How to choose roller blinds for plastic windows

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To decorate a window, it is not at all necessary to use standard curtains, because there are many other interesting options. You should pay attention to roller blinds, which today are called universal, because they fit perfectly into any interior style, and they are in perfect harmony with modern plastic windows. Before heading to the store and Buy roller blinds, it is necessary to decide on their size, fastening method, type and color of fabric and other nuances. What needs to be considered in order to choose the ideal option?

Roller blinds design

The versatility of roller blinds lies in the fact that they combine the advantages of the usual fabric options and blinds. They create a cozy warm atmosphere, do not take up much space, they can simply be regulated, letting in more or less light into the room. Such a curtain is a piece of fabric of a certain size, which is attached to a roller: just pull the chain, and the curtain will begin to wind on the shaft, opening the window.

Depending on the design nuances, roller blinds can be:

  • open type. There is only a shaft and a lower guide, the control is as simple as possible;

  • closed type. In this case, a box is added to the roller and the lower guide, in which a roll of rolled fabric is hidden, as well as side guides, thanks to which the curtain most reliably closes the room from unwanted light and does not sag under the wind or when the window sash is tilted;

  • mini-curtains resemble open-type curtains, but are attached only to the window sash. This option is great for plastic windows, provides for installation without drilling, therefore it is used most often.
    Roller blind systems

Separately, it is worth noting the existence of curtains of the “lovolight” type, which differ in their huge size, are controlled by the motorization unit using the remote control. Day-night roller blinds are ideal when it is necessary to create lighting of different intensities at different times of the day. Such a curtain consists of two types of fabrics with different degrees of light transmission.

Size of roller blinds

Before deciding on the design, it is important to choose the right size of the curtain, which largely depends on the place of attachment:

  • if the window is located in a recess, then the width of the curtain should be 8-10 cm wider than the window opening, i.e. along the edges there should be allowances of 4-5 cm. The height is equal to the height of the window opening, plus 8-10 cm. When the curtain is maximally raised, the window should open completely;

  • if the window is located in the same plane with the wall, then you need to choose fasteners so that the curtain is at some distance from the wall, and the handle does not protrude. The width is 20 cm more than the width of the opening, the height is the same as in the previous version;

  • when installing a curtain on a window, its width should be equal to the width of the transparent part plus 3 cm.
    roller blinds 2

Fastening roller blinds

Roller blinds can be attached in two ways:

  • without drilling. This option is most suitable for plastic windows, because it is unnecessary to violate their integrity by mounting on the sash. In this case, double-sided tape is used, with which the brackets are attached to the window, a shaft with a curtain is inserted into them, then decorative elements are installed. All this is easy to do with your own hands;
    fastening roller blinds

  • with drilling. Self-tapping screws are used with which the brackets are attached to the surface of the wall, ceiling, and less often to the window frame. The fastening is more durable and reliable, but violates the integrity, it is not very suitable if you need to install curtains directly on the window.
    fastening roller blinds 2

Roller blinds color

Every detail in the interior is of great importance, and the color of the roller blinds can add mood to the room and hide its flaws. It is important to choose such a design of curtains so that they are in harmony with the interior both in color and pattern.

When choosing a color, consider the orientation of the room relative to the cardinal points. So, if the windows face south, then it is better to choose cold shades that compensate for the excess of sunlight and make the room visually cooler. Rooms with northern windows, on the other hand, need warm, bright colors. Do not forget that each color has a specific effect on the psyche and perception of the room:

  • white is considered universal and suitable for any room, especially for southern rooms, it can visually expand the space, and at the same time attracts a minimum of attention;
    roller blinds for plastic windows 6

  • beige has almost the same properties as white, is combined with any shades, is considered one of the most popular colors for roller blinds;

  • yellow brings a positive, energy atmosphere to the room, improves efficiency, adds brightness to dark rooms, is suitable for small rooms;

  • orange is suitable for northern and very dark rooms, distracts attention, is used for rooms with neutral colors, it is better not to use it in the bedroom;
    roller blinds for plastic windows

  • the pink color creates a romantic and dreamy atmosphere. Goes well with light pastel shades;

  • green color has the ability to energize, inspire, therefore, such curtains are good to use in the living room, in the kitchen, in the study and in the nursery;

  • blue color adjusts to rest more, has a calming effect, brings into the room an atmosphere of lightness and carelessness. Such curtains are suitable for bedrooms and children’s rooms;
    roller blinds for plastic windows 3

  • brown color is able to ennoble any interior, it brings a feeling of tranquility and stability, suitable for all types of premises;

  • black, the color of mystery and sophistication, is rarely used, but, with the right combination, it is capable of introducing elements of mystery and intimacy into the interior.

Some imperfections in space can also be corrected with color and pattern. You can visually expand the space of a small room using curtains of light shades. Curtains with a vertical strip can visually make the ceilings slightly higher.

When choosing the color of roller blinds, you should pay attention to its combination with other elements of the room: furniture, wallpaper, textiles. It is worth considering not only the color, but also the pattern so as not to overload the space with different ornaments. To get a harmonious and tasteful space as a result, you should follow these rules:

  • if the wallpaper is plain, then the curtains can have an ornament or pattern to make the interior more interesting and become its center;

  • if there is a pattern on the wallpaper, it is better to choose one-color roller blinds;
    roller blinds for plastic windows 2

  • an interesting effect can be achieved if the curtains are made of the same fabric as the textiles in the room, for example, a tablecloth or bedspread. This is an easy way to make a room stylish and tasteful;
  • you can combine the color of curtains and walls according to the rule of the color wheel, according to which shades close to each other, for example, blue and blue, as well as adjacent colors in the palette, for example, green and blue, perfectly harmonize. Contrasting colors located opposite each other are also combined: yellow and blue, purple and green.
    roller blinds for plastic windows 5

If it is difficult to choose a harmonious combination, then white and beige colors are always suitable. Another golden rule from designers: if you find it difficult to combine colors, then the curtains are selected in the same color as the walls, but a couple of shades lighter or darker. When two types of wallpaper are used in the room, which is becoming more and more popular, it is better to choose curtains for one of them. You need to remember one more important rule: you can combine only warm shades with warm, and cold with cold.

Density of fabric

Since curtains, in particular roller blinds, have not only a decorative role, but also a sunscreen, when choosing them, attention should be paid to density. Depending on the type of room and its purpose, different requirements are put forward for the fabric. So, if this is a kitchen, then the curtains can be made of the most transparent fabric, so that even when fully closed, they let light through, but at the same time hide the room from the eyes of strangers.
roller blinds for plastic windows 4

For bedrooms, it is better to choose the thickest curtains as possible to ensure a comfortable stay at any time of the day. Day-night roller blinds are perfect for such premises. For children’s rooms, you can choose medium-weight curtains, and for living rooms where a home theater is installed, the thickest curtains are suitable to avoid glare when viewing.

In conclusion

Roller blinds are a great decoration and addition to plastic windows. Their versatility lies in the fact that they fit into any type of interior, can be used for windows of any size, differ in a variety of fastening methods, type and color of fabric, they are compact and easy to use. To make roller blinds really a highlight of the interior, their choice should be given attention. This is a simple and creative process.

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