Glowing wallpaper: selection and gluing

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Wallpaper familiar to all of us, through the efforts of inventive manufacturers, is taking on new and new forms. Not so long ago, glowing wallpapers appeared on the market and immediately attracted attention. Their name already suggests the main feature of the material: in daylight, these wallpapers are not much different from paper or vinyl counterparts, but in the evening they begin to emit soft pleasant light, creating a cozy atmosphere. The assortment of luminous wallpapers is growing every day, so before buying them it doesn’t hurt to figure out how to choose them, and then stick them.

Main advantages and disadvantages

Glowing wallpapers have a number of advantages, thanks to which the demand for them is constantly growing:

  • Glowing wallpaperexcellent decorative qualities are the main and most important plus of such a finish;

  • fire safety. During the manufacturing process, the coating is treated with special primers that prevent ignition and flame spread;

  • high wear resistance. Most often, for the manufacture of material, a non-woven polymer base is used, which perfectly resists mechanical damage. The paper base is not as durable, it is used much less often for making luminous wallpapers;

  • antistatic and moisture resistant. The surface of the wallpaper can even be cleaned with a damp cloth, of course, if we are talking about a non-woven material.

Among the minuses, you can only name the price. It is not cosmic, but higher than, for example, acrylic or vinyl wallpaper.

Types of glowing wallpaper

All luminous wallpapers can be divided into two types depending on the production characteristics:

  • luminescent;
  • fluorescent.

Luminescent wallpaper

glowing wallpaper 2For the manufacture of such wallpaper, phosphor paint is used, which includes phosphorus. Particles of matter accumulate energy during the day and release it in the evening, which is accompanied by a pleasant dim glow, which, as a rule, has a shade from green and blue to orange and yellow. Manufacturers declare that such paint is completely safe for human health, but this type of wallpaper can be found less and less on the market.

If you wish, you can create glowing wallpaper with your own hands, and take non-woven wallpaper for painting as a basis. This requires special paint, appropriate stencils and a little imagination.

Fluorescent wallpaper

glowing wallpaper 3Such wallpapers are made by multi-printing patterning on a polyester-based nonwoven fabric. Dyes and fluorescent powder, with the help of which the image is formed, are absolutely safe for health. It turns out that during the day, fluorescent wallpapers look like ordinary ones, and when the lighting conditions change and depending on the presence of the appropriate backlight, a beautiful three-dimensional glowing pattern begins to appear.

glowing wallpaper 4When evening comes, the pattern on such wallpaper gets slightly luminous contours, but the pattern is fully revealed in the dark when special fluorescent BLB lamps are operating. They differ from ordinary ones by the presence of a black coating on the inside. Of course, the fact that fluorescent wallpapers require the use of additional elements is a disadvantage, but this disadvantage is insignificant, since in the end it is possible to achieve an incredible effect. The pattern on the wallpaper looks three-dimensional and can easily become a highlight of the interior. Lamps are recommended to be installed no closer than 1 m to the corner of the room.

glowing wallpaper 5Glowing wallpaper, of whatever type they may be, is recommended to be used only in sufficiently spacious rooms, or to decorate with their help only one wall or part of it. Otherwise, it will be impossible to fully enjoy the glow of the wallpaper, and the light from them will be too bright and irritating. Luminous wallpapers are often used in entertainment establishments: nightclubs, cafes and restaurants. In living quarters, such decoration is widely used: from bedrooms and living rooms to children’s rooms.

LED wallpaper

glowing wallpaper 6The first mention of LED wallpaper appeared in 2006. Today, this material is more of a promising development, but since it can also emit light, it is worth mentioning. The peculiarity of this material lies in the use of LED chips that are integrated into the base material. Thanks to them, the landscapes and drawings depicted on the wallpaper come to life and, moreover, become an additional source of lighting. After the appearance of this technology, many large wallpaper manufacturers became interested in it and predict its widespread use in the future, but for now LED wallpapers remain very expensive and cannot be found on sale.

