Imitation of a bar for external and internal decoration

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Now there are quite a few varieties of lumber that, in one way or another, are used in construction. For example, for interior or exterior decoration, experts advise using an imitation of a bar made of Siberian larch or oak. This solution guarantees aesthetic appeal, reliability and durability. Not to mention the fact that in this way it will be possible to significantly reduce the cost of repairs or construction.

Benefits of timber imitation

For finishing work inside and outside the premises, many try to use natural materials, because they create a healthy microclimate in the house and look aesthetically pleasing. But if for this purpose you buy, for example, a high-quality lining, then the costs will hardly seem acceptable. It was in order to be able to achieve the final goal and not overpay, and a special type of lumber was created – imitation of a bar.

imitation of a barIt should be noted that this type of material appeared on the domestic construction market not so long ago. Many experts call plastic and wooden lining as its predecessors, but, unlike them, the timber is much wider and longer. In addition, it differs in the features of its appearance.

Today, imitation of a bar is made mainly from conifers: larch, spruce, pine and smereka, less often oak wood is used. Also, vinyl and metal siding under a bar appeared on sale, but this is a completely different material that is devoid of the advantages of a wooden imitation of a bar.

Visually, imitation of a bar is practically no different from ordinary wooden blocks. However, the relatively large width (up to 180 millimeters) is compensated by the small thickness. There is a significant saving in material, but when assembled, it visually does not differ at all from a full-fledged bar.

But efficiency and naturalness are not all the advantages of this material. Other advantages include:

  • imitation timber facadehigh strength and durability, resistance to a variety of climatic factors;

  • hypoallergenic, because imitation of a bar is an absolutely natural material;

  • excellent performance. The material has good noise and heat insulation properties, it becomes an additional protection of walls from winds, mechanical and physical influences;
  • beautiful appearance. In addition, the material looks more neat than natural timber. A decent range of products and the ability to choose the desired shade is another advantage;

  • the fastening reliability is provided by the tongue-and-groove connection system The spike of the next one is firmly fixed in the groove of one product, and the ventilation of the structure is ensured by several grooves cut from the back of the board;
  • ease of installation. Due to the fact that the elements are interconnected according to the “thorn-groove” system, the installation work of the imitation of the timber is greatly simplified. Moreover, even a non-professional can easily cope with this task, which is why many perform the cladding on their own, resulting in decent savings.


In fairness, it is worth noting that imitation of a bar also has some disadvantages:

  • interior decoration with imitation of a barfire hazard, since it is actually a natural tree. Of course, the manufacturer uses special impregnations in the manufacture that resist ignition, but if the material is not treated with special substances once a year, the risk of fire increases;

  • the need for constant care to maintain the material in proper condition and prevent deterioration of its performance. It will be necessary to cover the imitation of the timber with antiseptics and varnish, but this will have to be done once a year, so that the care will not cause any special problems and inconveniences;

  • although the price for the imitation of the timber itself is more or less affordable, the components will not be cheap. These include various decorative elements, outer corner, etc.

Choice of imitation timber

imitation of a barIn order for the imitation of a bar to serve you as long as possible, you need to take very seriously the choice of material and its quality. Imitation of a bar, like many other wood-based materials, is divided into grades. The fact is that the material is made from boards, which, in turn, are natural wood. They can have a slightly different appearance and color, which is quite normal. There may also be cracks and chips on their surface. After the boards are processed and receive a certain profile, they are sorted into classes: A, B, C. Naturally, the material of class A is more preferable, since it has almost no defects, and therefore will serve for a long time. The imitation of class B timber already has some disadvantages in the form of a small number of cracks or specks. This type of material is in high demand, since its performance is not much lower than that of class A, but it is cheaper, and some are impressed by the presence of cracks that give the finish a natural look.

When choosing, you also need to be guided by the following rules:

  1. imitation of a barthe humidity of the imitation of the timber should not exceed 15%, otherwise, after installation, the material may warp and lead;

  2. it is better to choose panels with a width of more than 100 mm. This is due to a purely aesthetic factor, because with such parameters, the finish will resemble a natural timber as much as possible, and not a lining;

  3. there should be a groove on the reverse side, which serves to improve ventilation, and also relieves stress when the material dries, preventing it from cracking;
  4. no matter what class the product is, there should be no knots or obvious mechanical damage, rot or insect damage on its surface. The lock connection must also remain intact;
  5. the entire batch of purchased material should be almost the same in shade;

  6. correct storage conditions in warehouses, where the optimum humidity level and the required temperature must be maintained;

  7. do not forget to pay attention to the quality of components and decorative elements, because the beauty and durability of the entire finish depends on it.

