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The experience of cheap and not entirely successful purchases suggests that it is better to pay a little more once, but get a quality product that will serve faithfully for many years. Kitchen sinks are no exception, and their choice should be taken extremely responsibly, and in addition to various structural and external features, pay attention to the manufacturer’s name. Companies that honor their good name and reputation will not make poor quality products. That is why you need to know the best manufacturers of kitchen sinks. Consider those for each specific type of sink: stainless steel, composite materials, ceramics, etc.

TOP 5 manufacturers of stainless sinks


White 2A German company that has been on the market since 1925. The manufacturer is considered the world leader in the manufacture of kitchen sanitary ware. Today, its range includes a wide selection of sinks, faucets and other accessories that are in great demand. The products are delivered to more than a hundred countries, they are distinguished by excellent design and quality. The company pays special attention to stainless steel sinks, which are considered classics. Here they are made using different technologies, which ultimately allows you to get polished sinks, with a notch, with a mirror or matte surface.

WhiteThe company uses its own unique developments for the production of new products, combines high performance with an original and thoughtful design. In addition to stainless steel sinks, the company also produces ceramic and granite sinks. The range includes corner sinks, sinks under the countertop and whole models. The company offers different models: it can be the simplest miniature sink, or a sink supplemented with cutting boards, graters and other additional accessories that increase convenience.


FrankeAnother German company with vast experience in the production of kitchen sanitary ware and, above all, kitchen sinks. The manufacturer offers products of the highest, even luxury, class, giving it a unique design and excellent performance.

Today the company offers a huge assortment of sinks made of different materials, but stainless steel products are the first to be produced, so by this moment a huge experience has been accumulated. Today, there are a huge number of models of such sinks, and the functionality of some of them is a pleasant shock. Moreover, all products have a chic appearance, they can be with different polishes: from matte to shiny. Also sinks can be cut-in and overhead, and in order to create a harmonious style, you can choose a mixer from this manufacturer. Today the company is also known for the manufacture of granite and even glass sinks using its own technology.


ReginoxA company from the Netherlands that specializes in the production of kitchen sanitary ware and, above all, sinks. Stainless steel sinks occupy an important place here. Moreover, the company is so concerned about environmental protection that 70% of its products are made from already used metal.

The company produces stainless steel sinks in several configurations: overhead, mortise and integrated. Regardless of the type, functionality and quality are excellent. Great attention is paid to product design, and the pricing policy is such that everyone can choose an option for their budget, since the collection is produced in three price categories. In addition, the company offers composite sinks, and all products are widely represented on the Russian market.

It would arrive

It would arriveThis is a Slovenian company that offers high quality products, but at more affordable prices than other European manufacturers. The assortment is simply amazing, but great attention is paid here to stainless steel sinks, which are painted in different colors, polished in a variety of ways, creating unique models in terms of design and quality.

Each sink model is thought out to the smallest detail. For example, the fenders of the sinks are located at a slight angle so that the water gradually flows into the sink. In addition, many models come with useful accessories such as dispensers, cutting boards, etc. In terms of design, sinks are also diverse, so everyone can choose the perfect one for themselves.


OmoikiriThe Japanese manufacturer has been present on the sanitary ware market since 1981, and it started with the production of granite sinks. Today they are also in its assortment, but stainless steel sinks are taking an increasing place. They are presented in different modifications, different shapes and sizes, with various additional functions and even different colors, and recently the company introduced sinks made of copper and brass.

The production is arranged in such a way that the products are tested at every stage of manufacture, therefore it complies with all international standards. The design of the sinks deserves special attention, as it combines traditional Japanese minimalism and modernity: each sink is a real work of art.

TOP 5 manufacturers of composite sinks


SHOCKThe German company, which is deservedly considered one of the world leaders in the production of kitchen sinks from composite materials. Since 1984, the company has been developing new materials for its products, and as a result, at the beginning of this century, it received a super-strong innovative material – cristalite granit, from which it is now making its products. The material is distinguished by its extraordinary strength, which even surpasses that of granite. Proceeding from this, it is probably not worth talking about the fact that the products are incredibly durable and resistant to all kinds of influences. The secret of cristalite granite lies in its composition. So, it is 80% quartz, and acrylic is used as a binder. This combination produced a material that is 3 times stronger than granite.

