Polymer coated corrugated board – 8 tips for choosing and processing

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The corrugated board is used in roofing works, when arranging fences, warehouses and garages. The steel sheet is protected from external influences by various coatings. The simplest and cheapest option is a galvanized coating, an aluzinc coating will be a little more durable, but the best option is polymer protection. How is it applied, what materials are used, what should be the thickness of the coating? We answer all questions and figure out how to choose a corrugated board with a polymer coating.

Production technology

Decking is a sheet of cold-rolled steel, on which a protective coating is applied, and then a certain relief is given to it. This is very short. The final characteristics of the sheet depend on the type of coating used, on its thickness and the mass of other parameters.

The production process of corrugated board with a polymer coating is as follows:

  • applying a protective zinc coating to steel sheets;
  • degreasing and drying;
  • primer, due to which the adhesion of galvanized and polymer layers is significantly increased;
  • polymer coating with a thickness of 25-200 microns. Usually, the polymer protection is applied only to the front side of the sheet, and the back is covered with a layer of varnish, but in some cases the coating protects both sides. Such sheets are usually used to organize fences in order to provide him with high decorative qualities;
  • final polymerization and strengthening of the protective layer in high temperature chambers;
  • rolling a sheet on a roll forming machine to give it a relief (wave or trapezoid, height 8-180 mm). In some industries, the relief is given to the sheet after galvanizing, and only then a polymer coating is applied.

As a rule, a powder coating method is used. A positive charge is passed through the metal and a negative charge is imparted to the polymer powder. An electromagnetic field is created, and the powder is attracted to the metal, and polymerization occurs in the chambers under the influence of high temperatures. Less commonly, the liquid method of painting is practiced, but it does not allow creating a uniform layer on the metal, as a result of which the durability of the coating is reduced.

The quality of the corrugated board (and in particular the polymer coating) depends on how responsibly the manufacturer approached the production of products. Therefore, it is so important to contact only trusted manufacturers and sellers.

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Polymer coating type

The polymer coating perfectly protects the metal from corrosion, frost and heat, as well as mechanical damage, but how well such protection works depends on the type of polymer used. Among the materials used, we note:

  • acrylic;
  • polyester;
  • pural;
  • plastisol;
  • polydifluorionate (PVDF).

Each type of coverage should be considered separately.

Acrylic coating

Acrylic coating is relatively inexpensive and aesthetically pleasing, but the acrylic is applied in a layer of about 25 microns, i.e. it can only be used in the construction of temporary structures.

Advantages of acrylic coating:

  • aesthetics;
  • cheapness;
  • high temperature resistance (up to + 1200C);
  • fire safety.

There are much more cons:

  • fragility and low resistance to mechanical damage – the coating can be damaged even during installation;
  • acrylic loses its color after 4-5 years of operation, despite the fact that the material is resistant to high temperatures;
  • low level of protection against corrosion, since the coating can begin to peel off after 3-4 years.

All these properties make it possible to use acrylic-coated corrugated board only when creating temporary structures.

Polyester cover

Polyester is the most commonly used covering for corrugated board. It is cheap, durable, and resists negative environmental factors well.


  • UV resistance – the material does not fade in the sun and retains its original appearance for a long time;
  • corrosion resistance;
  • resistance to temperature extremes;
  • low price.

The main disadvantage is the small thickness of the applied coating, therefore it may not be particularly durable. To make sure of the quality of the material, it is necessary to carefully bend the corner of the sheet: if no cracks or small folds appear, then the corrugated board will last a long time.

The matte polyester coated material offers superior durability. The technology assumes that the coating is applied unevenly. The thickness of the spraying will be slightly greater than in the case of glossy polyester, and therefore the strength properties increase. Such a profiled sheet often gets a surface with an imitation of brickwork, wood or stone.

Plastisol coating

Plastizil is called polyvinyl chloride, to which plasticizers have been added. The coating layer is 175-200 microns, which is quite a lot, so we can talk about the high strength and durability of the material.


  • resistance to mechanical stress, because the coating is loved in regions where hail often falls or dust storms occur;
  • you can get a beautiful relief pattern on the coating, which is possible due to the thickness of the protective layer.


  • low resistance to UV rays, because the coating is more suitable for northern regions.

Pural coating

Pural (aka Armakor) is a relatively new type of material, made on the basis of polyurethane, to which acrylic and polyamide are added. Even though the coating is applied at a thickness of about 50 microns, it is very strong and durable.


  • durability up to 50 years;
  • preservation of decorative and protective qualities during the entire service life;
  • resistance to mechanical stress, temperature extremes, negative influences of natural and man-made nature.

There is only one drawback – the high price, but in areas with high humidity, polluted air and other factors aggressive to metal, this is almost the only option.

Polydifluorionad (PVDF) coating

The coating consists of 80% polyvinyl fluoride and 20% acrylic. This mixture allowed us to achieve a lot of positive qualities.


  • durability. The coating does not lose its original color and properties for 45-50 years;
  • resistance to sunlight;
  • the ability to use in any climate.


  • high price.

This type of coating can be either glossy or matte.

What else to consider when choosing a corrugated board?

When choosing a corrugated board with a polymer coating, it is also worth considering some other parameters, namely:

  • material type. For the construction of internal partitions and cladding of buildings, wall corrugated board (C) with a profile height of 8-35 mm is used. Roofing corrugated board (H) is used in the arrangement of roofs, fences, in the construction of non-residential buildings (hangar, garage, etc.), the profile height is more than 44 mm, it is a hard and durable material. Bearing corrugated board (NS) is a versatile material that is suitable both for the organization of the roof, and for the construction of structures or for their decoration;

  • the wave height affects the strength of the sheet, and the higher the height, the higher the strength. This parameter is indicated in the marking, for example, C8 is a wall profile with a wave height of 8 mm;

  • the size. The width of the corrugated sheets ranges from 113-120 cm, the length is 0.3-12 m. The choice depends on the size and geometry of the object to be erected;

  • surface quality. The polymer coating should be free of scratches, dents and other defects, the sheets themselves should not have burrs at the edges;

  • warranty. If the manufacturer claims that the durability of his products is 20 years, and the warranty is given for 6 months, then this should alert. It is best to purchase a professional sheet directly from the manufacturer or from its authorized dealers. Give preference to large companies.

In conclusion, we note that when choosing a corrugated board for a fence, it will not be superfluous to pay attention to a double-sided material – a polymer coating is applied to it on both sides, which ensures maximum aesthetics and durability.

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