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When planning the installation of a shower enclosure in the bathroom or the creation of a shower niche, it is necessary to provide for the purchase of a pallet. Unless, of course, it will be made of bricks with tiling, or from another material. Moreover, the choice of a pallet must be taken seriously, so as not to regret the purchase later. And you can easily regret. And the point is not only in the presence of frankly bad models from manufacturers, but also in ignorance of some important nuances.

These nuances will be discussed below. By studying the information provided, you will significantly increase the likelihood of choosing the right shower tray.

The choice of material for the shower tray

95% of shower trays are made from the following five materials:

  • acrylic;
  • fake diamond;
  • enameled steel;
  • plastic;
  • ceramics.

Models made of plastic and steel belong to the budget segment. Acrylic, artificial stone and ceramics are significantly more expensive, their purchase will cost 3-4 times more. Each of the materials has its own characteristics and, of course, disadvantages. You can get acquainted with them in the table below.

Material Disadvantages Minimum price Acrylic

  • scratched
  • cracks when hit hard

from 4000 rub. Fake diamond

  • cold
  • chips on impact

from 5800 rub. Enamelled steel

  • makes noise
  • cold
  • looks cheap
  • chipping off the enamel

from 1500 rub. Plastic

  • slippery
  • can expand / contract with temperature fluctuations
  • difficult to wash
  • scratched

from 1500 rub. Ceramics

  • cold
  • chips on impact
  • poor choice of sizes

from 6200 rub.

* Prices are taken average for Russia.

The table shows that the worst options are plastic pallets. Their most significant drawback is a change in size during heating / cooling, which significantly complicates their installation (it is necessary to use elastic sealant for the joints, allowing the pallet to play by 1-2 mm). They can also have an unpleasant odor.

Therefore, from budget pallets, it is still better to give preference to enameled steel. But you will have to modify it with a file, in particular, perform heat and sound insulation, otherwise it will be extremely uncomfortable to take a shower. For a summer residence, steel is a good solution, but it is still better not to put it in an apartment.

Of the more expensive pallets, acrylic can be called optimal, if only because it is warm, quiet and easy to clean. Pottery is also good, but you will have to use a wooden grate or rug with it, otherwise your feet will be cold, especially in the autumn-winter period. Artificial stone is already warmer, but acrylic is still noticeably inferior.

It is important to buy acrylic shower trays from the official representatives of manufacturers, otherwise there is a high risk of getting low-quality plastic under the guise of acrylic. Such deception is widespread, so you need to be careful. This also applies to models made of stone and ceramics, although the scale of fakes is still noticeably smaller.

Selecting the depth of the shower tray

The depth of the pallet is the distance from the lowest part of the bottom to the top of the sides. According to this parameter, all models can be conditionally divided into three types: small, medium and deep. The depth of shallow ones is 1-3 cm, medium 4-7 cm, deep up to 70 cm. The choice of a shower tray in height depends on several factors, in particular on the way of use and the household needs of residents.

  • Method of use

For shower enclosures and shower niches with the installation of a glass door with a seal, the height of the tray does not matter. But if you plan to use a textile curtain (soft), then low models will not work, since water will get on the floor, flowing over the side during washing. In this case, the depth of the pallet should be at least 3-4 cm, and preferably a little more from 7 cm.

  • Household needs

When using low shower trays, you can only wash under the shower. Any other manipulation is impossible.

With an average height of the side, it will already be possible to steam your legs, soak a few things, bathe your child more or less comfortably, soak some small clothes (linen, T-shirts, etc.).

But if you need to constantly bathe the child and / or periodically wash the dog, then you still cannot do without a deep model. In it, you can warm up if you want, although not as convenient as in the bathroom.

Of course, low shower trays look prettier, and they are significantly cheaper. However, in the absence of a bath, it is still better to give preference to a deep product (30-40 cm). After all, sooner or later, depth will be needed.

Optimal size

Before proceeding to the recommendations for choosing the size of the shower tray, it is worth talking about the standards for indicating the width and length. For rectangular and square models, the size is indicated as accurate.

In other shapes (quarter circle, radial, etc.), the size is rounded up and this is important to consider. In particular, the length and width are calculated like a rectangle, despite the presence of fillets on one or more sides.

For oval pallets, the width is the diameter of the narrow side, the length is the diameter of the wide side. For round ones, the length and width are equal to the diameter.

