Renting furniture for events: 6 important tips

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Weddings, conferences, presentations, any off-site event – all these events require the use of high-quality, sturdy, functional and aesthetic furniture. It is good if the rented hall already has a suitable set of chairs, tables, armchairs and other elements, but such luck does not always happen. Furniture may not match in style and quantity. And then you have to search, choose, buy … Stop! Before spending a lump sum, consider renting event furniture. It’s easier, faster and cheaper. How it all works, and what nuances should be taken into account, we will tell further.

When is furniture rental required?

Once you have come to this page, you know exactly what you need and for what purpose, but so that you can imagine where you may need rented furniture, we offer a list of the main areas of its use:

  • weddings, corporate parties and other events;
  • exhibitions, conferences, presentations, master classes;
  • photo sessions, shooting videos and clips.

Furniture rental in Next2U

Next2U is a large service that offers almost anything for rent. there is chair rental, tables, armchairs, swings, shop windows, screens, sofas and other furniture. The site offers a convenient search and a lot of offers from both rental services and ordinary people. You can search for furniture by color, style, material, event format, etc. The site acts as an intermediary, ensuring the security of the transaction for both the lessor and the tenant. Upon completion of the transaction, the landlord receives payment and you receive your deposit. No cash – all with a card, and instead of paper documents – a convenient site interface.

Pros and cons

Furniture rental is a real achievement of modern times, and so that you understand that we are not exaggerating, here is just a short list of the main advantages of this solution:

  • each event can be decorated in the desired style by choosing the most suitable furniture in terms of design, quality and functionality. The atmosphere of the event becomes unique. If you’ve ever been to a wedding where the simplest office chairs were used, you know exactly what this is about;

  • cost savings. There is no need to buy expensive furniture and then think about what to do with it. Event agencies often organize events that require adherence to a certain style, so you can’t find enough characteristic furniture for everyone;

  • the landlord monitors the cleanliness and working condition of the furniture, so there is no need to think about regular maintenance, and some things require it;
  • the landlord stores the furniture himself. Even if you regularly need a hundred of the same chairs, you will have to find a place to store them. Often these are unnecessary hassles and expenses, therefore it is easier to rent chairs;

  • it is possible to rent almost any furniture – the variety will surprise you, so you can safely plan an event in the chosen style. Roughly speaking, you can find both the simplest plastic tables and chairs and luxury furniture made of solid oak – everything your heart desires and the budget allows.

Now about the cons. The most important thing is, perhaps, that the desired furniture on the required day may be occupied, so it is better to book exclusive options in advance, and you can always find a worthy replacement for simpler elements, since the furniture rental market is very wide.

In order not to get caught by scammers, it is better to deal with trusted rental services that have positive reviews. A great alternative is intermediary sites that guarantee the security of the transaction for both parties. One of these services is mentioned above.

What should be the furniture for events?

If you are not new to the field of organizing and conducting various events, then you should know exactly what furniture should be. However, it happens that even experienced people make the wrong choice. So what requirements should furniture for events meet? And here, by the way, it makes no difference whether it will be rented or bought forever.

  1. Decent appearance. Now we are not talking about style, although it is important. Holidays, presentations, conferences are events of increased responsibility that require everything to be perfect. Any little thing can spoil the impression or cause mistrust, and furniture is by no means a trifle. So no obvious defects in the form of scratches, burrs, scuffs, torn fabric, protruding springs, etc. shouldn’t be.

  2. Compliance with the event. Here we are talking about design. For seminars and conferences, they choose simple, minimalistic, but most comfortable furniture. The main thing in this case is functionality, it should not draw attention to itself. Furniture for exhibitions and presentations can be either restrained and rather simple, or made in the company’s color scheme. If we are talking about a solemn event, then there are a thousand and one options. A Provence style wedding is a light wood furniture with an aging effect. Children’s birthday – simple in design, but bright enough, comfortable and safe chairs. Thematic photo session – original furniture that emphasizes the mood.

  3. Functionality. If the participants of the event have to sit almost all day, then the chairs should be simply indecently comfortable. If it is a seminar or conference where guests will be taking notes or using netbooks, then the chairs should be equipped with folding tables. If this is a banquet, then not only chairs, but also a table should be comfortable. Don’t forget to choose the right height.

