How to choose a towel rack or towel rack?

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Nowadays, the towel holder has completely replaced the towel drying rope from everyday life. This happened due to the fact that modern hangers are distinguished by a variety of designs that allow you to harmoniously fit this accessory into any interior. Before choosing a towel holder, be sure to familiarize yourself with its varieties. It is very important that the towel holder meets exactly your needs and requirements: it is convenient, reliable, harmoniously fits into the interior of the room and, of course, matches the budget.

So where to start with this difficult choice?

Classification of towel rails

We could not find any generally accepted classification of towel racks, for this reason we will try to structure the information ourselves, using several criteria for classification.

According to the material of manufacture, towel holders are:

  • plastic;
  • metal;
  • wooden.

By functional purpose:

  • simple holders or hangers;
  • heated towel rails: water and electric.

Depending on the mount:

  • with open mount;
  • with closed mount;
  • with attachment with suction cups.

By installation method:

  • wall-mounted;
  • outdoor;
  • on the sink.

Towel fixation type:

  • holders in the form of hooks or hangers with hooks;
  • tubular;
  • with swivel mechanism;
  • in the form of rings, half rings or rectangular frames;
  • holder with shelf.

Materials for towel rails

When choosing a towel holder, be sure to pay attention to the material from which it is made. This directly affects its service life. Most often, towel holders are made of plastic, iron, or a combination of both, but there are also wooden ones. What to choose for?

  • For wet rooms (bathroom, pool or sauna). It is important that the towel holder is made of stainless materials. In the case of wooden models, the type of wood must also be taken into account. Moisture resistant wood includes: conifers (pine, spruce), mahogany and ironwood, larch, cedar.

  • Plastic. When buying plastic products, remember that they are cheaper, but short-lived and less aesthetic.

  • Metal. If you choose durable metal products, you should pay attention to products made of stainless steel or non-ferrous metals (copper, brass, aluminum). Painted or laminated ferrous products are susceptible to corrosion if the protective coating is damaged. Often, coatings for metal products leave a lot to be desired. In this case, we can only rely on the reputation of the manufacturer.


You also need to consider what function the towel holder will perform: only holding the towels, or high-quality drying of the towels is also important for you. Towels, for example, cannot dry completely on hooks, so you have to additionally use towel dryers or batteries. If you want to combine these two functions, either a towel rack or a heated towel rail is perfect.

Towel dryer

We will not dwell on this type of towel rails-dryers in detail, you can familiarize yourself with the features of their choice in our article.

Ways to Attach Towel Holders

In total, there are three ways of attaching towel rails: open, hidden and Velcro or suction cup.

  • Velcro and suction cup are not a very good way of attaching hangers. This type of fastening is only able to withstand a light structure. Basically, these are plastic hooks for one towel. In addition, Velcro has the ability to leave unsightly marks on the surface that are difficult to remove.

  • the open method of fastening is a hole in the hanger, through which a self-tapping screw is installed to fasten it, the method is the simplest and most reliable. To do this, you need to attach the hanger to the wall, mark the holes, drill them and insert the plastic plugs. Then attach the hanger and screw the self-tapping screw. This attachment method is used for conventional hooks and hangers.

  • Concealed fasteners are the most advanced and neat type of fastening for towel rails. It is characterized by the fact that the so-called embedded part is used, which is attached to the surface in a standard open way, then the hanger itself is put on it and covered with a small beautiful decorative element.

Installation method and room features

First you need to decide which room you need a towel holder in. These are rooms where towels should be at hand: bathroom, kitchen, sauna, pool, well, or a balcony, maybe even a veranda. Depending on the size of the room, we can determine the size, type of location of the towel holder, design, material and method of fastening.

Floor models

In a large spacious room, you can afford a floor towel holder. It is very easy to use. Most often, they have additional shelves for clean towels, or various bathroom accessories. But the placement of such hangers will be impractical in small rooms, since they take up a very large space.

Floor hangers have their advantages:

  • it is a mobile piece of furniture. It can be moved from place to place an unlimited number of times;
  • during installation, you do not have to drill the walls and spoil their coating, and its assembly takes several minutes.

Wall models

Such holders are attached to a flat surface of a wall or door at any level using horizontal fastening. Wall-mounted models take up little space, so they allow you to efficiently use the space of small rooms.

Wall holders have different designs: hooks, rings, half rings, tubular strips, turntables, etc. We will consider more details below.

