DIY garden scarecrow: 5 interesting ideas

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Those who regularly grow crops on their plots know firsthand how much harm annoying birds can do to fruits. Eat – they will not eat, but they will spoil, it also falls on the ground, and will rot, collecting flocks of midges. You can also fight small pests with the help of special jammers, but they are quite expensive. Therefore, many people use the old proven method – they install a scarecrow in the garden. And the worse the better. We have collected for you 5 interesting ideas for creating an effective scarecrow that will help preserve the harvest.

Scarecrow made of plastic

For a scarecrow to be effective, it must

  • rustle;
  • make loud noises with every breath of wind;
  • shine.

Otherwise, the birds can eventually get used to the presence of the silent figure and will continue to destroy the crop. In principle, the material that is abundant in any home – empty plastic bottles – can cope with these requirements.

There are a lot of ways to “collect” a scarecrow from empty containers. You can experiment along the way.

  • Take bottles of different colors;
  • Do not connect the elements too tightly to each other so that they can move and make sound under the gusts of wind;
  • You can supplement some parts with foil glued with adhesive tape;
  • You can connect the bottles to each other using a stapler;
  • You can dissolve the bottles at the edges of your hands on a long fringe so that it moves in the wind;

  • Sticks are traditionally used as the basis for the scarecrow, from which the cross is made;
  • For the body, you can use a larger container, or, if there are a lot of empty bottles, surround the stick with them in a circle and wrap the bottles with tape around the outer diameter to fix it.

The main requirement is the mobility of the elements.

Scarecrow made of reinforced concrete or old CDs

The garden scarecrow does not have to have the usual “human” outlines.

We offer a “guard” option, which is done very quickly and easily, but at the same time it is very effective:

  • We need reinforced concrete banks. Lot. It can be cans of drinks, canned food and other things, and twine or a lot of not very thick rope;
  • A hole must be made in the bottom of each jar;
  • Now you need to build a T-shaped support. If you have an old unnecessary mop, use it. Only the shoulder will be small, so the top of the T will need to be lengthened at the sides. Just use scotch tape to tie a long stick to the top of the mop;
  • It remains to collect the “tape” from the cans. To do this, cut the rope the same length as the height of the mop. Step back a couple of centimeters from one end and tie a knot so large that it does not slip into the hole in the bottom of the can. If the hole is too large, use it to secure the plastic bottle cap. Tie a knot on a rope, make a hole in the lid and pass the free end through it, and then through the hole in the jar, tie a knot at the base of the bottom of the jar;
  • Step back a distance equal to the height of the next can, tie a knot and repeat the operation. Thus, all the tape from the cans is collected;
  • Remember to leave some rope loose in order to tie the ribbon to the mop;
  • The entire upper crossbar is tied with such ribbons across such a distance that the banks in the hanging state do not touch each other;

The scarecrow is ready. If you wish, you can decorate the top with a “head” from a large plastic container, but this is not necessary.

All the same can be done using old CDs.

Or even combine the two. Such a scarecrow will shine strongly in the sun and rattle loudly, which the birds will not like very much.

Rustling scarecrow

Another “talking” watchman can be a scarecrow made of plastic bags. Only ordinary thin bags-T-shirts will not work – they will tear very quickly under the influence of strong gusts of wind and also scatter throughout the district. We’ll use heavy, large supermarket bags or heavyweight trash bags.

  • In the same way as in the previous example, we build a base for placing packages. If you want to diversify the design, you can twist two sticks in the form of a capital “X”. Only then should the rack look more like a multiplication sign – “×”, so that the packages have enough free space to fly around;
  • Watch carefully how you attach the bags. In no case should they be fastened by the handles. The wind will inflate them like a parachute and ultimately will necessarily tear or rip off the handles;
  • Spread the bag on the floor. Take it from one side at its bottom and start assembling the accordion. At the end, fix it with several turns of tape. The handles should be at the bottom;
  • If the bag is tight enough, you can dissolve it into wide ribbons;
  • There are many such beams. Now, using the same tape, you need to tie the rack with plastic “guns”;
  • We will do this as if we were making a Christmas tree. We attach the first 4 beams to the bottom of the rack. Take back the place to dig the scarecrow into the ground. Attach the bundles opposite each other to the stick and wrap tightly with tape;
  • Move this way to the very top until you fill the entire length of the sticks;
  • Do not make the distance between packages too large. On top of each stick, you can attach a plastic bottle to make something shiny.

Such a scarecrow will rustle and develop in different directions. And the more “magnificent” it will be, the better! You can supplement the composition with tapes from old videotapes. They are wider than from audio tapes and shine and develop perfectly.

Mini scarecrow

If your plantings are located in separate small beds, then one large scarecrow will be useless. It is better to make a few small ones and install them directly on each garden bed. You can watch a good example in the video.

And another interesting version of the scarecrow

Blue scarecrow

Many bird watchers claim that the blue color scares birds.

We can take their word for it and use the advice:

  • We make the base of the scarecrow;
  • We find old things in the bins, sheets, scarves, whatever, blue;
  • Making a scarecrow head. You can take a 5 liter bucklage. You can paint it with blue paint, if available, or cover it with a blue cloth. We supplement the head with “hair” from a tape from videotapes, the longer the better;
  • We dissolve the blue fabric into wide patches and tie to the base as often as possible. May be completed with blue heavy duty plastic bags.

Our blue scarecrow is ready!

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