Marine style in the interior: 8 tips for arrangement + photos

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The sea is the first association that we have when we mention summer. All year long, most of us dream of a long-awaited vacation to go to the sea, enjoy its color and aroma. The real endless sea, of course, cannot be replaced by anything, but the most dedicated fans of the marine theme can equip the appropriate interior so that it is not so dreary in a city apartment in autumn and winter. We figure out how to correctly create a marine style in the interior of a room, and get inspired by vivid photo examples.

What premises is it suitable for?

Marine style can be called universal. It is so sunny and bright that it is equally liked by both women and men, and children. However, it is quite simple to equip it. Maybe even repairs will not be needed, because accessories and decor play a dominant role in the marine style.

The style is ideal for houses on the seashore, for summer cottages and suburban housing. Summer vacations in such a home will become truly relaxing and enjoyable. Marine style is also suitable for urban living. Often, bathrooms and children’s rooms, as well as bedrooms with living rooms, are decorated in a similar way.

The marine style is quite active, so when arranging a permanent habitat, it is important to be prudent, otherwise after a year you will get bored with stripes and sea shells, especially in the midst of winter. A compromise solution is to make repairs in neutral light shades, and use only decor as style-forming elements. In winter, all this can be quickly removed to create a New Year’s mood.

Color spectrum

Probably, everyone has a rough idea of ​​what colors will dominate the marine interior:

  • first of all, it is white and blue with its many shades. You can safely use blue, azure, turquoise, dark blue colors – all these are shades of sea water and the summer sky;
  • beige, sandy color and shades of brown are also required;

  • it is appropriate to use blotches of orange or red so that the interior is not monotonous.

Finishing nuances

Marine style involves the use of natural materials. Finishes can be either neutral or style-enhancing.

For wall cladding, you can choose:

  • white paint or plaster. These walls will be a great backdrop for paintings, anchors, steering wheels and other decor. One of the walls can be accentuated and painted blue;

  • wallpapers with a themed pattern, but here it is important not to overdo it with a marine theme, because accessories will also be used. You can combine a couple of types of wallpaper: some – more neutral, the second – with an active marine pattern;

  • wall-paper directly suggests itself in a marine style. They can paste over the entire wall or part of it, and pick up any image: sea dawn, pirate ship, seabed, etc.;

  • natural wood, painted white, and artificially aged will also be an excellent option for a nautical style. True, it is better to decorate one of the walls with wood, the rest – just paint or plaster;

  • white brick is also suitable as a decor for one of the walls;
  • in the kitchen space, tiles in white, sand or blue shades are the ideal solution. Colors can be combined, and for heightened effect, you can use several decorative tiles, where an anchor, shell, fish or something like that is drawn.

For floor finishing, you can choose:

  • parquet or solid board. This is the best option for simulating the space of the ship’s deck as accurately as possible;

  • if the budget is limited, then laminate or linoleum can be used instead of parquet, but they should be as naturalistic as possible and as accurately as possible repeat the surface of the tree.
  • sand-colored carpet is a good option for children’s rooms;

  • in the bathroom, tiles with pebbles or sand will be appropriate. You can also use self-leveling floors with a 3D pattern.

For finishing the ceiling, you can use the following options:

  • simple painting in white if the ceilings are low;
  • multi-tiered structures with wooden beams;
  • stretch ceilings are a universal option, and you can choose any shade or even apply a pattern to the canvas, but in the case of a marine interior, it is better to limit yourself to a simple white ceiling, and it will be glossy or matte, depending on personal preferences;

  • if the height of the ceiling allows, then it can be decorated with a light veil. It will be a great imitation of the sail of a ship. Not a bad solution for a bedroom.

Furniture selection

It is advisable that the furniture matches the colors of the style. A light sofa and the same chairs look good. If the existing furniture does not quite meet these requirements, then the situation can be corrected with a blanket. It can be plain or striped.

Wood furniture is held in high esteem, and the color can be either light or deep-dark. Some items may be artificially aged. Rattan furniture is also used, because it is she who is associated with an imposing summer vacation.

