets all for the mid-price range.
  • They can be comfortable when the correct size is worn
  • They are good for an overall non-workwear look
  • The flared leg opening allows for fit over a work boot
  • The pocket set-up does not reflect a usual cargo pants style – unusually the pockets are only on one side of these trousers
  • There are notable issues with sizing and length so additional tailoring could be required

Wrangler Flame Resistant Original Fit Jean – Best Look Welding Pants

Denim-look cotton is often a strong choice where flame-resistant material is needed and the high-profile jean producers at Wrangler have weighed in with their own style of welding pants.Wrangler Flame Resistant Jean

Made from 100% cotton, these original fit style jeans, complete with belt loops, look like a standard pair of Wranglers – in fact, you wouldn’t know that these were even flame-retardant pants!

Fully machine washable with an authentic five pocket styling, the slightly flared fit means these can fit comfortably over work boots.

The Nomex thread used on all the seams adds to the overall sense of robust durability that comes with a jean-style pant.

As with most jeans they can be a little restrictive and tight until worn in or washed a few times, however, you may need to be prepared to replace the button as the odd choice of plastic for the fastening isn’t suitable for a welding environment.

The price range is as you’d expect for Wrangler products with it being at the higher end of the items I have reviewed.

Performance and technical issues

The addition of a plastic fastening button is not the most sensible and user-friendly addition for pants given that they need to be flame retardant or that will be used around extreme heat. You may need to consider swapping these out with more suitable fastenings.

Is This Item Recommended?

If you favour how you look when welding and are a fan of good brands and good labels, then these Wranglers should not be overlooked. However, the price of purchase is considerably higher than other items and does not necessarily provide more in terms of features than just a well-known label.
  • Looks like a standard pair of quality Wranglers
  • High-profile make and a retailer that has been around for over 70 years can offer confidence in the quality
  • Multiple pockets and strong stitching
  • Plastic button fastening is not a good addition
  • There could be a lack of comfort until worn in or washed
  • You can expect to pay in the region of $100 for these work pants which may not suit every budget

Ariat Flame Resistant Low Rise Boot Cut Jean – Most Comfortable Welding Pants

Ariat men’s M-series of work trousers claim to be a new standard in flame resistant denim.

Being on the upper-end of the price scale they are tough on the wallet, but can they be tough enough to withstand their intended use?Ariat Men's Flame Resistant M4 Low Rise Boot Cut Jean

The 100% cotton M4 low rise jean is specifically tailored with a lower cut waist, straight leg and a more relaxed fit in the thigh.

The cotton is flame retardant but that seems to be the only feature that lends these trousers to being suitable for welding.

Ariat have not added any bells and whistles to these jeans to necessarily make them more appealing for the workforce. There is more emphasis here on style as opposed to substance.

Offering the no-rub comfort inseams is a good feature for those who need to move around a lot, as well as the useful anchored belt loops and extra deep front pockets – however, these are not features that you could not find elsewhere on a more economical buy.

With more emphasis being placed on style over substance, these pants feature a dark washed color, contrasting white stitching and are treated to have a slightly worn look.

Performance and technical issues

Comfort has been considered in the design with the specialized seams and wide fitting thigh.

Is This Item Recommended?

If you find comfort in knowing that you are being looked after by a big-name brand, then Ariat flame resistant boot cut jeans will offer you that. However, these are basic in terms of them weighing more on the side of being jeans than providing the essentials that welders need.
  • Comfort is key with the no-rub comfort inseams
  • The low rise cut and relaxed fit around the thigh may be more comfortable for those who bend and move around a lot
  • Undoubtedly an investment piece of kit – ideal if you want to splash the cash
  • No additional features that would appeal specifically to those in the welding trade. If you’re after a good-looking pant, then you will find style here.

Buyers Guide: What To Know Before Buying

Whilst hot sparks, molten metal, and burns are often the first thing to spring to mind when thinking about the dangers of welding. So, protection of the face and hands are considered key. However protective clothing, such as quality welding pants, can be equally as vital.

UV radiation can sometimes be overlooked as a danger that needs protecting against, so when you are buying your welding apparatus you will need to opt for FULL body cover.

You may want to consider the following:

  • Wear heavyweight, tightly woven fabrics that are either 100% wool or cotton as this will enable you to remain protected from radiation, errant sparks, and direct heat.
  • Be aware that flame retardancy reduces through washing so you will need to replace all items at certain intervals. Flame retardant products will often provide you with details on the number of washes you can carry out before the level of retardancy reduces.
  • Clean your garments regularly to avoid being coated in any combustible substances such as oil or grease.
  • Long-sleeved, full cover shirts that are secured at the neck and cuff by buttons are essential.
  • Full cover trousers are also crucial.
  • Dark colors are preferential to prevent light reflections.
  • If you do not have pockets that feature closing flaps, then consider taping them shut. Parts of clothing such as open pockets, frayed edges, holes and loose panels can all collect stray sparks which is highly dangerous.
  • Never wear jewellery, synthetic or manmade fabrics.
  • Avoid wearing many layers of clothing. Sweaty clothes can actually cause more rapid heat loss and you are very likely to sweat in a welding environment or when wearing leather apparel.


Much like buying any type of daily wear pants, every person is different and will find comfort in different styles and sizes.

 The Memphis split cow leather chaps have been rated as the best overall buy here.  Having taken into account the item being on the lower end of the cost scale, it is impressive to still see a number of well-thought-out safety and comfort features which surprisingly are not entertained within the higher-priced products. The leather chaps are certainly a strong all-round buy.

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