The best projects of one-story houses and cottages

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When it comes time to build your own house, the question of which project to choose is one of the first that pops up. Naturally, the layout, number of storeys, living area depend on the characteristics of the site, personal preferences and how large the family will live or rest there. But still, when choosing a project for your cottage, pay attention to one-story houses, which have many advantages.

The number of storeys of the future house should be chosen based on the functionality and characteristics of the people living in it. An important factor is also the cost-effectiveness of construction, as well as the area of ​​the site: on a large territory, a one-story house will look most appropriate, but in medium and even small areas it will be an excellent option if its project is correctly selected.

One-story houses are more economical both in terms of construction and maintenance. The foundation for it is not as powerful as for multi-storey buildings, but, however, the larger the area of ​​the house, the greater the cost of the foundation. The construction of walls in such a house will be much cheaper, because they will not need to be additionally reinforced to withstand the load of the upper floor. Another aspect of savings is the installation of communications, the schemes of which in a one-story house are much simpler, which means that their implementation will take less time and require less financial costs, and it is much easier and cheaper to heat a one-story house in winter than a two-story one. But you can save money not only at the construction stage, but also on operation, because repair work will be much cheaper. In addition, such houses are great for families with children and the elderly, because they do not have stairs that can cause injury. A one-story house or cottage also attracts attention from a purely psychological point of view, because it creates a sense of unity, which is important, especially if it is a family with children.


When choosing for yourself a project of a one-story house, it is worth considering one of its features – a large roof area, which means that its installation should be approached carefully, and the costs here will be more than in a two-story house of the same quadrature.

The one-story project option will be most suitable if you need to build a house with an area of ​​about 100 m2, and at the same time use funds, time and effort as efficiently and economically as possible. Often one of the disadvantages of one-story houses is called the layout feature, in which some rooms will necessarily be walk-through. But this can be easily avoided by choosing a suitable project, and we have selected some of the best projects of one-story houses.

Classic one-storey house

This is a 61 m2 house with a spacious living room, kitchen, bathroom, two bedrooms and a storage room. It is ideal for a family of three or can be used as a cozy country house, as it combines such important qualities as economy and comfort.

The project attracts the attention of the spacious living room, which is combined with the kitchen. The room provides not only a fireplace – there is also a huge glazed exit to the terrace. If you want to have a small picnic or lunch outdoors, you can quickly and easily take everything you need out of the kitchen. The covered terrace will allow you to be there in any weather: when the sun is blinding, and when it is raining. Two bright spacious bedrooms will make your stay there comfortable and pleasant, and all the necessary things that may be needed in the garden, house, etc., can be folded in the pantry.

The simple shape of the house itself and the gable roof make it possible to erect such a building in the shortest possible time, save on construction and utility bills. The combination of all these advantages makes this project one of the most thoughtful, comfortable and economical.

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Iris project

Luxurious huge house for a large family, which is very demanding about their own coziness and comfort. The area is 160 m2, the project involves the use of glued beams as a material for the construction of walls. A stunning exterior and spacious functional rooms are the main advantages of this one-story house. On its area there are three large bedrooms, a kitchen with a living room, an entrance hall, several bathrooms and other premises.

The main advantage of the house is that, with its huge area, it was possible to preserve the individuality of each room and avoid the presence of walk-through rooms. The porch leads to a spacious entrance hall, where there is room for any wardrobe, sofa and other pieces of furniture, because its area is 24 m2. The central area of ​​the house is dedicated to the living room, combined with the kitchen and dining room. The project proposes to separate the kitchen with a bar counter. From the kitchen there is access to a huge terrace located in the backyard. It can be used both as a recreation area and as a dining room during the warm season. It is convenient that everyone living in the house has access to it. Separately, it is worth noting the location and equipment of the bedrooms: two of them have their own bathroom, so running along the corridors, morning queues near the bath and other inconveniences that are inherent in all large families can be avoided in this house. The third bathroom is located near one of the bedrooms, and everyone has access to it: it is convenient when there are guests in the house. In addition, the project assumes the presence of a boiler room, the ability to equip an attic, and other details about it and a dozen other equally interesting projects can be found on the website

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Fairytale house

The project of a real fabulous house with an area of ​​110 m2 is optimal for a large family: there are three compact rooms, a couple of bathrooms and the trump card of the house – a living room combined with a kitchen. The walls of the house can be made of aerated concrete or ceramic blocks, which will make construction not very expensive, and a strip or monolithic-prefabricated foundation will make the construction durable and reliable.

