In which new buildings is it better to buy an apartment (for example, St. Petersburg)

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Buying a property is always a joyful event, but when choosing the right option, you need to be extremely careful, taking into account a huge number of factors. So, you need to decide on the budget, the form of payment, the desired area of ​​the city, the required area of ​​the apartment, its layout, and even take into account the floor on which it should be located. One of the most important issues is the choice of a developer, because the quality and timing of construction depends on him. Let’s try to understand all the intricacies of choosing an apartment in a new building using the example of St. Petersburg, one of the largest cities in the country.

Determining the budget

apartment in a new buildingWhen a decision is made to buy an apartment in a new building, it is important not to succumb to euphoria, but to clearly assess your financial capabilities. The class of the house, its location and the area of ​​the apartment itself depend on this. At this stage, it is important to know from what funds such a serious purchase will be paid: own savings, mortgage loan, maternity capital, military mortgage, etc.

It is extremely important to assess your capabilities and family budget when it comes to mortgages, otherwise the much-coveted property will soon turn into a heavy burden. When the main issue is resolved, you can start looking for a developer, determine the area, layout and other details.

Choosing the right developer

The scandals that arise from time to time with unscrupulous developers teach to scrupulously check such companies before giving them a tidy sum. You need to start by figuring out how long the developer has been on the market, how many projects he has already implemented, how the construction proceeded, whether the deadlines were met, and whether the tenants were satisfied. Basic information can be found on the company’s website, but it is better to focus on reviews published on the Internet, specialized forums, as well as news that may report some problems, such as frozen construction or violation of deadlines, or, conversely, high achievements , victories in competitions, etc. If no serious flaws were found in the developer, then you need to continue your “check” already in the company’s office.
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The developer must be asked for a number of documents related to his activities and the construction of a specific facility. This is a certificate of ownership of land or a lease agreement, building permit and project documentation. In addition, you need to carefully study the company’s licenses and other constituent documents; it is worth looking at the documentation for connecting the house to communications. A responsible conscientious developer will not refuse to provide all these papers.

The question of the form of concluding an agreement between the company and future tenants also remains important. It is best if the developer acts according to the Law “On Shared Participation in Construction”: in this case, the company has more obligations to you and, in which case, the mechanisms for influencing it are more effective, and investors are more protected. And one more way that will help identify a reliable developer is a construction site accredited by the bank.

apartment in a new building 3To guarantee your own safety, you can contact a real estate company whose specialists know the market from the inside and are aware of all the pitfalls. But such a company also needs to be able to choose the right one, and the commission for services can be decent. Therefore, the service becomes an excellent alternative.… This is a project that provides comprehensive information about new buildings and projects under construction in St. Petersburg and the region. The data is replenished and updated every day so that users always have the opportunity to receive up-to-date information. You can find a suitable option for yourself thanks to a convenient search and filter of all objects by price, area, area, deadline. In addition, users can find housing that would suit them in a number of other parameters, for example, the type of building, the availability of parking, the type of contract to be concluded, the type and class of housing, etc. It is very easy to find the most convenient and suitable option for yourself. Also on the project pages you can find information about the start of sales of apartments in different residential complexes, data on projected objects, get acquainted with the list of proposals, see apartment layouts, as well as data on transport, environment, infrastructure, social facilities, etc. The portal also provides information about developers so that potential buyers are as safe as possible, and as a bonus – a mortgage calculator and data on all banks in the city and region where you can take a mortgage. In addition, the site contains a variety of news and information materials so that users are aware of all the events taking place in the real estate market.

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In which area to choose housing?

The choice of the area usually depends on the budget, as the option in the city center is always more expensive. Many people, when choosing, start from their past place of residence, since the area has already been well studied in terms of the location of shops, cafes, hospitals, bus stops, etc. If the choice is not limited to only one area, but all possible options are considered, then different people put different criteria in the first place: good transport interchange, developed infrastructure, more or less clean air and the absence of a number of harmful industries.

So, if it is the well-developed transport and entertainment infrastructure that comes first, then in St. Petersburg it is the Central District, where the cost of housing in new buildings is one of the highest in the city. The Kalininsky district of the city is also recognized as convenient in terms of transport interchange, and the Primorsky district is optimal in terms of the ratio of social and transport infrastructure. New buildings in the Nevsky and Krasnoselsky districts please with a lower price, and the Petrogradsky and Moskovsky districts are considered by many real estate experts to be the best parts of the city in terms of living comfort. If air quality comes first, then the Admiralteisky, Frunzensky and Petrodvorets districts are leading in terms of air purity, because there are no large industrial enterprises here.

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Which floor is better?

Which floor is better in a new building? There is no right answer for everyone. If this is a noisy area with nearby highways, then it is better to choose an apartment somewhere higher in order to provide yourself with silence, and the view of the city’s panorama will be excellent. If elderly people will live in the future apartment, then it is not worth climbing very high in order to climb, in any case, it was not difficult.

apartment in a new building 5Such unloved first and last floors in new buildings are not so bad. On the upper floors, there will be no problems with hot water and heating, since in the vast majority there is an upper spill system. The first floor of a house is now rarely located at eye level for those passing along the street: commercial or technical premises are often located below. Despite the fact that apartments on the first and last floors are devoid of typical drawbacks, apartments on the middle floors are the most popular, but they can be a little more expensive.

If a new building has more than 17 floors, then the number of elevators is an important parameter. It is better if there are at least four of them: firstly, a safety net in the event of a breakdown of one of them, and secondly, there will be no need to stand for a long time in the morning and evening waiting for the elevator. Real estate experts recommend paying attention to the number of apartments per floor, based on the principle that less is more.

Choosing an apartment

apartment in a new building 6The choice of an apartment can be carried out even at the construction stage new buildings or after putting the house into operation. In the first case, it will be a little more difficult, because you will have to navigate only according to the project documentation. First of all, you need to study the layout of the apartment and think over how comfortable it will be. It is believed that square rooms provide more opportunities, but if you want to create a unique interior solution, then it is better to choose apartments without partitions.

When buying a two-room apartment, it is better to give preference to those options that are called “vests” in the professional environment, ie. their windows face two sides, and there are no adjacent rooms. Such options are more convenient than linear ones. Apartments with 3 and 4 rooms should ideally have a couple of bathrooms. The project can also suggest what kind of rough and finish finishes were used, how the electrical wiring and other communications go. Naturally, the area and arrangement of rooms relative to each other must fully meet the requirements of future residents.

apartment in a new building 7It is important to pay attention to the orientation of the apartment relative to the cardinal points both when viewing project documentation and during a personal examination. The windows in the bedroom facing east and south are the best option, and if the apartment is located at the junction of the sections, then one of the rooms will be shaded.

apartment in a new building 8When it comes to buying an apartment in an already built house, personal viewing is important. It is best to arrange it in the daytime in order to immediately notice all possible flaws. If there are a lot of objects, then it will not hurt to take a camera with you, so that later you can calmly compare the options at home. It is also important to clarify the nuances of ventilation and the number of kilowatts allocated for a particular apartment. The last parameter is especially important for those who use a lot of technology and are going to equip an apartment with many different electrical devices. A one-room apartment will require 6-7 kW, a two-room apartment – 10-12, and a three-room apartment – from 14 kW.

Of course, if people already live in the house, then it is worth paying attention to future neighbors, although in new buildings, as a rule, tenants of approximately the same social status gather, and conflicts should not arise.

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