Imitation timber manufacturers

Today there are many manufacturers who make imitation of a bar. Some of them are not very conscientious and are looking only for quick benefits, while others, on the contrary, work on their reputation, constantly improving the quality of products. Which manufacturers can you trust?

  1. imitation of a barWood Stock House is a company that itself is engaged in logging and manufacturing a wide range of wood products. Among other products, the manufacturer also offers imitation of larch timber. The advantages of the company are low price and high quality.

  2. OOO Tarus Les is an enterprise located in the Kaluga Region. It offers customers an imitation of class A timber. Products are made of pine wood. The company pleases with a pleasant price-quality ratio.

  3. LLC StroyLes offers products from spruce and pine wood. The quality is high, all products belong to class A.

  4. Realvood LLC is a company with the widest choice of timber imitation. Products are made from spruce and larch wood, there is material from class A to C, so that each buyer can choose the most acceptable and affordable offer for himself.

  5. LLC “Derevo-lesProm” offers imitation of pine timber at affordable prices. Delivery is possible in all regions of the country. The advantage of the company is the exact compliance of products with the necessary GOSTs.

Features of finishing with imitation of a bar of premises and facades

Interior decoration of premises

A country house, a cottage or a summer cottage, a private bathhouse – everywhere you can install an imitation of a bar, creating an excellent interior. It remains only to choose the right type of wood and prepare the room for the installation of the cladding.

If the building was just built, then it is impossible to immediately start interior decoration, the only exception is frame houses. Give the walls enough time to shrink. Experts work around this limitation by using a sliding crate, which compensates for all possible movements. However, such work will also cost more. If you briefly describe the sequence of all actions for the implementation of interior decoration, you get the following list:

  • preparation of the foundation;
  • measurements;
  • selection of wood types, product sizes;
  • calculation of the required amount of materials and fasteners;
  • fastening the lathing;
  • installation of imitation of a bar;
  • surface treatment with special compounds.

imitation of a bar interior decoration

Experts recommend using Siberian larch as a material for interior decoration with imitation of timber. Attractive appearance, technical characteristics and the choice from a wide range of shades make this wood the most preferred. More details about the technical characteristics and categories of this product can be found on specialized sites.

Pine products are in great demand now. They are cheap, easy to process and have all the properties you need. The only serious drawback is that they do not tolerate high loads and dampness. Oak wood is devoid of these disadvantages and is even ahead of Siberian larch in terms of hardness, however, the cost of such a purchase will be higher.

External finishing

The exterior decoration of a house is most often understood as wall cladding with imitation of a bar. If you choose the right material for this, the building will look attractive and cozy, exactly copying the design of a natural frame. The work usually does not take much time, but first you need to prepare the walls. The most important requirement is that their surface should be as flat as possible. If it is not perfect, then you will have to install a crate that compensates for all bends and defects.

The choice of wood species is of great importance. The appearance of the skin and how durable it will be will depend on this. Soft woods are not suitable for this, they quickly fade in the sun and are very susceptible to precipitation and temperature changes. They will need to be treated with strong protective agents, but even this measure does not guarantee that the surface will retain an attractive appearance for a long time.

imitation timber facade

Best material for exterior decoration of houses – imitation of Siberian larch timber. The attractive appearance is combined with the strength of oak and almost one hundred percent resistance to climatic phenomena. This work should be done by specialists who have worked with this wood before. The fact is that the surface of Siberian larch sawn timber is decorated with a complex pattern formed by annual rings. A professional will be able to achieve the integrity of the overall pattern on the wall of the building by choosing the correct sequence when installing an imitation of a bar. This wood has a remarkable property – to maintain its appearance for many years, even when in the open sun.

In conclusion

Imitation of a bar is a relatively new, but already very popular material. It is natural and environmentally friendly, and with minimal maintenance it will retain all its performance qualities for a long time. In addition, it looks very good, and houses with this finish are almost indistinguishable from houses built from solid timber. It is also a versatile material, since it can also be used for interior decoration. But in order to acquire quality material, you still need to know how to choose it correctly.

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