How to choose wallpaper for the hallway: look, color, combination

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What material is ideal for decorating walls in a hallway? Many will not hesitate to answer that this is wallpaper, and they will be largely right. They are inexpensive, easy to install, and if you choose the right wallpaper for the hallway, they can also be washed. On the one hand, there are some pluses, but, on the other hand, you still need to be able to choose exactly those wallpapers that will become ideal for the conditions of a particular hallway, and you need to take into account both the performance, the budget, and the chosen interior style.

Wallpaper material

The hallway is a high-risk area. No matter how neat and tidy all the household members are, in the conditions of the domestic climate it will not be difficult to stain the walls with dirt or drops of water, alas. If children and pets live in the apartment, then the risk of damaging the wall covering only increases. Wallpaper in the hallway, therefore, must be washable, resistant to mechanical stress and moisture resistant. The following types of wallpaper meet these requirements in the best way:

  1. liquid wallpaper. They combine the positive properties of roll wallpaper and plaster. They are easier to apply, because you do not need to calculate the length of the strips, fiddle with the preparation of glue – the installation process resembles the application of plaster. Liquid wallpaper forms a monolithic surface, hiding small irregularities in the walls. They have excellent sound and heat insulation properties, breathe air, are environmentally friendly, frost-resistant, do not fade in the sun, do not accumulate electricity, which means they will not attract dust. For additional protection, liquid wallpaper in the hallway can be varnished. You can perform both a monochromatic finish and apply patterns in different colors;
    liquid wallpaper for hallway

  2. Many people call fiberglass wallpaper one of the best options for decorating walls in the hallway, since they are resistant to mechanical deformation, and even animal claws will not damage them. In addition, they are natural, durable, reinforce walls, hide small defects, are not afraid of mold and mildew, and do not burn. This wallpaper can be colored repeatedly. Unlike other types of paintable wallpaper, you can remove a layer of paint from glass wallpapers with solvents, since the material is resistant to them. If a suitable type of paint is chosen, then the wallpaper can be washed and even rubbed with a brush;
    glass wallpaper for the hallway

  3. washable vinyl wallpaper is a compromise in terms of performance and price, as the previous two types of material cost decently. This finish can be washed, and in most cases, even the use of detergents is allowed, the wallpaper is not sensitive to many types of exposure. Vinyl wallpaper with a top layer of silk threads is as easy to clean as possible and has increased durability along with a huge selection of patterns and colors;
    vinyl wallpaper for hallway

  4. quartz wallpaper is a relatively new type of decoration, which has not yet taken root in domestic hallways, but in terms of the combination of properties, it is very suitable for this room. The main advantages of the material include high strength, because the top layer of the coating is quartz sand or another mineral, fire resistance, naturalness, ease of maintenance and the possibility of repainting;
    quartz wallpaper for hallway

  5. lincrust wallpaper, along with its chic look, also has impressive performance properties. Their strength increases over time, they are resistant to mechanical damage, withstand water ingress and strong enough impacts, are not susceptible to mold development, and are easy to clean. The price for such wallpapers is quite high, but they will look harmonious only in a classic interior;
    wallpaper linkrust for the hallway

  6. metallized wallpaper also meets most of the requirements for finishing material in the hallway. They can be washed, they are durable, they are not afraid of moisture, they will not become a place for the development of mold and mildew. Moreover, they play the role of an additional sound insulator and have a unique appearance that can decorate the hallway;
    metal wallpaper for the hallway

  7. natural wallpaper, incl. cork and bamboo, they are recommended for use in the hallway as inserts in eco-interiors.

A clever trick is to combine wallpaper. Stronger and more resistant wallpaper can be used near the door or in the lower part of the wall, and the remaining parts, which are less susceptible to negative influences, can be trimmed with softer wallpaper.

Color and color

Only owners of spacious hallways with sufficient natural light can afford to use wallpaper of any color. There are not so many lucky ones, so designers have a set of ready-made tips for choosing suitable shades and wallpaper patterns for dark, small or non-standard hallways:

  • since the vast majority of hallways do not have a source of natural light, it will be inappropriate to use too dark wallpaper, otherwise this dark and small room can be turned into a hole at all;
  • excessively bright shades conceal the area of ​​the hallway, therefore, this option is undesirable for miniature spaces;

  • too light wallpaper – this is the other extreme, which you should also not fall into. The smallest spots will be immediately visible on the white walls, so wallpaper of warm light shades or wallpaper with a discreet and medium-sized pattern becomes optimal.