On the sink

A very convenient solution for the kitchen and bathroom is a towel holder for the sink, since most often the need for a towel arises near the water tap. These towel racks are often attached either to the sink itself or to the cabinet under the sink, so towels are always at hand when needed. In addition, a roll of cling film, foil or parchment paper can be attached to such a holder, which will save space and keep the kitchen tidy.
It is imperative to decide how many and what size towels we need to place. If multiple towels need to be placed, a single towel rack will not work. In this case, you need to use either a group of single hangers made in the same style, or use a model for several towels. If the space of the room allows, you can take the floor version with two or more holders.


Of great importance when choosing a towel holder is its location in the room. Its dimensions and fastening also depend on this. To ensure that towels are always at hand, the towel rack should always be located close to the sink, bathtub or shower. Once in the room, think about where you most often use towels and at what level it will be more convenient for you to take them. Mark for yourself what size and style it should be, and you can start choosing the type of this interesting accessory.

Towel fix type

All towel rails are divided into two types, depending on the installation method. These are floor and wall.

The most popular models are wall-mounted. They are versatile, rather compact in size, so they are suitable for a room of any size, and such products can be of different designs and from a wide variety of materials, which allows you to fit this accessory into any interior. It is very convenient that the wall surface is usually free, so the towel holder can be installed exactly where it will be necessary and convenient. Wall hangers are divided into hooks, rings and half rings, tubular bars and turntables, and electric dryers. In order to determine the type of wall-mounted towel holder, we will consider each of them separately.


The hook is the simplest and most common type of towel holder. They are very easy to use, lightweight and versatile to mount. The hooks are easily attached using self-tapping screws, as well as Velcro and suction cups, if the wall surface allows it. True, this mounting option can withstand the smallest and lightest towel. Hooks are made in various shapes and from a wide variety of materials, which makes it easy to choose a hook for the most diverse interior. Another significant advantage of crochet hooks is the favorable price.

With all this, there is one significant drawback: insufficient drying of towels. This must be taken into account when choosing a towel holder.

Rings and half rings

This type of holders is compact. They can be of any shape (oval, triangular, round, half rings, beveled semicircle), from various materials and with various decorations. They are also referred to as decorative elements. Such a towel holder can be easily matched to the interior of the room.

They are also safer as they have no sharp corners or protrusions. You should pay attention to this if there are children in the family.

Due to the variety of their configurations, you can choose rings for different types of towels. You can find a ring size that will dry the towel quickly.

It is advisable to hang no more than two small towels on such holders, and if this is a bath towel, then certainly one. Otherwise, the towels will be crumpled and will not dry out until next use. The cost of such pendants varies depending on their size and materials.

Tubular beams

Tubular bars are more efficient towel racks for drying. They are single-row and multi-row. This type of towel holder takes up a little more space, but they allow you to dry towels much faster and more thoroughly. This is ensured by their design. The rungs are arranged according to the principle of a ladder, but each next one is at a different distance from the wall, which allows the towels not to touch and to be well ventilated. When buying such a hanger, you must consider the number of towels used.

Towel rack spinner

Turntables are very similar in design to tubular beams. Several crossbars are attached to one base, but unlike stationary ones, in a spinner the crossbars can be moved apart and thereby ensure thorough airing of the towels and, accordingly, their quick drying.

Another advantage over tubular beams is that when the dryer is free, you can slide all the holders against the wall and free up space.

Towel racks with shelf

Such a piece of furniture is either tubular with a shelf, or in the form of hooks with a shelf. Its advantage is that extra clean towels or shower accessories can be placed on the shelf.

Towel racks in the interior

How to choose this accessory to match the style of your room interior? There are several guidelines:

  • if the room is made in a classic style, metal towel rails made of brass or bronze will look great;
  • for country style, wooden hangers are suitable. In this case, be sure to pay attention to their processing;
  • modern styles such as hi-tech accept simplicity of lines and materials. Simple chrome accessories are an excellent choice.

  • bright and non-standard products will come in handy for various creative styles.

In conclusion, I would like to add that the high competition of manufacturers makes them constantly improve the design of towel rails, change products and come up with various modifications. Sometimes it is almost impossible to refuse to purchase them. But it is necessary to remember well why you are buying this product and then you will acquire a really useful and suitable high-quality item that will serve you for many years and delight you and your loved ones with its beauty.

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