Garage furniture: 8 tips for choosing

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It is customary to call a garage a place where a car is stored, but contrary to the well-known definition, a garage is very rarely used purely as a parking place for a car. Many are accustomed to storing there a stock of tools and various automotive chemicals, someone uses them to store preserves, vegetables, as well as necessary and not very necessary things that did not find a place at home. Men with hands also use the garage as a workshop. Depending on the functionality of this room, as well as on its size, it is necessary to purchase the appropriate furniture for the garage. So what kind of furniture is needed, and what should it be?

Requirements for furniture in the garage

Often, the garage also plays the role of a kind of storage room, where things that seem to be no longer needed on the farm go to live out their days, but it’s a pity to throw them away. If we consider that often next to them lie really necessary tools of various kinds (sometimes in huge quantities), cans are stored, sacks of potatoes are lying around, jars with twists for the winter are in a pyramid, then one can imagine what chaos is going on in the garage. A car would fit!

The interior of the garage must be neat and ergonomic. If you organize the storage system correctly, then you yourself will be surprised how much everything can fit in the garage, and how easy it will be to find the right item. In addition, it should be borne in mind that a garage is a specific room, with frequent temperature changes, probably with high humidity, it is often dirty in it, and mechanical damage is possible. All this leaves an imprint on the choice of garage furniture. Therefore, it must meet the following requirements:

  • reliability, strength, resistance to mechanical damage;
  • resistance to chemicals;
  • ease of maintenance, since dust and dirt in the garage is natural, the furniture should simply be cleaned, while maintaining its previous appearance and performance;
  • resistance to temperature extremes;
  • fire resistance.

Alas, there is no ideal material for making garage furniture. A tree, for example, is strong, but it is afraid of humidity and temperature extremes, and even burns easily. Plastic is lightweight, is not afraid of temperature extremes, mold, corrosion, but cannot withstand high loads. Metal is most suitable, but it is heavy and afraid of corrosion. The last drawback can be leveled if you take furniture made of stainless or galvanized steel.

Garage layout

When choosing furniture for a bedroom or living room, many of us take a paper with a pencil and begin to sketch a diagram of its arrangement. Some even use special programs. But not everyone does this when choosing furniture for a garage. But in vain! If you don’t think about everything carefully in advance, then it may turn out that there is a minimum of free space in the garage, it is inconvenient to move around, not to mention tinkering with something.

The experience of others’ mistakes has shown that before wandering through real or virtual stores in search of suitable shelving, bedside tables and cabinets, it is worth considering several important nuances:

  • sketch out the dimensions of the garage on paper, highlight the parking area to understand how much space is left for various storage systems and other furniture. Do not forget to provide a place for moving, and since you will sometimes have a heavy overall tool in your hands, this place should be enough – at least 1 m between the car and the furniture. If the garage is small and the main furniture is hanging shelves and cabinets, then it makes sense to create a three-dimensional scheme. It is more convenient to do this in special programs or applications, but it is also easy to do it by hand on paper;
  • The best way to organize your garage space is to zone it. It is necessary to allocate an area where the car will stand, a storage area and a workshop area, if necessary;
  • the main area in the garage is the area where the car is located;

  • the storage area can be divided into several sub-zones. The purpose of this division is easier and faster access to the necessary things. The walk-through area with a clothes hanger should always be free. The easy access area is located close to the gate and accommodates items that are needed frequently. The closest ones are a broom, a shovel, and other long and oversized items that are used almost constantly. Also, a car pump, a spare wheel, a set of keys, etc. are located in the quick access area. You can locate this very quick access zone near one of the long walls of the garage. All large tools, as well as seasonal items and items that are rarely used, are located in the back of the garage, so as not to interfere with the passage and passage, not to create traumatic situations. You can store them on shelves near the far wall of the garage, a place under the ceiling is also suitable;

  • if there is a workbench in the garage, then all frequently used tools are placed near it in order to facilitate their work;
  • the recreation area is equipped with free space.

Finally, make it a rule to break down the tools you are using after finishing any work. Then order will reign in the garage and it will be possible to neatly store a huge number of useful items, and with a competent and scrupulous approach, all this is possible even in a small room.

What kind of furniture do you need?

You can equip the garage with different furniture – it all depends on the tasks assigned to this room. The easiest way is to buy ready-made products, but craftsmen can make everything on their own. The main thing is that the furniture meets the requirements listed above and copes with its key tasks with high quality.

All furniture that is commonly used in garages can be divided into two groups:

  • racks, shelves, cabinets and bedside tables – everything that is used for storage;

  • workbenches and tables – work surfaces necessary for some work.

In addition, if space permits and there is a need for this, you can put a sofa in the garage to relax after hard working hours. However, a sofa and other types of upholstered furniture are rather an unconventional solution for a garage, therefore we will not consider them in the article. In addition, few people choose a sofa specifically for the garage. If he is already there, then obviously after many years of use in the apartment.

