Quartz wallpaper: selection, gluing and painting

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The construction market today offers a variety of finishing materials, and the range is constantly growing. The greatest variety awaits buyers of wallpaper: in addition to various colors and patterns, manufacturers today also offer a lot of different types, differing in a number of parameters. Among the newest and most unusual, we should single out quartz wallpapers: they are completely natural, strong, durable and can be painted, but not everyone knows about their features today. What are quartz wallpapers, what are their advantages and disadvantages, and how do you master the gluing with your own hands?

What is quartz wallpaper?

Quartz wallpapers are just beginning to conquer domestic buyers, gaining popularity due to their unique performance characteristics. They, in turn, largely depend on the characteristics of the production and the materials used. The basis for the quartz wallpaper is paper or non-woven, and the top layer is quartz or granite sand. Vermiculite and mica chips, bugles and shell rock are already beginning to be used.

Without going into the nuances of manufacturing, we can conclude that quartz wallpapers are produced exclusively from natural materials, which means that the material comes out safe and environmentally friendly.

quartz wallpaper

The top layer of quartz sand can be painted in a certain color, but this does not mean that after gluing the wallpaper cannot be given a different shade – it can be repainted several times. The texture of such a finish is unique, and you can find wallpapers with interesting patterns and patterns in different shades.

The benefits of quartz wallpaper

From the peculiarities of the manufacture of quartz wallpaper, their main advantages emerge:

  1. naturalness is the main advantage of the material. Wallpaper can be used both in bedrooms and in children’s bedrooms, without fear that they will harm the health of the household;

  2. high strength, due to which quartz wallpaper can hide some of the imperfections of the walls. Strength provides a high level of resistance to abrasion and mechanical stress;

  3. fire resistance, because high temperature is not terrible for quartz. It is not subject to rapid ignition, and when exposed to an open flame, it will not emit any hazardous substances, because it is a natural material that undergoes a minimum of processing;

  4. unusual texture of wallpaper, which makes the room unique. Depending on the features of the relief and the color of the wallpaper, they can be used to decorate both classic and modern interiors;

  5. painting of quartz wallpaper is carried out to the full depth, which is easy to see by looking at a cut of the material. Due to this, the maximum invisibility of the joints is achieved;

  6. ease of care. To keep the quartz wallpaper in order, it is enough to occasionally walk over it with a vacuum cleaner, broom or rag. Wiping with a barely damp sponge is also allowed;

  7. the possibility of repainting. It is easy to change the interior with such wallpaper – you just need to purchase latex paint of the required shade. With the help of staining, you can hide some defects that have appeared on the material;

  8. ease of gluing. Almost everyone can cope with the installation of quartz wallpaper if they act consistently and accurately.

quartz wallpaper 4

Disadvantages of quartz wallpaper

Against the background of the numerous advantages, the disadvantages of quartz wallpaper do not seem so significant, but still they are, and you need to know about them before choosing. So, the main disadvantages are:

  1. high cost, which limits the circle of buyers and inhibits the growth of the popularity of the material;

  2. instability to moisture. Such material cannot be used in rooms with high humidity;

  3. the unusual texture of quartz wallpaper may seem unpleasant to some, but this is a purely subjective factor.

How to choose a quartz wallpaper?

When all the pros and cons are weighed, it’s time to make a choice. First of all, you need to decide which base will be preferable – paper or non-woven. Both materials are natural, and they are based on cellulose, only a minimum of processing is required to obtain paper, and non-woven material is already chemically modified raw material, but also based on cellulose. Hence, there are some differences in the finished quartz wallpaper. So, if a non-woven base is used, then the finished material comes out more resistant to tearing, lightweight, elastic, easier to install, and has a high ability to retain heat. If a paper base was used, then the wallpaper is more versatile and cheaper.

quartz wallpaper 3

As for the outer layer, all the options presented to date have excellent performance properties. Whether quartz, vermiculite, granite or mica, which are used for spraying, are natural materials that do not burn, do not emit harmful substances, cannot become a place for the development of bacteria and microorganisms and do not absorb odors. That is why it is better to base your choice on the appearance of the wallpaper, since the materials used give a slightly different relief.

