How to choose a sofa bed for daily sleep and guest

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The sofa bed is one of the most popular interior details in many apartments. It can serve as a sleeping place, and a place for gatherings, and become an additional space for storing things. But in order to choose the right sofa bed, you need to pay attention to several details, which will be discussed in our article.

For what purposes will the sofa bed be used

Sofa bedTo begin with, you need to clearly imagine where the sofa will stand and what functions it will perform: either it will be located in the living room, it will be constantly used by the owners as a place to sit and only occasionally disassembled as a sleeping place for guests, or it will be regularly used as a place for daily sleep.

In the first case, the requirements for the folding mechanism are minimal, but for the filler they are huge, since the sofa will have to constantly withstand solid loads.

The sofa, which will mainly play the role of a bed and serve as a place for daily sleep, should be conveniently laid out – this is the most important and basic parameter. If you see that significant efforts are needed to transform the product, or the procedure itself is not very convenient and time-consuming, then it is better to abandon such a model, even despite the assurances of the sellers in the store that over time the transformation mechanism will develop. You need to remember all the time that you will repeat the folding and unfolding steps twice a day. The reliability and durability of the mechanism itself become the most important parameters here, since some sofas that are not designed for daily folding, with regular such loads, can fail in 1.5-2 years, just at the moment when the warranty ends.

Frame materials for sofa bed

Solid beech sofa bedIf the sofa is chosen in order to regularly transform it into a sleeping place, then it should be as comfortable as possible in both folded and unfolded positions. You can and even need to check this in the store, sitting and lying on the model you like. You also need to pay attention to the features of the frame, which can be made from:

  • oak, beech or birch – this is the best option,

  • or from multilayer plywood – a cheaper option, but not much losing in quality.
  • But a frame made of MDF or chipboard is unlikely to be able to serve faithfully for at least a dozen years: it is better to discard such an option altogether, or consider it only as a guest.

Ideally, the frame should consist of slightly upwardly curved wooden planks that run across the berths. This configuration provides a light springiness and good orthopedic effect, which is especially important when using the sofa for sleeping.

What is the best filler for a sofa bed?

For whatever purposes a sofa bed is chosen, we are still interested in the quality of the filler most of all, since it depends on it how the sofa will hold its shape and how long it will last.
So, many recommend choosing natural materials, such as felt, batting, latex, since they do not deteriorate, and, therefore, with them there are more chances for long-term operation.
Synthetic materials include foam rubber, polyurethane and polyurethane foam, which significantly reduce the price of the entire product.
Independent spring units for sofasIn any case, pay attention to the density of the filler, and it is better to give preference to polyurethane foam, latex and spring blocks, but the foam rubber will not be able to maintain its original shape for a long time in conditions of active use. So do not forget to ask the consultant in the store about the quality of the frame and filler in the sofa.

Sleeping sofa transformation mechanism

All sofas can be divided into two categories: those that form a berth parallel to the backrest, and perpendicular to it.

  • In the first case, the sofa looks long enough and accommodates a lot of seating, but the width of the berth is not very large. Such sofas are characterized by the transformation mechanism “book”, “euro-book”, “dolphin” and “click-clack”.
  • The second mechanism has ample sleeping space, but there is not enough space for sitting in it. These models include roll-out sofas, folding sofas and accordion sofas.

You need to choose the appropriate option, taking into account a number of parameters: the main purposes of using the sofa, its location in the room, etc. After all, it will not be good if, in a disassembled state, it will abut against other interior items, forcing you to perform acrobatic numbers every time in order to be in your place.

Sofa bed with transformation mechanism "Book"Now the most popular are sofas with a “book” folding mechanism. Everything is simple and convenient here: the seat rises a little, and then moves forward, thereby opening up a storage space, on which the backrest is lowered. As a result, a spacious sleeping place is formed, and a minimum of time is spent. The click-clack mechanism is an improved version of the sofa-book. Here, in addition to the position of the sofa and bed, there is also the ability to fix the back at an angle. Both of these mechanisms are suitable for regular transformation.

Sofa bed with roll-out type transformation mechanismRoll-out sofas can also be regularly used for sleeping: here some part of the bed is hidden under the seat, and if necessary, it moves out. At the same time, the difference in height is compensated by pillows – a good option, but not the most comfortable one. There are a number of folding sofa sofas with slightly different folding mechanisms: such products are more related to guests, since it takes a lot of time to prepare a berth, and linen boxes are often absent in it.

Many modern sofas can surprise you with an additional set of options: for example, there are models that solve the problem of constantly changing linen. In them, bed linen is attached to the mattress with the help of special clips, then all this can be rolled up and folded inside the sofa, and then expanded as soon as possible.

Modular sofas also appeared, which consist of several blocks that are not fixed to each other. That is why they can be swapped and rearranged as many times as you like, getting almost any design. This diversity even compensates for the lack of storage space.

Attention to the manufacturer

If you choose a sofa bed designed for daily sleep, then pay attention to domestic models, since foreign sofas are mainly of the guest type, which, in most cases, are equipped with transformation mechanisms that are not intended for daily folding. The only exceptions are those specially developed for our market. But anyway, in any case, you need to ask the seller again or look at the data sheet to make sure whether the sofa is designed for constant sleep.

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