How to choose the right linen boards for insulation: advantages, manufacturers

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Thermal insulation materials in a harsh climate will not lose their popularity, most likely, never, but now environmentally friendly and most natural heaters are coming to the fore. One of these is flax, which comes in the form of mats, rolls and slabs. It is a reliable heat insulator with many useful properties and versatility. What are its main qualities and how to choose the right insulation of this kind?

It should be noted right away that flax has been used for insulation for a very long time, because it was used as an inter-row seal in wooden houses. That tow, which was caulked at home, was the waste of flax processing. Today, the technology for the production of linen insulation is much more modern, and the market offers us it not only in the form of plates with different thicknesses and sizes, but also in the form of rolls and mats.

Benefits of linen slabs

choose linen slabs Such a natural insulation as flax has a lot of advantages that make us move away from traditional solutions for insulation with mineral wool or foam, and pay attention to linen slabs. So, its main advantages:

  • environmental friendliness and naturalness are the obvious and most important plus, because the composition includes natural materials that are not able to affect human health in any way;

  • durability. Linen stoves will serve you faithfully for at least 70 years, and this is a decent period during which you can not worry about the indoor climate. All this is due to its high resistance to decay, ultraviolet radiation and temperature drops;

  • linen slabs not only have excellent thermal conductivity, but are also able to reliably protect against noise by absorbing it. So, in comparison with mineral wool, flax is 30% more effective;
  • an important advantage of the material is its ability to maintain optimal humidity in the room. So, it can absorb excess moisture and give it away at the same time. Thus, condensation does not accumulate in the insulation layer, which means that additional vapor barrier will not be needed;
  • even when wet, linen boards retain all their thermal insulation boards;
  • choose linen slabs it is easy to work with linen slabs, since they are quite easy to cut without crumbling. You can use either a hand saw or a circular or band saw. Moreover, it can even be cut through the packaging to make the process even simpler and “cleaner”;

  • natural antiseptic properties of flax protect against the appearance and development of bacteria and fungus. Also, rodents will not live in linen slabs;
  • the ability to withstand exposure to high temperatures, which indicates its fire resistance;
  • flax also has the ability to neutralize the influence of geopathogenic zones and electromagnetic radiation, it does not conduct current and is not electrostatic, so it is able to create the most favorable atmosphere in the house.

All these advantages allow the use of linen boards for insulation of residential, industrial and public buildings. It can be used with equal success both for external insulation and for internal insulation. Linen slabs will become a reliable thermal insulation material for walls, partitions, ceilings, floors, etc. All this allows us to add one more property to the list of advantages – multifunctionality and versatility.

What to look for when choosing?

choose linen slabs Linen boards are a relatively new type of heat-insulating material on the market, therefore uniform requirements for its quality are still in the process of being formed. How to navigate the modern linen insulation market?

An indicator of the quality of products will be certificates of compliance with all sanitary and epidemiological requirements, which will testify that we are really environmentally friendly and natural material. The disagreement of the seller or the manufacturer to show the necessary documentation or avoidance of the answer should cast doubt on the quality and durability of the material.

choose linen slabs Linen slabs can be gray with a tint of green or brown. It is advisable to view a photo of this insulation before going shopping, because unscrupulous manufacturers may not sell the highest quality product that will give itself out in color, and the fact that the material is not yet very popular on the market plays into their hands. In addition, it is important to pay attention to the structure of the material: it should not crumble and be too soft.

Flax is a low-flammable material, and if the manufacturing technology is observed, the plates can normally tolerate a temperature of 160 degrees. To be completely sure of the quality of the material, you can conduct a similar experiment.

choose linen slabs Also pay attention to the peculiarities of storing linen slabs. The packaging should be solid, and the properties of the material to withstand the effects of ultraviolet light and humidity do not mean that it is better to store it outdoors – it is optimal if the plates are under a canopy and are not affected by constant changes in humidity and temperature.

Another important indicator is consumer reviews. It is by them that one can judge which manufacturer’s linen plates are in the highest demand and have optimal performance. Considering this, it is better to purchase insulation from a well-known and reputable manufacturer: let it cost a little more, but you will get confidence that all the declared properties of flax will definitely work for you. In this context, it will not be superfluous to know which key companies figure in the modern linen board market.

Linen slab manufacturers

CJSC HORS Corporation

choose linen slabs The leader in the production of linen boards in Russia. The company has existed since 1993, and during this period it has become a real giant, becoming a breakthrough and the best innovator of the year. On her own, she grows flax on her plots of land, processes it and produces products. The company uses the most modern technologies and also boasts the final high quality. Among other products made from flax, flax slabs are also produced, which have become known under the Ekoteplin trademark. Production was launched in 2011 using German equipment and technologies that have no analogues in Russia. It uses natural linen raw materials, which are combined into a single plate with fire-fighting and bioprotective components. The company calls itself the only domestic manufacturer that does not use synthetic additives in its manufacture, thereby offering customers a truly environmentally friendly material. Control at all stages of production, from growing flax to the sale of slabs, allows us to offer customers only the highest quality and affordable products. Moreover, “Ecoteplin” linen slabs also have increased sound insulation properties, which allows you to create an optimal microclimate at home.

ecoteplinBut if “Ecoteplin” is a universal insulation, then the company’s assortment includes products that differ in a more specific field of use. Thus, RosEcoMat Stena slabs are optimal for thermal insulation of vertical surfaces, and RoEcoMat Roof – for roof thermal insulation. The company also offers customers “RosEcoMat Pol” and insulation “Izolna”. All materials are of consistently high quality.

LLC “Artemis”

val flaxA relatively new company that produces Val Flax thermal insulation boards. A distinctive quality of the company is compliance with all necessary technologies and the availability of all relevant certificates, incl. fire certificate, certificate of conformity and expert opinion. All this gives confidence that this linen insulation will become a reliable protection for the optimal microclimate of any room. Linen slabs contain 85% of flax, the remaining 15% is a thermo-bonding semi-synthetic material, which is usually used in the manufacture of pillows and blankets and does not pose any threat to health. To give the plates maximum refractory properties, the Tezagran composition is used, which in many respects surpasses similar compositions used in the production of linen plates, but at the same time has a high class of environmental safety.


IsolinaA Finnish company whose products are of the highest quality. The production facilities also include a research center, which is constantly working to improve the quality of products. The most modern technologies are used, and the requirements for the quality of finished products are among the most stringent in the world. The company has a representative office in Russia, so it will not be problematic for a domestic user to find linen stoves from this manufacturer. In addition, the company’s products are simply irreplaceable for the construction of houses from timber and logs. In addition, the assortment also includes linen insulators, which also meet all European quality standards. All materials of the company meet the requirements for environmental safety, and their service life is as long as possible.


Ukrainian company selling heat-insulating linen boards under the well-known trade mark “ZhivaIzol”. The products are widely represented in the Russian market and are in stable demand. The company treats the quality of the manufactured boards with care. Thus, flax is grown on our own fields, which makes it possible to control all parameters of raw materials for future products. It conducts its own research and studies new ways of making linen stoves so that their performance is the best. As a result, the company’s products can really boast of excellent characteristics, which explains the constantly increasing attention to it.

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