How to choose the right roller blinds: fabric, color, features

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When the renovation comes to the finishing stage and it is time to choose curtains, then you should not immediately dwell on classic curtains: roller blinds will probably look much better and more interesting. Recently, designers are paying more and more attention to this type of curtains, calling them as laconic, stylish and functional as possible. They can be of any color, decor, can be made of any fabric, have any size. But their main advantage is that they fit perfectly into almost any type of interior. If you are interested in buying roller blinds, it would be nice to know what nuances you should consider when choosing in order to become the owner of the perfect curtains.

Roller blinds device

choose roller blinds The origin of the roller blinds is obscure, and at the moment there are only two main versions. According to one of them, this kind of curtains arose when cowboys closed from everyone and lost gold at cards. The second, more likely version, is that roller blinds are an invention of the Germans, who wanted to expand the market for their synthetic fabrics and came up with a new way of using them.

Roller blinds are a sheet of fabric and a roller onto which this fabric is wound, if necessary. The shaft diameter can be different – from 19 to 45 mm in most cases. This parameter is chosen depending on the size of the window opening.

Roller blinds can be of two types:

  • open. Their design is as simple as possible and consists of a canvas and a shaft attached to a window box or wall at the top of the window. At the bottom of the canvas there is a small plank so that the curtain hangs beautifully;

  • closed. Here the main feature is that the shaft is covered with a special box, and there are additional guides on the sides of the canvas so that the curtain closes the window opening as accurately and effectively as possible.

choose roller blinds

Fastening roller blinds

You can attach roller blinds to the wall above the window opening, in the window opening or to the window itself. Moreover, in the latter case, the structure will take up the least amount of space, and the box will be almost invisible, because it is made so that it resembles the material from which the frame is made as much as possible. Opening and closing such curtains is as easy as shelling pears: just pull the lace, the fabric will start to wrap around the shaft, and you can stop it at any level. In this way, the curtains can be adjusted to any light level and always quickly adjusted.

There are a couple of basic ways to attach roller blinds:

  • using self-tapping screws. When the markings are made and the places of attachment of the brackets are determined, holes are drilled, and then the brackets are screwed with self-tapping screws. Now all that remains is to insert the pipe into the brackets, push until it clicks and install the decorative bracket covers. You can attach the brackets to the wall above the window, to the ceiling, or directly to the window itself. This method is distinguished by the highest strength and reliability, but at the same time, you will have to sacrifice the integrity of the surface;

  • without drilling, using adhesive tape. The method is mainly used for mounting roller blinds directly on the window frame. First, the attachments for gluing are snapped onto the brackets, then the surface areas where the installation will be carried out is degreased, the tape is heated with a hairdryer, the protective film is removed and pressed firmly to the designated place. When the brackets are secured, the curtain tube can be inserted. The advantages are obvious: ease of installation and no holes, but the strength is inferior to the version with drilling. Spring brackets can also be used, which is suitable for installing roller blinds on opening window sashes. The spring bracket itself is hung on the sash in the open position.

Benefits of roller blinds

Roller blinds are quite a fashionable detail of a modern interior, but what are their advantages?

  1. choose roller blinds The original appearance, since such curtains are not like any others, will harmoniously complement any interior, giving the room coziness and comfort.

  2. Such curtains take up much less space in comparison, for example, with curtains. That is why in small rooms, which are in dire need of space not to hide even more, curtains of this type are needed.
  3. Ease of handling is another significant advantage, since it is enough just to pull on the lace, and the curtain will take the appropriate form. Moreover, you can completely open the window opening to let in the rays of the sun, or you can completely close it, and as a result we get a curtain that completely covers the window and looks very impressive.

  4. choose roller blinds Roller blinds are able to provide very reliable protection from the sun, and thanks to a special impregnation, they do not accumulate dust, so they will also be very easy to clean. The fabric for curtains can be one of three types: transmissive, diffuse and reflective, and you need to choose based on what effect you want to achieve.

  5. The versatility of roller blinds makes it possible to use them both as an individual window decoration and in combination with other types of curtains.

