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Leather sofaA leather sofa is a stylish thing that will probably never go out of style. The high popularity of leather furniture is explained by a number of its advantages: it is durable, practical, has a stunning and solid appearance, and fits into any interior – from office to living room. But the product will possess all these properties only when it is of high quality, otherwise you will be disappointed. So how to choose the right leather sofa so that it lasts a long time, is comfortable, and does not have to be changed several months after purchase?

Model and mechanism of transformation

In order for the sofa to be as comfortable as possible and to remain in a normal state for a long time, you need to choose the right size and model, paying attention to the type of folding. So, for example, corner models are perfect for living rooms: they can accommodate a rather large company, and, in which case, they can be easily transformed into a spacious sleeping place. If the latter is important to you, then pay attention to the folding mechanism:

  • so, dolphin sofas turn into a bed as easy as possible;
  • Leather sofa with a roll-out transformation mechanismbut with a withdrawable mechanism it will be more difficult. It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that a leather sofa will last longer if it is not used very often as a sleeping place, for which, in principle, it is not intended.

  • If the room is small, then it is better to choose a sofa-book: such products take up little space, and they also have a compartment for storing things – an ideal solution for a small space.


One of the most important parameters is the material from which the frame is made.

  • Leather sofa with hardwood frameSo, in the most expensive models of leather sofas, high-quality beech, walnut, ash or oak wood is used – according to its strength characteristics, this is the best option, which provides the product with several decades of life.

  • Simpler sofas can be made on the basis of pine or birch wood.
  • The cheapest chipboard is used. If the frame is made of chipboard, then you need to check whether it is covered with special paint, but otherwise it does not show itself much worse than expensive wood species.
  • Another option is a metal frame, which is quite rare, in some original high-tech models. Such a frame allows you to bring to life the most daring design ideas, and give the sofa any shape and size. Another bonus is the high maintainability of the metal frame, which will make the sofa almost forever.


Upholstery is that part of the sofa that lends itself to maximum loads, and it depends on it how long the product will have an acceptable appearance, which means that when choosing it you need to pay close attention.

The quality of the upholstery largely depends on how the leather has been processed: it must be tanned with vegetable or chemicals. The results are about the same and almost invisible in appearance, but vegetable tanning is referred to as more environmentally friendly methods that are used only by large manufacturers. Such products are, as a rule, somewhat more expensive than those that have undergone chemical tanning.

The quality of the leather and its processing is easy to check by sliding your finger over it. A quality material should be soft and silky to the touch, and the texture should be easily visible through the paint. If you sit on the sofa and then get up, the skin should immediately return to its original state, leaving no wrinkles or other defects. When considering the upholstery, do not forget to analyze the quality of the seams: they should be even and double.


The type of filler determines how many years the sofa can remain in its original form without losing its elasticity and without forming pits in the seating areas.

  • Often foam rubber is used as a filler – this is the cheapest option that will ensure the normal condition of the product for the first three to five years, and then, alas, the sofa will cease to please the owners with its appearance.
  • Polyurethane has become a good alternative to foam rubber, which is able to maintain the shape of the sofa for a longer period, but such products are slightly more expensive. Some manufacturers combine different fillers, placing them in layers: for example, they use polyurethane together with padding polyester – the results are quite good, so when choosing, you can easily stop at just such products.
  • Some European firms have begun to use latex filler – this material is characterized by the longest service life, but so far such sofas remain very expensive.


The color of the sofa is chosen solely based on their own preferences or interior solutions. But still, there are some rules here.

  • Sofas with light upholstery naturally get dirty quickly, so it’s good if they have detachable cushions that are much easier to clean than a whole piece. Naturally, a white sofa is a place in the living room or other room where the flow of people is minimal.

  • For offices, it is better to choose neutral shades in a dark range: brown, black, dark gray, but bright solutions are best left for residential premises.
    Black office sofas


The manufacturer is of great importance when choosing a leather sofa. So, for sure, products from Italy and Finland will have high quality – they pay great attention to both traditions and the name of the brand, so pay attention to products from such companies: Linea Italia, Soimo Salotti, Bosal and others. Moreover, a high-quality product does not always cost exorbitantly expensive: many factories offer leather sofas in a wide price range. Therefore, you can choose both a luxury product and an inexpensive model.

By the way, sofas from Belarus have shown themselves quite well lately: manufacturers have appeared there who are able to produce high-quality products, which are much cheaper than Finnish and Italian ones.


Well, and, of course, do not forget to personally test before buying whether the sofa is comfortable for seating: it may turn out that the back is too low or high, that it is not very comfortable to sit, or the material is too hard, or, conversely, soft. All this is individual, therefore it requires a personal check. If you plan to unfold the sofa at least sometimes, then it will not be superfluous to do it in the store and check how convenient and fast it is, and how comfortable the sleeping place is.


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