How to choose curtains for wallpaper: color, pattern, texture

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If you want to quickly and inexpensively update the interior of the room, then you just need to change the wallpaper and curtains. Sometimes even changing the curtains radically changes the look of the room, but the main thing in this matter is to choose the right color, pattern, model of curtains for the wallpaper, in order to ultimately get a harmonious interior. When choosing curtains, you need to take into account a lot of factors, from the color scheme of the room to the interior style.

When choosing new curtains, many designers recommend starting from the color of the wallpaper – this is the easiest and at the same time the best way to choose the right option so that the room looks stylish, cozy and beautiful. But not everything is so simple, and sometimes it is not enough just to choose curtains in the color of the wallpaper – there are some nuances and secrets that are important to know before going to the store.

Choosing a curtain color to match the color of the wallpaper

If the wallpaper has already been bought and pasted over, or it has been decorating the walls for several years, and it is necessary to choose the right color for the curtains, then it is recommended to follow several rules. So, take a piece of wallpaper and go with it to the store, and then follow one of the instructions below:

  • monochromatic room the easiest option is to choose curtains in the same color as the wallpaper, but a few shades lighter or darker. If the room is dark and needs to be lightened a little, then it is a few tones lighter, if, on the contrary, you need to achieve the effect of muffling and comfort, then a few tones are darker;

  • when two types of wallpaper are used in the room, then the curtains can be matched to one of them: by color, pattern, etc. But in this case, the main thing is not to overdo it and not make the room overloaded with details, patterns and different colors;
  • a win-win for any wallpaper color – white, milky, sandy curtains. If you find it difficult to choose the right color or pattern, then just pay attention to the plain light curtains that fit well in almost any interior and have not gone out of fashion for many years;

  • curtains under green wallpaper do not forget about contrasts, which often look very interesting. The color wheel or nature itself can help determine the choice of contrasting colors. So, around us, the yellow color of the sand and the blue color of the sea, the light green color of foliage and the pink color of roses, chrysanthemums, etc. are perfectly combined with each other. If the wallpaper in the room is very light and smooth, then bright curtains can dilute them, which will become a highlight of any interior. By the way, bright juicy shades of curtains can not only diversify the interior, but also help correct some of its shortcomings, namely, visually bring the wall with a window closer to the center of the room. If you need the opposite effect, then it is better to choose calm cold shades;

  • it is important to observe the golden rule when choosing curtains for wallpaper: if the wallpaper is of warm shades, then the curtains must be made in warm colors, and these can also be contrasting colors;
  • if you choose a multi-layer curtain design, in which different fabrics and patterns are combined, then one of the elements must be combined with the wallpaper in the room, and all other structural elements should be selected already for it.

curtains for light wallpaperWhatever the wallpaper in the room, it is also important to take into account the size of the room, as well as the level of natural light.
If the room is large and spacious, then curtains in rich shades will come in handy – they will make it more cozy and comfortable for living.
In a small room, it is undesirable to use dark curtains and large drawings, but if you do not want to buy plain light curtains, then you can pay attention to the options with a cheerful colorful pattern.

The room, which faces north, cannot in any way be complemented by dark cold curtains, which will make the space even more gloomy and dull. But blue, green, gray shades will perfectly fit into the interior of bright southern rooms, where you want to bring a drop of coolness in the summer.

By the way, the color of the curtains can correct the shape of the room. Designers have long been using a clever trick: cold shades of curtains can visually push the boundaries of the room and make the window a little further, which means that the room will seem a little larger – a good option for small spaces. The situation is opposite with warm shades.

There are times when the curtains have already been purchased and you need to choose a wallpaper specifically for them. Maybe you were in a store and you really liked a particular model of curtains that you wanted to buy them immediately. Or you just want to leave the old curtains in place and just re-glue the wallpaper. In any case, now you have to act from the opposite, and select the wallpaper for the curtains. You can be guided by the following rules:

  • choose curtains for wallpaper choose a wallpaper in the color of the curtains – just like in the case of curtains: a few tones lighter or darker;

  • you can use the “theory” of complementary color pairs. So, designers declare that purple and yellow, green and red, blue and orange, etc. are well combined. Such a bold bright combination will look good in living rooms, children’s rooms, offices, but for a bedroom and kitchen it is better to prefer quieter combinations;
  • if the curtains are made of glittering fabric, then it is difficult to find suitable wallpapers. It is best to take a fabric sample with you to the store or opt for the lightest neutral shades of curtains;
  • if there is a large pattern on the curtains, then the color of the wallpaper is matched to one of the colors used on the curtains.

These are just the basic rules, but sometimes the curtains chosen in spite of all the instructions given fit perfectly into the existing interior. But for this you need to have an ideal sense of style and taste, or call a designer for help.

And finally, here are some practical tips for matching the color of curtains to the color of the wallpaper in order to get a stylish, fresh and unusual interior:

  • curtains under green wallpaper blue, light blue, white, light brown curtains are well suited to green wallpaper, as well as almost all shades of green: olive, turquoise, marsh, the color of young grass, etc.;

  • you can choose white, green, brown, purple and lilac curtains for yellow wallpaper;
  • You can make a room fashionable and youthful by means of bright combinations, for example, combine mint wallpaper and pink curtains, purple wallpaper and lemon or orange curtains.