Glowing wallpaper format

Today, glowing wallpapers are available on the market in several formats so that they can be used in rooms of any size and for a wide variety of interior design ideas. So, glowing wallpapers can be found in the following forms:

  • single drawing. In terms of size, such wallpapers, rather, resemble a large picture and are suitable for small rooms, either for zoning a space or highlighting individual sections of a room. So the pictures can have different sizes, the common format is 1.2 * 1.46 m;

  • glowing wallpaperroll wallpaper. They correspond in size to other types of wallpaper, as a rule, they use a repeating abstract or geometric pattern that does not require adjustment. Such wallpapers are often used for installation on only one wall, but often all walls in the room are decorated with this material;

  • genre wallpapers are distinguished by the presence of a pattern with a specific plot. Such material is used not only to organize the space of the walls, but also for the ceiling;

  • panoramic wallpaper is a material with an even larger and often fancy pattern. This finish is only suitable for spacious rooms where you can see all the beauty of the wallpaper. The size of panoramic wallpaper can reach 3 * 5 m and more.

Often, glowing 3D wallpapers are singled out in a separate group, which delight them with a three-dimensional pattern even during the day, and in the evening under certain lighting conditions they become even more realistic due to the glow.

Sticking glowing wallpaper

glowing wallpaper 8Installing glowing wallpaper is not much more difficult than installing any other wallpaper. It all starts with the preparation of the base, and this stage should be given maximum attention, because the finished result will depend on the surface of the wall. First of all, you need to remove the old coating. To facilitate dismantling, old wallpaper can be slightly wetted, and the paint can be treated with special solvents. Next, you need to carefully level the surface, getting rid of all irregularities, followed by the priming process of the base to increase adhesion.

Cutting out for some luminous wallpapers is not necessary, as they are already cut into ready-made strips, which should only be correctly placed on the wall. In this case, installation is much like gluing photo wallpaper. If we are talking about rolled luminous wallpaper, then cutting is performed before gluing. To do this, you need to know the height of the ceiling and, for accuracy, measure it at several points in the room. It is better to add 2-3 cm to the obtained value and start cutting the canvases of a certain length. If the pattern needs to be combined, then the manufacturer on the packaging, as a rule, indicates the allowance necessary for the correct joining of the wallpaper.

glowing wallpaper 9For luminous wallpaper, glue designed for vinyl wallpaper, and even PVA, is quite suitable. It is necessary to prepare the composition as it is written on the package. As a rule, the adhesive composition is applied to the wall, where a pre-prepared wallpaper sheet is applied, unless otherwise indicated in the installation instructions. It is better to glue a strip of wallpaper from top to bottom, gently smoothing it with a roller from the center to the edges. Glowing wallpaper is glued back to back.

Be careful not to overdo the glue application, as after smoothing with a roller, excess glue may end up on the face of the material. Even if they are removed in a timely manner, these places may be visible under the light of the lamps, so you need to act with extreme caution.

glowing wallpaper 10To facilitate the installation process, you can make wall markings. From the corner of the room or from a certain point from which the glowing wallpaper will be mounted, a distance equal to the width of the canvas is set aside. A strictly vertical line is drawn at this point using a level. You can draw such lines along the entire space of the wall, where the wallpaper will be glued, in order to carry out the installation strictly along them. This simple preparation will ensure maximum evenness when gluing wallpaper. After the wallpaper is glued, there should be no drafts in the room during the day. It is convenient to cut off the excess wallpaper from the top and bottom with a spatula and a knife.

glowing wallpaper 11If you have opted for fluorescent wallpaper, now is the time to install special BLB lamps. Their number directly depends on what area the wallpaper occupies: one such lamp is used for 3 m2 of glowing wallpaper. If you decide to decorate both the walls and the ceiling with glowing wallpaper, then the calculation of the number of lamps required is a little different: for this you need to divide the floor surface area by three – the result obtained will correspond to the number of lamps required.

In conclusion

Glowing wallpaper is an unusual and fairly simple decoration for a room, which will become its real highlight. You can use such a finish in virtually any room, decorate all walls or just individual parts with such wallpaper – the scope for imagination is huge. It is advisable to choose a calm drawing so that it does not irritate the eyes.

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