This house attracts attention with its clear division into day and night zones: and if the night one is simply the most functional, then the day one can attract the attention of anyone. The large living room here is equipped with a fireplace and is adjacent to the kitchen, which is decorated with a corner window. At first glance, it may seem that this is a trifle, but in fact, such a window lets in more sunlight into the room, makes the room visually more spacious, and, most importantly, unique and original. But that’s not all: huge glass doors lead from the living room into the courtyard. They, while remaining reliable protection for all residents, let light into the house, unite with nature, and on the adjoining terrace you can triple a picnic at any time, because everything you need is at hand in the neighboring kitchen.

The night area of ​​the house contains three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a storage room, and spacious corridors allow you to place an additional built-in wardrobe: it is convenient if a large family lives in the house and there are really a lot of things.


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House with frontal garage

A huge spacious house that provides comfort, convenience and coziness to each of its inhabitants. The total area here is 212 m2, living space – 178 m2, there is a garage for two cars, three bedrooms, several bathrooms, many utility rooms where you can store tools, household items, put built-in wardrobes, etc.

Outwardly, a house built according to such a project cannot be called otherwise, as chic, but a triangular dormer window gives it a zest. This project is unique, as it provides an opportunity to completely adjust everything to your taste, up to the point that equip a full second floor, which gives about 90 m2 more space. Also, a large bathroom lends itself to “alterations”, which can be divided into two, bedrooms, which can turn into an office, library, etc.

The house can be visually divided into two zones: night and day. The day area has a spacious living room with good natural light, facilitated by a huge paved doorway leading directly to the terrace and backyard. This allows you not only to save electricity and make the most of natural light, but also creates comfort of movement, because you can go out into the yard quickly and easily, and grab ready-made food from the kitchen.

In the night area of ​​the house there are three bedrooms and two separate bathrooms, the entrance to which is not through the bedrooms, but from a common corridor. A huge entrance hall will allow you to conveniently arrange any system of cabinets and carefully store numerous things. In addition, there is an exit from the house to the garage, which is adjacent to the workshop. The garage can accommodate two cars. In this house, for the comfort of a large family, everything is thought out to the smallest detail.

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Cozy house with a large covered terrace

This house, despite its miniature size, can become comfortable both for permanent residence and for seasonal vacations. With an area of ​​65 m2, it accommodates everything you need, namely three bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen with a living room, and the terrace area is simply phenomenal – 30 m2, which makes the house ideal for family holidays, especially since the terrace is equipped with an external fireplace: with its help you can also fry kebabs, and heat the house, since it is double.

The project of this one-storey house with a wooden facade is striking in its thoughtfulness, because in a very small area there are three bedrooms and a spacious bathroom. In addition, there is enough space in the common corridor to put a closet, equip shelves and other storage places. The kitchen area is combined with the living room and has an exit to the terrace. All this is done for the maximum comfort of a family who lives here permanently or comes to rest. The covered terrace can be arranged as you like, even organize several zones there: dining, beach, an area with a hammock, comfortable chairs and a coffee table, because you can not be afraid of precipitation and direct sunlight.



Futuristic house

This is an unrealistic project of a house from the future with a total area of ​​131 m2. Its façade immediately captivates with its uniqueness, original decoration, which helps to let the rays of light pass through in an interesting way. The house is compactly located three bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room, kitchen and utility rooms.

The peculiarity and main advantage of this project is the non-standard location of the entrances. So, the main entrance is located behind the house, and in front the house greets guests with two entrances to the bedrooms and a swimming pool, to which a huge glazed door from the living room leads. The fact that you can go out into the courtyard from two bedrooms and from the living room is the key difference between this project and a number of similar ones. The bright spacious living room is equipped with a fireplace and smoothly flows into the everyday kitchen area. The project assumes the presence of two bathrooms, which will be especially convenient for a large family. There are a number of rooms that can be equipped for storage rooms, dressing rooms, utility rooms, which will make life in such a house comfortable. Following the idea of ​​the project, on the terrace it is possible to equip a pool with a strict square shape, which emphasizes the minimalism and futurism of the whole house.




The finished project of a one-story house is an opportunity to save money and find a solution thought out by architects and designers that will satisfy all your wishes. If necessary, it is easy to make some changes to the project you like, which will make the house even more comfortable and unique.

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