  • for miniature hallways, it is better to choose, if not plain wallpaper, then wallpaper with a small pattern, and it is better to leave samples with large and bright ornaments for spacious hallways;

  • the lack of height in the hallway can be compensated for by wallpaper with a vertical stripe or any other vertical ornament. The narrower the strip, the stronger the effect will be.

Today, wallpapers with imitation of plaster, brickwork, decorative stone, tiles and even leather and fabric are in demand. When choosing a similar option, it would be nice to follow the basic recommendations described above.

wallpaper for hallway

Combining wallpaper

Despite the fact that the modern wallpaper market offers a lot of patterns and ornaments, wallpapering walls still seem boring to many. Combining can correct the situation, but this task must be approached responsibly, thinking over the combination and their impact on perception.

One of the best ways to combine wallpaper is to use darker shades for the bottom and lighter shades for the top. Thanks to the light upper part, a visual increase in the room is achieved, and the lower one serves as a protection, because stains and dirt are not so visible on it. The transition between the wallpaper is decorated with a border.

wallpaper for hallway 4

Often, the opposite walls of the hallway are pasted over with different wallpaper. Another technique also looks impressive: part of the room near the front door is trimmed with one type of wallpaper, the rest with other wallpaper. Sometimes an arch is organized at the junction.

The question remains, what kind of wallpaper can be combined with each other. The most popular and interesting options:

  • a combination of similar shades or colors, for example, blue and light blue, dark green and light green;

  • plain wallpaper and wallpaper with a pronounced pattern, and preferably in a similar color tone;

  • striped wallpaper is perfectly combined with monochromatic canvases and wallpaper in a floral pattern;

  • wallpapers with geometric and abstract patterns also complement each other perfectly;

  • wallpapers of the same color and with different patterns and, conversely, wallpapers with identical patterns, but different colors.

hallway wallpaper 5

There can be a lot of combination options, but it is very important to think over all the nuances of the combination in advance in order to end up with a harmonious space.

Separately, it should be noted the possibility of using photo wallpaper. Naturally, they should be placed on the farthest wall so as not to put them at an increased risk of being damaged. A landscape drawing is able to create a real miracle and visually alienate the wall of the hallway.

wallpaper for hallway 3

Wallpaper and hallway flaws

Of course, with the help of wallpaper, you cannot turn a narrow hallway into a square one, but correctly selected colors, patterns and combinations will allow you to correct the perception of the geometry of the room, and it will become more comfortable in it. Here are some simple rules:

  • opposite walls of a narrow hallway can be pasted over with different types of wallpaper;
  • the space near the door in the narrow hallway and the rest of the walls are best decorated with different types of wallpaper. Thanks to this approach, it is possible to visually distinguish two proportional spaces from one narrow hallway.
  • for small hallways, in addition to traditional plain light wallpaper, you can use wallpaper in a small pattern;

  • for low hallways, you can use wallpaper with a vertical pattern, and it is not necessary to glue them traditionally – you can overlap the ceiling, visually continuing the wall.

wallpaper for hallway 2

Wallpaper and hallway style

When choosing wallpaper of the right color and shade and from the right material, it is important not to forget about the general style of the hallway. This is an easy task. So, wallpaper with royal lilies, monograms and gilding is suitable for an interior in a classic and baroque style, but this style is suitable for more or less spacious rooms. If the Provence style is chosen, then the best option would be light wallpaper with a floral print. A small flower will also fit well into a country-style hallway, where checkered and striped wallpaper is also suitable. Modern styles (hi-tech and minimalism) do without wallpaper, but if this type of finish is so necessary, then plain wallpaper would be the best option.

hallway wallpaper 6

In conclusion

Taking into account all the subtleties, the choice of wallpaper for the hallway turns into a whole science. But everything is not as difficult as it might seem the first time. The easiest way will be to think over several options for wallpaper or their combinations for your hallway, and then choose the one that will best meet the requirements, fit into the style and hide flaws.

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