  4. Eligibility. Outdoor activities are beautiful but risky as rain can literally come from nowhere. If a canopy is not provided, then it is better to take the most moisture-resistant furniture. Plastic products are best suited in this case. Plastic furniture is not always simple and cheap to look at. You can find products that are very interesting in design that will not disappoint you in terms of quality. In some cases, transparent products look good.

Choosing chairs for the event

Chairs must meet all of the above requirements. The guests of almost any event will certainly sit, and most likely a lot, therefore it is especially important that the chairs are comfortable and functional, have a back, are moderately soft and, of course, beautiful, because there will be a lot of chairs, and they will greatly influence on the aesthetics of the whole event.

It is highly desirable that the chairs can be stacked. Then their pyramids can be placed in the corner of the room, if necessary, to free up more space. The alternative is a folding mechanism, but it should be very simple. The latter option is perfect for outdoor events. To know better what to consider when choosing outdoor furniture, read our previous article.

The more durable the chairs are, the more intact they will remain after the event. The landlord will need to return all the furniture safe and sound, so high performance will benefit everyone.

Lighter chairs are always a priority so that all guests can move them. For long-term events, chairs with a back and upholstered are chosen, and the back should have a small angle of inclination, about 5-8 degrees.

The armrests make the chair more comfortable and solid, but increase its size, and more space will be needed to accommodate the same number of guests. Think about this point in advance.

We will not talk about what material, color and design to choose. It is impossible to list all the possible options – you need to build on the features of the event and its style.

Choosing a table for the event

Tables are the second important attribute of any event after chairs. If we are talking about a holiday, then a banquet table is required. This can be one large table if there are not so many guests, or several large enough to seat everyone in groups. Material and shape can be anything – you will find a lot of useful information in our article on choosing a dining table. Naturally, the banquet table will differ in size from the home version. For each guest, a width of about 60-80 cm is allocated. Knowing this, it is easy to estimate the dimensions of the required model. Remember that there should be a distance of about 1.5-2 m between the tables for easy movement of guests.

For events held indoors, it is better to take a table made of wood or its analogs (chipboard, MDF). These products look great and are highly durable. Outdoors, you can use lighter metal and plastic products, as well as all the same wood. The legs should be wide enough so that the product does not sink into the ground under the weight of cutlery and dishes. Consider folding options too – they are much easier to handle.

In addition to banquet tables, you may need auxiliary tables that the waiters use. The wedding will not be complete without a cake table and a separate table for the young. A holiday in nature will perfectly complement the buffet tables, and at the exhibition you will need a laconic table for negotiations with clients. Unusual tables may be needed for thematic photo sessions.

What other furniture is needed for the event?

Tables and chairs are the backbone of the basics. For some events, this basic set will be enough, for others you will have to look for additional furniture. What could it be? So:

  • armchairs are a great option to highlight the seats of the newlyweds at a wedding or a birthday person on an anniversary, arrange a photo zone. You can rent very unusual chairs, which, of course, it makes no sense to buy – they will be needed literally for one time, but the event will sparkle with the necessary colors;

  • benches – mainly used to decorate a photo zone, but there may be other options. These are beautiful wooden or metal products that can be additionally decorated with flowers or decorative pillows;

  • sofas – will be needed both at a business event and at a holiday. It will be leather or textile, depending on the nature of the event;

  • showcases are an obligatory attribute at the exhibition. If you are going to such an event for the first time or visit them sporadically, then it is easier to rent a shop window and spend literally five minutes on its design in the spirit of the company;

  • you will need a bar counter for almost any event. You can rent such unusual and fancy products that your event will definitely be remembered by guests;

  • stands for flowers and arches – without them, a wedding is not a wedding. Racks with flowers will decorate any other holiday, and you can put them on the floor or on the table;

  • screens have recently become almost an obligatory attribute of the holidays. With their help, it is very easy to create the right mood. The screen can stand behind the young, be decorated with flowers and the initials of the couple. The screen can be used to design a photo zone. It is suitable for decorating a buffet table. For rent so varied in design, style and size of products that you can easily find a suitable option.

In order to avoid any mutual claims with the landlord, it is necessary to sign a lease agreement and an acceptance certificate. It is highly advisable to inspect the furniture for defects, so that later you will not be accused of what you did not do. On rental services, one of which was mentioned above, all this is easier – in electronic form, by pressing buttons.

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