It is also worth noting that recently the choice of quartz wallpapers has expanded significantly. If earlier it was a laconic restrained finish, now you can find material with any pattern, pattern or embossing. Moreover, quartz sand, wood chips, mica and other components can be combined on one canvas, which ultimately gives interesting effects.

Quartz wallpapers are produced in a standard form for this type of finish – in rolls. Their width ranges from 0.75 to 1 m, and their length is from 10 to 25 m.The difference in the width of the presented rolls is small, but nevertheless for spacious rooms it is better to use the material of the maximum width in order to reduce the number of joints, while in miniature spaces it is more convenient will work with rolls of minimum width, reducing the amount of waste. There are not so many manufacturers of quartz wallpaper today. Wallpaper made in Belgium and Germany is considered the best, and it is they who should be preferred when choosing.

For which rooms can you choose quartz wallpaper? Considering the performance characteristics of the material, we can say with confidence that it is great for children’s rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, as well as for offices and restaurants. Due to its unique appearance, the wallpaper will perfectly fit into any type of interior: both high-tech and modern, as well as classic style.

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Gluing and painting of quartz wallpaper

There is nothing complicated in installing quartz wallpaper, you just need to study all the nuances before getting down to business. So, first you need to prepare the wall surface: yes, quartz wallpaper hides surface imperfections, but this only applies to minor defects, and potholes, deep cracks and protruding nails need to be removed. Naturally, the old finish must be dismantled: the wallpaper can be moistened and removed with a spatula; for paint, use solvents or sandpaper. Irregularities need to be putty, and then the entire surface should be primed. Before starting the installation of quartz wallpaper, it is necessary to remove the external decorative parts of sockets and switches.

On the eve of the gluing work, it is necessary to unfold the rolls of wallpaper and let them lie down so that they are straight and do not curl during the installation process. It will be easier to do this if you cut the wallpaper into pieces of the required length in advance. To do this, it is important to know the height of the walls, and it is better to measure it in different places, because differences of 1-2 cm are not excluded.An allowance is left 3-4 cm.If some pattern is applied to the wallpaper, then the cutting process becomes more complicated, because it is necessary to correctly compare the drawing on different canvases. As a rule, the manufacturer indicates what the allowance should be for the correct joining of the pattern. In this case, you need to be prepared that the consumption of wallpaper will be higher.

quartz wallpaper 6

It doesn’t bother to mark the walls to make it easier to glue the wallpaper. A distance equal to the width of the wallpaper roll is measured from the corner, a mark is made, and then, using a level, a strictly vertical line is drawn along it, from which the roll width is again laid, etc.

You need to use a special glue for quartz wallpaper, but it is not so easy to find it, so it is perfectly acceptable to use any glue for heavy wallpaper. It is also worth remembering about the features of the material used in the basis of the wallpaper. If it is non-woven, then the glue will need to be applied to the wall, and if it is paper, then to the wallpaper itself, and leaving them to soak for 10 minutes.

Quartz wallpaper is glued end-to-end, and after drying, the seams will hardly be visible due to the heavy structure of the material. Wallpaper dries up within 24-48 hours, after which they are completely ready for use. You can clean them with dry brushes and wet wipes, easily and simply returning to their original appearance, but an abundant amount of moisture should be avoided.

quartz wallpaper 2

If desired, quartz wallpaper can be painted, and latex paints are used for this. They dry quickly, have almost no smell, and have excellent performance. The easiest way to apply paint is with a foam roller or a roller with a long nap to paint over the relief of the material. There is nothing difficult in painting: the paint is gradually poured into a special tray, rolled with a roller, squeezed out and carried along the wall, repeating this procedure over and over again. To achieve a dense shade, it is better to paint in two layers. Particularly difficult and hard-to-reach places can be painted over with a brush.

In conclusion

Quartz wallpaper is a unique material that, due to its versatility, can be used in almost any room and in any interior style. Due to their strength and durability, such wallpapers will become a durable decoration of the room, and if desired, their appearance can always be changed by coloring. If you choose the right quartz wallpaper, you can enjoy all their benefits for many years.

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