To breathe the sea atmosphere into the room as much as possible, you can replace one of the cabinets with a chest. Such an accessory will speak for itself. In general, antique wooden pieces of furniture will be very useful. If space permits, you can hang a hammock in the bedroom.

Decor items

If minimalism is a direction with a minimum of decor, then the marine style is its direct opposite. This is the case when details are everything. Fortunately, the choice before you is enormous:

  • ships of different sizes, with and without lighting;

  • anchors and steering wheels are the main attributes of the nautical style;

  • thick knotted ropes also breathe nautical flavor into the room. Ropes can be used purely for decoration (for example, casually tossed somewhere) or for benefit. A picture, a lantern or a mirror can be fastened not with self-tapping screws, but with a rope;

  • compasses, maps, chests and telescopes – this is something from the category of pirate adventures, and where there are pirates, there is the sea;

  • figurines of lighthouses, fish, shells, crabs, starfish, etc. can sit on the shelf and set the mood;

  • paintings and posters depicting seascapes, ships, waves, surfboards, stripes, etc .;

  • a transparent container can be filled with sand or pebbles, a tree branch that imitates a snag can complement the composition. If you throw a garland into such a container, you get a real masterpiece;
  • paddles, surfboards can be hung on the wall and get cool decor.

Something can be bought at the store – furniture and home decor manufacturers often offer a ton of similar items in their summer collections. Something you can bring with you from your summer vacation.

The temptation will be great, but it is important to know when to stop and not to overdo it, so that the room does not seem overloaded and cluttered.

Textiles and curtains

Natural fabrics are preferred. When choosing curtains, pay attention to the simplest products. Roman and roller blinds will do, translucent light tulle with blue curtains will look good. It is better not to use curtains with complex drapery, as well as lambrequins. A rope can be used as a hook for curtains, and if you want, the rope can be decorated with marine paraphernalia, such as shells or anchors.

You cannot even imagine how strong the influence of the most ordinary pillows can be. Throw a few decorative pillows with a characteristic pattern on an ordinary sofa, and the summer mood will instantly reign in the room. Plaids have the same effect.

In the bedroom, the nautical style can be recreated with matching bedding. All that remains is to hang a picture or use a couple of characteristic decor items – and the room will instantly turn into a cabin.

If you want to use a carpet, you can choose almost any option: with or without pile, plain or with a pattern. When choosing, pay attention to the colors of the style. Rugs can be used instead of carpet. The bedding will look gorgeous in a large blue and white strip.

In the kitchen, a tablecloth, oven mitts, chair pillows, and towels can complement the sea mood.


The luminaires can be used the most simple, then they will have a purely practical function, and will not distract attention. You can go the other way, and just focus on the lighting. Lamps in the shape of a steering wheel or a ship look great. Even the simplest light bulb will look interesting if you wind the wire on which it hangs with a rope. By the way, if you know how to craft with your own hands, then a stylish lamp can be obtained from a lamp, rope and driftwood.

If you search well, in the collections of some manufacturers you can find lamps in the shape of a ship, a crab, a starfish or a whole school of fish.

Marine style in the interior of rooms

The nautical style is versatile and can be applied in almost any room:

  • it is quite simple to arrange a kitchen in a marine style. Finishing matters, of course, but not paramount. It’s good if you decided in advance to use the blue and white colors, chose the appropriate tiles, and the ceiling was trimmed with wood. Then the nautical style is practically created. But even if your kitchen is an example of minimalism, and it is decorated in a strict light color scheme, then you can breathe marine style into it by changing the lamp, hanging several paintings, putting plates in the shape of fish or shells and using striped towels;

  • in the bedroom, one of the walls can be accentuated. Striped wallpaper or wallpaper will do. Use appropriate bedding, blackout curtains, round porthole mirrors, and of course decor;

  • the living room will be saturated with a sea mood if you use suitable textiles (pillows and blankets), light furniture, photos or paintings, accessories;

  • the hallway is usually difficult to stylize for a particular style due to its small size. But if you adhere to the blue and white palette, use light furniture, hang the mirror on a thick rope and complement all this with a picture of a ship or a starfish, then you will be able to recreate the sea mood.

Creating a nautical style in your apartment is a fun activity that bears great rewards.

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