Is it profitable to rent scaffolding?

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It is difficult to imagine modern construction without such an auxiliary structure as scaffolding. Currently, they can not only be bought, but also rented. What you need to know about scaffolding rental and how not to make a mistake when choosing a rental company will be discussed in our article.

scaffolding for rentScaffolding is an indispensable piece of equipment that is necessary when carrying out facade and many other types of work. Modern structures have almost completely replaced the wooden scaffolding, which was previously used on construction sites, and at the end of all the work, they were dismantled and disposed of. Today they are reliable, reusable designs that provide maximum reliability and convenience. They are easy to install, and after all the necessary work is completed, they are assembled and compactly folded so that they can be easily transported and stored.

Who will benefit from the rental of scaffolding

Rent of scaffolding will be beneficial primarily to those who do not plan to use these structures all the time. This category includes:

  • scaffolding for rentsmall construction companies and finishing brigades, whose budget does not allow to buy scaffolding for ownership or for which high-rise work is not the main activity, and the scaffolding is needed to fulfill a specific order;

  • individual developers who need scaffolding to perform various works (plastering, painting walls, etc.) in their own home.

Benefits of scaffolding rental

Let’s consider the main advantages of renting scaffolding in comparison with buying them:

  • The ability to choose exactly the equipment that you need at the moment. There are many types of scaffolding on the market, which are selected depending on the type and conditions of work. Only large companies with a permanent package of orders can afford to own all types of scaffolding. For small firms, the best solution would be to lease forests.

  • scaffolding for rentNo need to have storage space. Modern scaffolding is easy to disassemble and in this form is quite compact. However, if you bought scaffolding, you will certainly have to deal with their storage and look for storage facilities. Renting scaffolding removes this issue, since storage is handled by the lessor company.

  • You choose the rental period yourself. This allows you to accurately calculate the cost of work.

  • No need for maintenance and repair. These procedures, as well as the preparation of all accompanying documentation, are the responsibility of the lessor.

  • Delivery. Typically, construction equipment rental companies provide a scaffold delivery service to the construction site.

  • Reducing the cost of repair work. By renting scaffolding, you only pay the rental payments, not the cost of the entire equipment. Ultimately, this will reduce the overall cost of the work.

scaffolding for rentThe only thing that should be taken into account when renting scaffolding, as this is the fact that the demand for this service is constantly growing, so it is better to order the necessary structure in advance. In this case, you can be 100% sure that the terms of repair or construction work will certainly not be violated. It is better to be prepared for the fact that most landlords take a certain security deposit, which is returned at the end of the lease. This is completely normal and should not scare decent tenants.

It should be noted that responsible modern companies that lease scaffolding are ready to offer customers a choice of designs of different types, as well as advise which scaffolds will be most suitable in a particular case. So, when choosing a structure, it is necessary to take into account a number of important factors, including the features of the geometry and configuration of the building and the timing of the work carried out. In addition, the choice of scaffolding is influenced by the expected load on them, the requirements for their height, the evenness of the surface on which they will be installed.

scaffolding for rentMany individual developers and even some experienced builders do not always know exactly what type of scaffolding will be most suitable in a particular situation. For example, frame scaffolding is the most popular and is perfect for interior and exterior finishing work carried out on straight walls, devoid of all kinds of non-standard elements. Wedge scaffolding is a versatile design that can be used if the walls have the most unusual shapes. They are also irreplaceable when it comes to buildings with heights up to 100 meters. Clamp scaffolding is one of the heaviest, but it is indispensable when working with complex structures such as arches, church domes, etc. Modular scaffolding is easy to install, dismantle and transport, and allows you to carry out almost all types of work. In rare cases, it is necessary to use suspended structures that cling to equipment attached to the floors. Such scaffolds are often used when working with building canopies. Mobile scaffolding and thermos scaffolds are in less demand, but, nevertheless, renting them is also not difficult when it comes to specific work.

scaffolding for rentAlthough the lessor is responsible for the repair and proper condition of the scaffolding, for the sake of his own safety it is better to check its reliability and strength every time before using the structure, to remove construction waste, leaves, snow, etc. from stairs and decks in time. Of course, you should not exceed the permissible load, and compliance with all these simple rules becomes a guarantee of the safety of everyone who works with rented scaffolding.

How to choose a reliable landlord

There are a lot of companies that provide scaffolding rental services now, so there is a high risk of “stumbling” on an unscrupulous lessor. In order to avoid this, when choosing a partner, pay attention to the following points:

  • scaffolding for rentTime of presence on the market. The longer a company has been in operation, the more customers (and, therefore, reviews) it has and the less risk of running into a one-day company.

  • Website. As a rule, serious companies have a website where you can get acquainted with the assortment and pricing policy.

  • Conclusion of a lease agreement. Reliable firms do this without fail.

  • Delivery. Large companies tend to provide this service.

  • Discounts. Serious firms provide various privileges to regular customers.

All the criteria of a reliable partner discussed above are fully met by the SpetsMonolitStroy company, which has its own production and is one of the leaders in the construction equipment market. You will find more detailed information on how to rent scaffolding by this link, on the website of the company “SpetsMonolitStroy”. A detailed catalog and consultants will help you make the right choice!

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