If you followed the rules when choosing the color of the curtains, but the result still does not suit you a little, then you can use a little trick and dilute the resulting combination with some kind of accessory. So, for example, white walls and blue curtains are a beautiful stylish option, but too cold, which can be made a little warmer with the help of grabs, rugs, etc.

color circle

Selecting a pattern

curtains for wallpaper with large patternOf course, light monochromatic curtains are always appropriate, this is a kind of classic that never goes out of fashion. This option fits into any interior, especially a classic one, but still sometimes you want to diversify your room with funny unusual curtains with bright colors and an interesting pattern. In this case, the main thing is to be very careful with the choice so that the room remains stylish and not oversaturated with all kinds of drawings and patterns.

The main thing to remember is that against the background of wallpaper with a noticeable large pattern, curtains with bright ornaments are inappropriate. But if you have a very small and barely noticeable pattern on the walls, then it is quite possible to use non-colored curtains. In general, curtains with a large bright pattern are also appropriate in a fairly large room, or at least in a room made in light shades: white, sand, peach light tones of blue, green, pink, etc.

As an exception, you can use a large pattern on the curtains in those rooms where the same pattern is used as part of the wall decoration or similar accents are placed in other elements of the room. For example, one of the walls is decorated with some kind of large floral ornament, then the curtains can be made in exactly the same style: it can be Roman curtains or curtains that will be combined with plain curtains.

curtains to match the wallpaperDrawing on curtains is a great option for those rooms that are decorated in two colors. For example, if you use milky wallpaper, and one of the walls is highlighted in coffee color, then both of these colors can be combined in the curtains in the form of a pattern.

The strip is also a rather demanding element. Striped curtains are very difficult to fit into a room with dark wallpaper or where many other patterns are already used. But the horizontal strip will help you slightly increase the space of the room, and the vertical strip will visually raise the height of the ceilings.

If you want to use glitter on curtains that will mimic metal, then the decor should have support among other elements in the room.

Curtains with geometric patterns are best combined with plain wallpaper. Of course, it is quite possible to use wallpaper with geometric patterns, and not necessarily with exactly the same one as on the curtains, but when combining these patterns, you need to be very careful not to turn the room into tasteless.

Style selection

green curtains Each individual style of the interior has its own requirements for the design of the premises, incl. walls, which determines the choice of curtains. So, let’s consider the ideal combinations of wallpaper and curtains in different interior styles.

Calm restrained interiors suggest the use of plain wallpaper and the same curtains. Multilayer designs, consisting of a curtain, a lambrequin and sometimes a curtain, fit more into the romantic style.

curtains for light wallpaperHigh-tech is inconceivable without the shine of metal and a monochrome interior, therefore, roller blinds of restrained shades will most of all fit here: black, white, brown, gray. Modern also tends to monochrome combinations, so black and white curtains will be appropriate in most cases. Minimalism, Japanese style prefer the use of natural fabrics and colors, so curtains of neutral natural shades, mostly monochromatic, fit perfectly here.

But the art deco style involves the use of bright colors, contrasting combinations. That is why you can safely pick up bright curtains that differ in color from the wallpaper. Luxurious rich interiors should be complemented by the same curtains, which can be complemented by metallic threads, gold embroidery, etc.

Texture selection

violet curtains under light wallpaperWith the color, pattern and style selected, it’s time to choose the texture and density of the fabric. In this matter, you also need to build on the selected wallpaper: the denser the wallpaper is selected, the denser the curtain fabric should be.

For heavy vinyl, textile wallpaper, the same massive and heavy curtains are well suited: thick curtains and lambrequins. If thin paper wallpaper is used, then you can safely use translucent curtains, numerous light openwork draperies, assemblies, etc. – everything in order to make the room light and airy. This is more of a recommendation than a rule, but this way you can make the interior more harmonious, although there are many exceptions in which the room will look no less stylish.

Room type

bright striped curtainsAlthough the general principles for selecting curtains for wallpaper remain the same, each room has its own nuances:

  • in the living room, the simplest option is to use curtains in several tones that differ from the color of the walls. But if this option seems too commonplace, then you can decorate the room with curtains of neutral shades, bright patterns, etc. It’s good if some textiles in the living room will repeat the pattern of curtains;

  • in the kitchen, if wallpaper is used, then it is as light and neutral as possible. Bright curtains with a thematic pattern and patterns fit perfectly into such an environment. Checkered, stripe, polka dots, floral patterns, etc. look good here, but be careful with dark shades;

  • curtains to match the wallpaperit is better to use traditional calm combinations of one tonality in the bedroom, and even if you play in contrast, then these should be calm muted colors. For example, golden shades with turquoise, pastel with brown will look good;

  • children’s room requires light, but blackout curtains. They can depict the heroes of children’s fairy tales and cartoons, if the walls are made in calm colors, but if there are already drawings on the wallpaper, then the curtains should be neutral.


Choosing curtains for wallpaper is not an easy task, but it can be done quite easily if you follow simple rules. You can go the easiest way and choose light curtains – a classic that fits into any interior, or you can give free rein to imagination and try yourself as a designer to make something bright, unusual and memorable out of the room.

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