Living with lots of light and nature: the trend towards large windows and the question of “how”

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Window design and light transmission have changed significantly over the past few years. Where small, subdivided panes were used in the past, people today long for the largest possible window areas and ever narrower window frames. Large windows should bring light into your own four walls, sliding glass doors, which often replace entire walls, open houses to nature and connect house and garden in a modern way. But what do you have to consider if you want to buy new windows in large dimensions?

Have windows installed – what should you watch out for?

First of all, a distinction must be made between two initial situations:

  • Place windows in new buildings
  • Replacing windows in old buildings

In the new building must be carefully considered when planning where to place the Install window want. If entire walls are to be replaced by large sliding glass elements or floor-to-ceiling windows, this must be taken into account statically in the planning stage. The stability of the building has the highest priority.

In addition, the house location and the orientation must be taken into account. Large glass windows in the south, for example, allow a lot of light and sun into the house, but also heat the building up a lot in summer if there is no sun protection or the glass elements can be opened completely. The anchoring of the windows in the masonry must also be clarified. Does the window reveal still need to be reinforced, or is the brick sufficient?

Triple-glazed windows have a good insulating effect and save energy, but they are much heavier.

In the old building the window reveal must be well processed after removing the old window, old drill holes and damage must be filled with cement in order not only to look good, but also to offer the new windows a good hold.
In the case of old buildings, it is usually necessary to clarify in advance with the building authority of the city or municipality whether it is even permissible to make changes to the windows in terms of shape, material and size. Particularly in the case of listed buildings, high requirements have to be met here.

Good to know!

As a rule, the joint between the window and the reveal is no longer just filled with construction foam and plastered. The current technical standard are sealing tapes.

Important for planning: Installing windows is a seasonal business, which means that the offers for building and renovation planning should be obtained in late summer or autumn at the latest, as companies usually install windows in spring or summer due to the weather in Germany. Due to the current shortage of building materials, you should seek suitable suppliers as early as possible.

Window selection: important criteria

If you have calculated a tight budget and have to pay close attention to the price, then you should choose the windows in standard sizes. Made-to-measure windows are significantly more costly, as the production is individual. The choice of material is also decisive, on the one hand on the cost side, but on the other hand also in terms of durability, maintenance effort and energy savings. The choices are:

  • Aluminum windows
  • Wood window
  • Plastic windows
  • Wood-aluminum windows

In the past, single glazing was normal, today double glazing is the least, many even resort to triple glazing in order to save energy in the long term and to protect themselves from noise.

Burglary protection should also play a major role when choosing a window. Some manufacturers already offer frames that do not offer the possibility of applying a lever from the outside, or windows that can also be secured with locks.

Modern windows in an old building: If you want to install new windows, you should definitely check the current federal and state funding programs.

Select professional window fabricators

Once you have chosen the right window, you still have to decide on a window manufacturer and find the right window manufacturer. Then it’s best to shortlist several window manufacturers at the same time in order to receive different offers.

If you lose track of the large number of service providers here, the network offers help: There are good portals that can be used by renovators and builders Comparison offers window with just a few clicks. Step by step you enter the desired selection and at the end you receive suitable offers from several regional window manufacturers. That makes a comparison easy. After all, it is now easy to see who is the cheapest professional. Corresponding reviews from customers are also helpful. Above all, you should take note of the critical opinions and respond to open questions when communicating with the service provider.

For orientation purposes, some information on pricing:

Current window prices are heavily dependent on the material selected and the global demand for this material. In addition, there is the chosen glazing. A building owner has to plan around 15% additional costs if he chooses triple glazing instead of double glazing. Labor costs typically make up around 25% of the total.

Always note: Windows are also an issue when it comes to grants. So before you finally decide on new windows and corresponding offers, you should check carefully whether the window replacement is not even from the KfW funded because more energy is saved through new windows. You can save large sums of money through funding programs, especially when it comes to renovation measures that have consequences for energy efficiency.

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