Where to use roller blinds

Roller blinds can be used in almost any room. So, they are ideal for the living room, bedroom and nursery, especially if these are small rooms. There they are able to create the proper comfort and atmosphere of relaxation, protect from the sun, prying eyes, etc. In this case, it is better to choose plain curtains in pastel shades, although curtains with some kind of unusual ornament will be quite appropriate for the living room, and for a children’s room – with a cartoon or comic hero. If you want to create an interior in ethnic style, you can use jute roller blinds.

choose roller blinds Roller blinds, despite the opinion of many, will be quite appropriate in the kitchen. Here, thanks to special impregnations that help repel grease and dust, they will be an excellent addition to any interior. If they do not hang right next to the stove without a hood, then nothing terrible will threaten them, and they will stay in operation for a very long time.

For the office, this is also a great option. But in this case, it is better to opt for very soft, non-flashy shades: white, milky, light green, pale blue, etc.

The choice of fabric and color of roller blinds

choose roller blinds The variety of possible colors on the roller blinds market amazes the imagination of even many professional designers, to say nothing of everyone else who just decided to choose curtains for their room. But before deciding on the color of the fabric, you need to clearly know what density it should be, and this depends on what kind of darkening effect you want to achieve.

It is better to select different fabric density for different rooms. So, for example, the kitchen should always be as light as possible, so the curtains here should also transmit light to the maximum. The best option for the kitchen is translucent fabrics, with which a sufficient amount of light will penetrate into the room even in bright sunlight when closed.

choose roller blinds For recreation rooms, it is better to choose the most dense curtains that will reliably protect you from the sun in the morning, and at night, perhaps from the light of lanterns, signage and advertising. Curtains are also chosen more tightly if, for example, a home theater is installed in the room: so that not a single ray gets into the room, which can become a source of glare when viewing, choose the most dense curtains that provide excellent blackout.

Children’s rooms can be supplied with both thick and medium-weight curtains. The latter option will be especially suitable for a student’s room.

It is also necessary to take into account not only the functional purpose of the room, but also the features of its natural lighting. So, if the windows face north or west. And not very much light penetrates into the room anyway, then using very thick curtains in many cases will be inappropriate, so you can pay attention to translucent options. There are special roller blinds with the so-called scorched pattern: on the ornament, some parts are made transparent, and such material serves more for window decoration than for darkening.

choose roller blinds Special attention should be paid to the “day-night” curtains, which consist of transparent and fabric stripes, and they can be combined in different ways: you can achieve any degree of darkening, while obtaining an excellent visual effect. If there is a large window opening in the room, then pay attention to these roller blinds.

As for the color of the curtains, then you need to proceed from the existing interior. Of course, it is best to start from the color of the walls in the room, and choose a color for curtains that is several shades lighter or darker. If the walls in the room are monochromatic, then it will not be superfluous to choose roller blinds with some interesting pattern in the appropriate colors. On the contrary, if there is some kind of ornament on the wallpaper, then it is better to take monochromatic curtains, maximum – jacquard, which have a pleasant texture, but retain one color.

choose roller blinds A completely acceptable approach is the selection of fabric for roller blinds, starting from the color of the furniture. It will be interesting to look at a room in which the same textiles will be used for curtains and furniture.

With the help of correctly selected roller blinds, you can correct some of the nuances of the room. So, for small rooms, fabrics of dark saturated shades will be inappropriate, which only narrow the space, but in a large living room or office this option will look advantageous. To visually make the room larger, all light pastel shades are suitable, and if you use a horizontal strip, you can make the room visually a little wider. If you want to raise the ceilings, then you can use a vertical strip.

choose roller blinds For rooms with south-facing windows, cool curtains are perfect: blue, green, blue, gray, etc. Warm tones are irreplaceable when there is not enough natural light in the room, in which case peach, beige, pink, milky shades are best suited.

Do not forget that roller blinds are not only monochromatic, but can also have an interesting bright pattern: floral print, abstraction, landscape, etc., so there are options for any interior style.


Roller blinds are so versatile that they suit any interior style and any room. They are very easy to use, do not take up much space, are multifunctional and look very original, stylish and elegant. Although roller blinds are considered one of the most fashionable window decorations, you still will not see them in every home, so with them you can make your room original.


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