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If you came to read this article, then most of all you want to choose the coolest wall hanging, right? Now we will quickly “with a breeze” tell you about how and why this fashion came, to hang carpets on the wall, and then, with a sense of responsibility, we will figure out how to choose a good wall carpet that fits into the interior of the apartment.

Why is carpet on the wall making a comeback?

Until recently, the carpet on the wall seemed like “the last century”. Fashion is back, so now it’s not at all surprising that it is now relevant to decorate the wall with a carpet. It is original and warm. Also, the carpet provides good soundproofing and thermal insulation. Today carpets on the walls, in particular, are used not as “keepers of heat”, but as a comfortable and convenient decoration in the interior.

The carpets were removed from the walls and gathering dust somewhere in the corners of houses for a very long time, but only because of the monotonous appearance. Now carpet manufacturers offer us different textures, shapes, colors, so that we can use carpets not only as an element of floor decoration, but also decoration for walls.

Why is it worth using carpets on the wall in the interior?

Carpets not only perfectly absorb sound and have high heat-insulating properties, but also complement the interior well, the carpet creates comfort even in the strictest styles. If you choose the right carpet to match the color scheme of the interior, the apartment will acquire new colors. If you still don’t know how to do this, then we will be happy to help!

The main advantages of using a wall hanging are:

  • The contrast of textures between the main wall decoration and the carpet will help to visually highlight a certain area of ​​the space.
  • A patterned carpet can be combined with other decor in the apartment, creating interesting interior solutions.
  • Complements apartment space in ethnic styles.
  • Carpet on the wall – additional soundproofing of the room.
  • A wall carpet can be used for visual zoning of a room.
  • A correctly chosen carpet will not “eat up” the space; it combines furniture and walls into a single composition.

Which wall carpet to choose?

  1. A win-win option – neutral colors and monochrome combinations, geometric laconic patterns. These rugs will fit into almost any room.
  2. A bright rug looks good in more monotonous interiors, but it is worth adding some of the same bright details that will overlap with the rug. For example, throw a couple of bright pillows on the sofa or cover the sofa with a bright blanket. You can also use bright furniture, but not much so that colder colors do not create discomfort.

  3. To prevent the wall carpet from getting lost in the interior, it must be different from the color of the walls. You can play in semitones or use daring combinations. In the latter case, a delicate taste is needed.
  4. If you want to visually enlarge the room, then you should use light carpets, calm and cool shades. If you want the opposite effect, then use dark or warm and saturated colors.
  5. You can use two carpets on top of each other. It sounds bold, unusual and, perhaps, even unrealistic, but if you decide to try something new, then adhere to small rules so that when using such a decor everything is synchronized and harmonious:

    • carpets should not be completely different in style, they should complement each other;
    • the solution is best suited for an oriental style;
    • use different textures and sizes in order to create effect.
  6. To avoid an imbalance in color, it is recommended that the carpet on the wall matches the carpet on the floor, or the surrounding furniture.
  7. The lines of the carpet and its ornament should overlap with the general lines of the interior.
  8. Use carpet, panel, carpet, tapestry to visually highlight only one wall.

How to use different size rugs?

Small carpets can be used as a painting, it will look great in the living room, hallway, kitchen, i.e. in those rooms where it is not necessary to insulate a large area.

A medium sized rug is suitable for a bedroom. A good solution is to hang it at the head of the bed.

Large carpets can be a decoration of a hall or room, where its “volumes” will be appropriate. Also, a large carpet can cover any errors on the wallpaper, wall. A life hack for parents whose children love to draw on wallpaper.

What color options, drawings are better to use?

Even the most experienced designer can be confused by the variety of carpet designs. For apartments, as a rule, the following drawings are chosen:

  • natural ornaments. Nature lovers can use carpets-pictures in their interior, which take you to another world and create the feeling that you are already in the jungle, where you are surrounded by wildlife;
  • Orthodox motives. Carpet in the shape of an icon, suitable for people with religious beliefs;
  • the winter landscape will look beautiful if the room has a fireplace, but it can also be used in the living room, where you can spend a pleasant evening with family, friends, or yourself in the company of a film, a book;
  • old soviet carpet. Do you think that the carpets of the USSR can be thrown away, because they are no longer fashionable? Nothing of the kind – the carpets of the USSR will fit well into retro design, it is especially cool if there are still things from those times in the room. But it will be difficult to maintain a balance here, since one wrong decision – and you will not get a retro design, but the feeling that the apartment has not been renovated for several decades.
  • geometric patterns, floral ornaments. A small wall carpet with small ornaments will look nice, echoing the carpet on the floor.

If you want to attach a wall carpet to the bedroom, then you shouldn’t really think about the shape, texture – the main thing is that it relaxes and promotes rest, does not cause aggression. In the children’s room, it is better to use bright enough, but aggressive shades.

Which carpet style should you choose?

  • Ethnic carpets. Carpet in Moroccan, Indian, African and Oriental styles will perfectly fit into the corresponding interior, especially since these styles involve the use of an abundance of textiles;
  • classic carpets;
  • Patchwork, hand-made. It is gaining popularity to make carpets from poufs, curtains, pillows by yourself, creating unusual products that you cannot buy in any store, and the coolest thing is that such a carpet is made by hand. It can be used in a children’s room, because the patchwork carpet is made with love, it will create coziness and fit well into the country, Scandinavian and Mediterranean style. We must experiment! So if in the near future there is no money to buy, you can do it yourself by watching a few video tutorials and collecting unnecessary durable fabrics around the apartment, hut.

Pile and lint-free carpets

Pile rugs are fluffy, warm and cozy and are often made from natural wool or synthetic yarns. Our grandparents often decorated the walls of Soviet houses with such carpets. The most convenient to use in a modern interior, in different directions and styles. In order not to create an imbalance in the styles, it is worth choosing monochrome muted shades of carpets – this way the retro touch will remain and the spirit of modernity will remain.

Lint-free carpets are made from silk and cotton, synthetic, polyurethane threads. They are cheaper, and it is easier to fit into the look of a modern style.

There are also felt carpets, which are created from felted sheep and camel wool. Soft and light, they will be harmonious in the modern interior of the apartment as a fresh, clear, unusual accent.

You can use a silk carpet, with tapestry fabric, Persian, bright colors or with motives of India, the East, but if there is an imbalance in the color scale, then the choice of a wall carpet may not be difficult.

How to stylishly attach a rug to a wall?

If you want the carpet to last a long time, and also not to fall on anyone’s head, then you should take the fastening of the product seriously. You don’t have to hide the fasteners to make it beautiful, because now there are very interesting and unusual fasteners that will only complement the decor itself, as well as the interior. These are decorative eyelets, massive chains, chrome panels of modest dimensions, forged openwork brackets. Often the fastening itself plays up the carpet itself and makes it much “in trend”, as well as safer for health. But if it seems that the fastenings only spoil everything, then the carpet can be beaten like a painting by making a baguette frame under glass. Does it really look like a painting or some kind of poster?

Heated carpets: how to use?

Carpets can be used as a painting, but did you know that science does not stand still, as is fashion, and already in the assortment of stores, heating carpets, that is, heated carpets, have appeared. If warmth is your goal, then this rug is for you, but don’t forget to combine the wall hangings with the interior. Heated carpets cost a lot, but they will help you save on utility bills quite well. But either you can simply take such a carpet with you on a trip, if it is not large, use it as a mattress and it will warm you well enough on a cold winter night.

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