But that’s not all. Sinks are manufactured using AntiBac technology, which allows disinfection of the sink surface – this is a unique offer on the modern market. And thanks to ProClean technology, the sink has a self-cleaning function. In terms of design, these sinks are also excellent and varied, and the company offers more and more interesting models every time. SCHOCK offers the most advanced, stylish and quality composite sinks to date.


LONGRANItalian quality and design, proven for centuries. Each product of the company is a real masterpiece, and the model range is more than extensive today. The assortment includes stainless steel sinks, but the company pays more attention to products made of composite materials. The sinks are actually 80% granite, the rest is the polymer needed to bond the granite chips. The manufacturer uses only innovative composite materials, the development of which he personally works, and this allows creating a product that is unique in quality and design.

In terms of durability, hygiene, functionality and practicality, the company’s products deserve the highest praise. The manufacturer’s sinks are in great demand in the domestic market, and the love of consumers has won an excellent combination of quality, design and reasonable prices.


ElleciAnother Italian company that is known all over the world today. The manufacturer’s sinks are in great demand on 5 continents, and have recently appeared on sale here. The company exists relatively recently – since 1992. Today there are stainless steel sinks in the range, but they are in the minority, and great attention is paid to the production of composite sinks, as well as research in this area. So, today such materials are used for their production as granitec, vitrotek and metaltek.

  • Granitec sinks look like granite, and their properties are not inferior to them,
  • metaltek is a material with metal inclusions that give it even better performance.

  • Even more interesting material is vitrotek, which was developed with the help of the company’s efforts. It is 80% glass spherical particles, the remaining 20% ​​is acrylic resin.

The company does not stop at its achievements, and is actively conducting research in the field of composite materials. Design is given no less importance, therefore, in terms of appearance and functionality, the company’s products are at their best.


FlorentinaA domestic company that has already established itself well in the sanitary ware market. The manufacturer uses composites that he invented and patented. These are durable materials Florensil and Florensil metallic, which are produced on the basis of marble chips. This gives them excellent performance as well as excellent appearance. The range of the company includes sinks of various sizes and shapes, their functionality is also different, so everyone can choose an option for themselves. And the location of production facilities in Russia significantly affects the final cost.


TelmaThe company was founded in 1981, and over the next few years managed to establish itself as a leader in the production of composite sinks. Initially, the company tried to challenge the world of sinks, to produce products that are innovative in quality and design, and they did it well. For the production of sinks, two innovative materials Telmagranit and Metalquartz are used today, based on acrylic and silicon resins. The production is arranged so that in the end it is possible to obtain high-quality products with high durability and unique appearance.

TOP 4 manufacturers of ceramic and enamel sinks


Polygran-MThis company has already been mentioned above, but its range is not limited to sinks made of granite and stainless steel – today there are ceramic sinks in the model range. Although the range of ceramic sinks is small, there is still plenty to choose from. Available in different sizes, colors and shapes, with different configurations, with one and two bowls, etc. The products are of high quality and excellent appearance.


It is a domestic manufacturer of ceramic kitchen sinks. They are made using gelcoat and all walls are carefully polished to obtain a smooth and shiny surface. Such sinks are not afraid of the effects of aggressive chemicals and are easy to clean. In terms of design, there is not a huge variety, but you can choose a functional and pretty sink for your kitchen. In general, there are not so many manufacturers of ceramic sinks, since the demand for such products is small, the same applies to enameled ones.


AntiqueA small domestic manufacturer of baths and sinks. Kitchen sinks are presented only in enamelled steel options – this is a reliable, practical and budget product. The assortment includes built-in and hinged options, and each sink comes with a sound-absorbing plate, so that when splashes of water come into contact with the surface, the whole house does not hear that someone is washing the dishes. There are several colors to choose from, the quality of the products is very high, and the sink is highly reliable, practical and hygienic, as well as low in price.

MRCC K “Lux”

Another small domestic manufacturer that offers enamelled steel sinks, among other things. The main advantages in this case are simplicity, reliability and low price. The choice is small: only a wall-mounted and built-in option, but for arranging a modest kitchen, especially when the budget is limited, this is enough.

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