How to properly equip an office space to increase employee productivity

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It just so happens in the life of modern people, almost a third (or even more) of the time in a day has to be spent at the workplace. If this is the office of a company or institution, then it must be competently furnished so that all items look organic, the atmosphere itself is pleasant and reasonably balanced – not relaxing to the point of doing nothing, but not depressing, from which you want to quickly escape.

Requirements for the arrangement of the office

Competent and forward-thinking leaders attach great importance to furnishings, trying to choose modern, functional and durable, such as presented link… Such things should fit into the overall interior solution, in harmony with the walls. ceiling and floor, other interior items. fitting into the general style of the room. the size of the room is no less important – chairs, tables, sofas and armchairs should not clutter it up. This is traumatic and will interfere with the movement of employees. Thinking over the situation to the smallest detail, it is important to know about the requirements that apply to it. And this:

  • ergonomics;
  • comfort;
  • quality.

As for ergonomics, the furniture should guarantee favorable conditions under which the back and head will not hurt, and the posture will not bend. This allows you to get good productivity and prevent employee fatigue.

Do not forget that a lot depends on the profile of a particular company. Sometimes it is necessary to create spaces for conversations that hate prying ears. But there is a need to the contrary – to convene many employees for a scheduled (unscheduled) meeting. You should think over everything to the smallest detail, weigh and analyze.

What does office furniture mean?

Apart from the above items, office furniture also includes:

  • pedestals;
  • racks;
  • cabinets;
  • partitions.

A special approach should be to the design of the manager’s office and the negotiation room, in which meetings and negotiations, fateful for the entire team, often take place. So, the boss’s chair is not just a place to sit – it is a symbol and personification of the well-being and prestige of the organization, a characteristic of the leader himself. Usually it is a stylish and massive item. A conference table can either bring people together, or divide them, and even make them hostile to each other. It is better to choose a model that is not too bulky with rounded corners. Particular attention should be paid to the material. It can be rosewood, beech or oak. Think over the color of the interior. As a budget option, you can choose a table in the director’s office made of cheap wood, but with high-quality and expensive coating.

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