Garage rack

If you need to organize a neat storage area for numerous tools, fasteners, tires, canisters and other things that sometimes do not even touch the car, then the best option to do this is to use a rack.

Shelves are made from different materials:

  • metal – these are the most popular models, they are distinguished by strength, reliability, durability, withstand solid loads, are not afraid of fire, mechanical damage, they have a huge assortment;

  • wood is a sturdy and inexpensive material, it is often used for self-made furniture. The tree is also able to withstand decent loads, but it is afraid of fire, mold, changes in temperature and humidity, and all these are frequent “guests” of any garage;

  • plastic – cheap, lightweight, hygienic, but a serious rack cannot be made of it, since the material does not withstand loads well. Shelves with multiple drawers are created from plastic and used to store fasteners.

Shelves can be open or closed, i.e. have doors. Shelves can combine such filling elements as shelves, drawers, cabinets, perforated lattices for hanging tools. The best option is when the shelves can be adjusted in height, because in this case, you can create a storage system that best suits your needs.

Separately, it is worth highlighting modular racks, the elements of which can be arranged at your discretion, and if something happens, they can be easily swapped. Some of these systems, in addition to standard shelves and cabinets, also include a small wardrobe with a bar where work clothes can be neatly hung. Also, in many modular storage systems (it’s already difficult to call them just racks), a horizontal work surface is provided, as in the kitchen units we are used to. This is generally ideal for a motorist, since there is no need to separately purchase a table.

The rack can be as large as the garage allows and you need. Usually racks are placed along one of the walls, but if there is enough space, then one can not be limited only by the wall. On the contrary, if the garage area is small, you can purchase a hanging rack.

Garage bedside table

The bedside table can be an alternative or addition to the rack. Inside the cabinet there are shelves and drawers for storing tools, and its upper part can be used as a work surface. The bedside table can be placed near the workbench, it can be supplemented with shelves or hanging drawers.

Like shelving, cabinets can be wooden or metal. In addition, they can be stationary or mobile, i.e. equipped with casters. The latter option is especially convenient when a tool is stored in the cabinet, which is often necessary for repairs – the bedside table can be easily moved to the place of work.

Wardrobes and dressers

Cabinets are often used in modular garage furniture. It is convenient to store numerous tools behind closed cabinet doors, while maintaining external neatness in the garage. The interior can be anything you like and usually consists of shelves of different heights, drawers, crossbars, organizers, etc.

Chests of drawers, if space is available, can be used instead of bedside tables. They can also be stationary and mobile. Unlike bedside tables, chests of drawers consist mainly of numerous drawers, in which it is convenient to store various small tools and fasteners.

Hanging shelves for garage

Shelves can only be considered furniture at a stretch, but, nevertheless, they help a lot to organize the storage system. Open shelves are great for storing your most popular tools. There you can also place containers (cans, boxes) with small fasteners.

The material of the shelf and its thickness must be appropriate for the load placed on the shelf. If you will store small jars with fasteners or small bottles in volume, then the shelf can be made of plywood. Drills, screwdrivers and other tools should be placed on the shelf more powerful, not to mention tools with a much more significant mass.


Not every car owner will need a workbench – buying it is justified only if you often do something with your own hands. Depending on the type of work performed, workbenches are divided into the following types:

  • locksmiths for working with metal, differ in the presence of a thick metal table top;

  • carpentry – for working with wood, the tabletop in them, as a rule, is made of wood;

  • universal – suitable for working with both metal and wood

In any case, the base of the workbench must be strong and reliable, it is made of wood or metal and, as a rule, is completed with bedside tables and drawers. Above the work surface, many models have a perforated panel for quick access to the most used tool. Some workbenches have small sides on three sides to prevent small objects from falling.

For a garage, a single workbench with a width of 70-80 cm and a length of 1.2-1.5 m is quite suitable. The height of such products ranges from 92-112 cm and is selected depending on the height of the master. If not only you will work in the garage, but, for example, your assistant, son or friend, who is very different in height, then it makes sense to take a closer look at workbenches with adjustable height.

It is best to place the workbench away from the gates and entrance doors (if any). The workplace must be equipped with high-quality lighting. It will be very convenient if there is a sink next to the workbench.


Finally, I would like to note that the garage will always be neat and clean if its owner not only once takes the trouble to organize the storage system and put everything on the shelves, bedside tables, drawers, but also returns all items to their place after using them. The most demanded tool should be located closer, be easily accessible, and what is used a couple of times a year can be hidden away. Do not forget to sometimes clean the garage and throw away everything that you no longer need.

Garage furniture will help you organize your space properly. If you have the skills to work with wood and metal, then the required furniture can be made independently. You will spend less money, you can take into account all your own requirements for size and ergonomics, but you will have to sacrifice time.

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