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Each of us at least once faced repairs. Recently I started a major renovation of an apartment and wanted to do everything myself. I had to understand all the intricacies of the construction business, but I decided that I could do it, plus you can always turn to knowledgeable friends or the Internet. I faced many difficulties and it took much more time to solve trivial problems than if a specialist worked.

So there was a question about choosing an entrance door and this is a separate story, which I will tell, answering the questions that arose along the way.

How to choose an entrance door?

I started my choice by studying thematic articles, information portals. The first thing to look out for is the finish. Materials can be different:

  • entrance doorsVinyl;

  • Laminate;
  • Powder spraying;
  • MDF panels;
  • Solid oak;
  • Glass;
  • Other.

Each material has its pros and cons, but since the priority was the protective function, the choice fell on a powder-coated metal door.

Such material is considered anti-vandal, and it is more resistant to damage of various kinds (for example, scratches, interaction with chemicals). The appearance is quite attractive and this is also a definite plus. It is interesting that such a coating is resistant to high temperatures and is used in the manufacture of fire doors.

This became more interesting, and I decided to find out more about fire doors.

Fire doors – should they be installed in the apartment?

fireproof entrance doorsI have always been convinced that fire doors are suitable for installation in warehouses or government offices (for example, in hospitals or schools), but it turned out that their scope is much wider. Today, fire doors are installed wherever there is a need to protect valuable things from fire, and, of course, their lives. That is why such doors are produced for their installation as entrance and even interior doors in ordinary apartments.

fireproof entrance doors 2Of the advantages of using fireproof doors in an apartment, it is worth noting, first of all, the ability to provide an excellent barrier to fire, and therefore the ability to save lives. In addition to their direct function, such doors are distinguished by good burglary resistance, so they will make your home safe from the point of view of protection against intruders. Of course, in this case we are talking about metal fire doors. By the way, they are able to maintain the microclimate in optimal condition, as they have good thermal insulation properties. And another significant plus is the ability to trap noises and smells from the staircase, which will make the atmosphere in the apartment much more comfortable. In terms of design, such designs are often not inferior to conventional doors, but their only drawback is the high price. Although, if you take into account all the advantages listed, as well as the durability of fire doors, then this price becomes not so scary.

The main criteria for choosing a fire door

In residential buildings, fire doors of a certain fire resistance are usually installed – usually either IE30 or IE60. In the first version, the fire protection will last for 30 minutes, in the second – 60. If you wish, you can find a door, the fire resistance of which will be 45 minutes or 2 hours.

They also differ in the type of construction:

  • Unisexual;
  • Two-floor;
  • With a blank canvas;
  • Glazed.

fireproof entrance doors 4

The difference between all these types of doors is the number of leaves and the presence of glazing in them. For an apartment, the most acceptable option is a door with a blank canvas, when it comes to the front door. If you want to use a fireproof door as an interior door, which is extremely rare so far, then it is better to choose the option with glazing. Today, many believe that single-leaf doors, which consist of only one leaf, are more reliable and safe, but experts unanimously say that double-leaf doors are no less comfortable. Another question is that single-floor ones are more suitable for an apartment.

Locks and fittings must be resistant to high temperatures. It is also worth noting the importance of having an anti-panic system, which allows you to leave the premises as quickly as possible in the event of a fire. The most reliable systems work automatically. You also need to take into account the thickness of the door leaf, which should not be less than 1.5 mm in order to ensure reliability and safety. In the manufacture of the door, a thermally expanding seal is used, which is located between the frame and the leaf. This insert is capable of foaming during a fire and completely fills all cracks, preventing the penetration of smoke.

fireproof entrance doors 5

The exterior of the fire door is not at all “technical”. Models that are installed in residential premises can be made with different interior and exterior finishes and, due to this, create a rather attractive appearance. Such a door protects not only from fire, but also from noise, perfectly retains heat in the room. It is recommended to use locks of the highest (fourth) class of reliability and burglary resistance.

When choosing a fire door to an apartment, it is worth paying attention to the design features of the door frame. Today, there are three main types: angular, interior, and wrap-around. The first option is the simplest, it can be installed in any opening. Internal door frames are mounted, as the name suggests, inside the doorway. Covering door frames can be used for the installation of the most expensive and luxurious doors, hiding all defects in doorways.

Fire doors can be made from different materials:

  • fireproof entrance doors 3metal. Steel doors are very popular because they are considered the most durable. The thickness of the structure depends on the type of insulation and heat insulator, but most often a mineral wool plate is used, which delays the penetration of hot air and smoke;

  • wood. Today, natural materials are returning to fashion again, and wooden front doors are in great demand. Fireproof wooden doors can have a steel frame or be filled with fire resistant fillers. For decoration, veneer treated with special compounds is often used;

  • glass is used in fire doors only as inserts. In this case, fire-resistant glass is used, which outwardly looks almost like ordinary glass and has the same light transmittance.

Of great importance is the type of heat insulator, which is designed to minimize heating of the part of the door that is located on the other side of the fire source. Most often, mineral wool is used, based on basalt fibers, but still the best option in this regard is silica, which can withstand temperatures up to 1200 and even 1800 degrees.

The choice of the door has been made, an equally important question remains – where to buy the door? It is better to make a purchase in a trusted place, because low-quality or defective products are not only a waste of money, but also a threat to your own safety and life. The manufacturer must provide all the necessary certificates for his products, as well as a guarantee.

Buying a door from a manufacturer or supplier?

I live in Moscow, there are more than enough offers in our city, so there was something to choose from and whom. I decided to immediately discard the option of buying from a supplier, since prices are usually higher and they cannot be 100% responsible for quality.

esthe fire doorIt remained to contact the company that is directly involved in the production of doors. Many firms present their products at stands, which is very convenient, since you can visually evaluate and estimate your potential future door.

I have traveled a lot of companies and I want to tell you only about one of them. It’s about the Estet company. The products on the stands looked very impressive, and only there I saw the door I was looking for for so long, other companies either did not manufacture fire doors for apartments, or for some reason were reluctant to talk about them.

But here is another case. At the stand I saw a powerful fire door, but not double-sided, but quite compact, under a standard doorway. The manager told me everything, and we agreed with her on all the details: I independently selected the fittings (in consultation with the manager on all the nuances), chose the color of the finish. It turned out that Estet was given a ten-year guarantee. If I had doubts about them, then after this fact they disappeared, it is clear that manufacturers vouch for their products, and this is exactly what I needed.

fire door est 2I was very pleased that their specialist came and made all the measurements on his own, there is no need to worry that the door may not fit.

The door was made in just two weeks, installed free of charge, checked and supplied all the hardware. To say that I was satisfied is to say nothing. Six months have passed since the installation of the door and no complaints, only good impressions.

I believe that discretion is important in everything – and the choice of the door should in no way be an exception. Maybe you will opt for a different door and manufacturer, the main thing is to spend a little time on this and delve into the specifics of the situation. It is worth thinking about your future and taking a responsible approach to the choice of the manufacturer and type of door.

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