Now let’s move on to the recommendations.

The size of shower trays for fences and niches starts from 60 × 60 cm.The maximum length is about 200 cm, width is about 150 cm.

When choosing a shower tray, you should consider where it will be installed and build on from this. However, there is one important “but”: models that are less than 90×90 cm are very uncomfortable. You can use them in extreme cases, when it is simply impossible to install anything more spacious. If there is space, it is better to give preference to pallets from 90 × 90 cm, and if you plan to take a shower together, then 120 × 100 cm or more.

It is also important to pre-select a fence or shower door under the pallet. Otherwise, it may turn out that the required size will not be on sale and then, at best, you will have to wait up to six months for delivery. At worst, buying a new pallet.

By the way, it is better to select pallets and doors / fences for them in stores with a huge assortment. In them, the number of models available in stock or on a quick order (within 2-3 weeks) is tens or even hundreds of times more. An online store is a good example, in which more than 700 shower trays, of which about 250 are always in stock.

Choosing a color scheme

Most shower trays made of acrylic, artificial stone, ceramic, plastic and steel are available in white. However, there are exceptions, some manufacturers offer color models, including black, dark gray, natural marble, etc.

The advantage of colored pallets is originality and compliance with certain interiors, for example, made in dark colors.

But in general, they are inferior to the white models in a number of parameters:

  • plaque from water and soap / shower gel is strongly visible;
  • cleaning is more difficult and needs to be done more often;
  • extremely scarce choice of shapes and sizes;
  • rarely available;
  • not repairable, because it is usually impossible to find repair kits of that color.

In addition, the leading manufacturers supplying the best quality pallets do not produce color models. Therefore, you will have to choose from the mediocre “Chinese”. In this regard, we recommend that you do without experimenting and purchase an ordinary white pallet. Well, or in extreme cases, the color of a natural stone, this color is very close to white in terms of performance.

Important little things to pay attention to

When deciding which shower tray is better to choose, it makes sense to pay attention not only to the main characteristics indicated above, but also to seemingly insignificant details. Ignoring the little things can add problems during the installation and subsequent operation of products.

1. Form

For shower enclosures, it does not really matter and is selected based on visual preferences and bathroom layout. But for a shower niche, you should choose only rectangular and square models. For all others, it will be impossible to find a door, and using a soft curtain is not a good idea (ugly and inconvenient).

2. Siphon

Siphons on pallets can be used of various diameters – from 50 to 100 cm. Any model is suitable for deep models, since there is a margin of height for the side and if the water does not have time to leave, nothing bad will happen. But it is better to choose low models with a wide siphon (90, 92 cm) so that they do not rise above the level of the sides.

It is also worth considering the absence of any standards for the holes in the pallets. Because of this, it can be very, very difficult to choose an analogue of a siphon for some models. So it is better to give preference to a product with a standard hole in diameter, for which after a while (when the native siphon fails) it will be possible to pick up some “Chinese”.

3. Installation method

On high pallets, as a rule, the set includes height-adjustable legs and decorative removable screens. Both are very convenient and greatly simplifies installation (you can put a high pallet almost anywhere).

But on low models, everything is much more complicated. Many of them do not have a screen, which creates additional difficulties during installation. In particular, you need to build the pallet into the podium, or raise and make a screen of ceramic tiles or in some other way. But there are also models that can be purchased complete with a screen.

Before buying, it is worth determining how the installation will be carried out in order to select a pallet model suitable for the selected method.

4. Nice little things

Shower trays have minor and not significant additions, which at the same time can be extremely useful for some people.

  • Decorative cover

Installed over the drain hole, attaching to the siphon. It has no functional role, but with it the pallet looks neater and more beautiful. Typically, covers come with a siphon, but there are also universal ones that fit almost all siphons.

  • Click-clack system

Siphon option that allows you to close it by pressing on the top cover to draw water into the pan. To release the water, press the lid again. Successful plug replacement.

It happens only on deep pallet models and is located in one of the corners. The seat allows you to take a shower while sitting, soar your legs and perform all kinds of hygiene procedures. A very convenient option, especially for the elderly and women (for hygiene and cosmetic procedures).

We hope that our article will help you choose the right shower tray for a fence or niche, while taking into account all the important points!

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