Choosing wallpaper for the nursery: material, color, pattern

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Creating the interior of a children’s room is an important and responsible occupation, because a child begins to learn the world from his personal space. He will spend enough time in the room, playing, exercising and relaxing, so it is so important that the space is comfortable, safe and pleasant to the baby himself. Walls occupy the largest area in a room, so their design requires responsibility and always causes the most difficulties. Today, the most popular material for wall decoration in a nursery is wallpaper, but their variety in stores can confuse anyone. How to choose exactly those wallpapers in the nursery that will meet all the requirements?

Choosing a material

The main requirement for all materials in the children’s room, incl. and to wallpaper, is their safety and naturalness. In addition, the ability to let air in is also necessary, because the microclimate in the room depends on this, but the ability to wash the wallpaper and erase the drawings of the kids from them will be a pleasant addition.

Not all types of currently existing wallpaper are suitable for a children’s room. The following meet the maximum specified requirements:

  1. paper wallpapers are №1 for children’s rooms, as they are made from natural materials, they do not include substances harmful to health, such material is able to “breathe”. In addition, paper wallpapers are distinguished by a budget price and a huge assortment of patterns. Their main disadvantage is fragility and the inability to wash them, but these shortcomings can easily be turned into advantages. Firstly, psychologists recommend changing the wallpaper in the nursery every two years to promote the development of the baby. Secondly, replacing paper wallpaper is easy and inexpensive, and children can paint on the walls to their heart’s content. The trickiest option is to use paper wallpaper only on the lower third of the wall, and the rest can be made from other more interesting wallpapers by arranging a border strip at the junction;
    paper wallpaper for nursery

  2. liquid wallpaper is a real find for children. This is a safe material, which contains only natural ingredients, they allow air to pass through, but due to their structure, they have good heat and sound insulation performance. Moreover, they do not attract dust, they are fireproof, do not fade, they are easy to restore and clean, they can be repainted several times, so any childish amusements of these wallpapers are irrelevant;
    liquid wallpaper for nursery

  3. Cork and vegetable wallpaper consists of two layers: a paper base and particles of vegetable materials attached to it, this can be cork, bamboo, jute, rattan, reed, etc. This is the most environmentally friendly and safe material that has heat and sound insulation properties, it perfectly allows air to pass through, but there are also disadvantages. So, for example, cork wallpapers are limited in colors, a little boring for the room of a preschooler and a younger student, but for older children they will be just right. Such wallpapers are very expensive, therefore they are not suitable for rooms inhabited by children under 6-8 years old who want to tear off and explore even such expensive material;
    cork wallpaper for nursery

  4. Vinyl wallpaper is not considered the best material if the top layer is made of foam vinyl – this material does not allow air to pass through. For children’s rooms, it is necessary to look for wallpapers where the upper vinyl layer will have pores for the passage of air: such wallpapers are much more expensive, but they meet all the requirements, and can also boast a sufficient selection of patterns;
    vinyl wallpaper for nursery

  5. Non-woven wallpaper can also be used in the nursery. They should not be confused with non-woven wallpaper. Non-woven fabric is a natural material made on the basis of cellulose fibers. Wallpaper is characterized by airtightness, fire safety, they can be painted several times, but there are also disadvantages: a small selection and not the lowest price;
    non-woven wallpaper for nursery

  6. textile wallpapers are ideal in terms of sound and heat insulation qualities, appearance, environmental friendliness, as they are made from threads attached to a paper base. Such wallpapers can attract dust, so only those that have been treated with special impregnation are suitable for a nursery. The main disadvantage is the high price;
    textile wallpaper for nursery

  7. wall murals can diversify the nursery. You should be prepared for the fact that the kid will want to draw them at any moment, but, on the other hand, changing them is not so difficult. The image on the wallpaper can be anything and set the mood of the nursery: for younger children, these can be stories from fairy tales, cartoon characters, pleasant natural landscapes, images of athletes, maps from the atlas, etc., are suitable for schoolchildren;
    photomurals for children

  8. glass wallpaper is a material that is easy to wash, difficult to damage, it does not emit harmful substances, it is environmentally friendly, durable and non-flammable, but its boring appearance reduces the popularity of the material for children’s rooms, although the wallpaper can be repainted several times;

  9. Coloring wallpaper is a kind of ordinary paper wallpaper that will become not just an opportunity for a child, but a reason to paint on the walls. This is a giant coloring book with a lot of elements: you can take felt-tip pens and paint as you wish. Similarly, it is better to finish only one wall or part of it in the nursery.
    wallpaper coloring for children

Whatever wallpaper is chosen, before buying it does not hurt to look at the certificate from the manufacturer, which confirms the environmental friendliness of the material, the absence of harmful fumes and compliance with all sanitary standards.

Wallpaper color

The appearance of the wallpaper is no less important factor when choosing than the material of manufacture. Today on sale there are monochromatic wallpapers of all colors, with any, even the most intricate pattern, depicting birds, butterflies, flowers, balls, cars, heroes of fairy tales and cartoons, etc. Any children’s room can be decorated in the intended style. If the child can already independently evaluate things and express his tastes, then the child must also participate in the choice of new wallpapers, because the room should be comfortable, first of all, for him. Parents should consider the following recommendations:

  • it is better to choose wallpapers of not too bright colors so that they do not irritate the child’s psyche, but the wallpaper should not be too boring – it is important that they develop imagination and imagination;
  • drawings should be present, but also not very bright;
  • all decoration of the nursery, incl. and wallpaper should encourage the child to play and develop mental activity;
    wallpaper for nursery
  • a more or less adult child can already be asked about the preferences in the design of the room, but when choosing the color of wallpaper for the baby’s room, experts recommend starting from his temperament. If the child is calm, then it is worth choosing warm gentle shades, cold shades are suitable for mobile and emotional children, and for passive babies you can choose wallpaper in a measure of saturated shades;
  • there are also universal shades for children – these are peach, apricot and yellow tones. They make the atmosphere safe, warm, cozy and sunny, awaken the thirst for knowledge.
    wallpaper for nursery 2

The color scheme of the nursery is largely determined by the color of the wallpaper. Do not forget that color can affect the psyche and subconsciousness of a child:

  • green color stimulates the desire for development and learning;

  • blue color contributes to the formation of a creative personality;

  • white color is perfect for an active child, it will calm him down a little and at the same time will become an excellent background for bright details in the room. White is great for low-light rooms;

  • yellow, as already mentioned, brings cheerfulness, positive emotions to the room, increases intelligence, promotes active mental activity;

  • beige neutrals are also great for a nursery, providing a base for bright color spots. On top of the pastel-colored wallpaper, you can stick interesting vinyl stickers in some places that set the atmosphere of the room, develop the child, but at the same time do not interfere with a calm rest.

When choosing a color, you should not make typical mistakes that can make the space visually darker or smaller. So, for small children’s rooms it is better to use only light shades, in large spaces one or more of the walls can be decorated in rich shades, giving the room a cosiness. If there is not enough light in the nursery or it faces the north side, which is undesirable, then you can correct the deficiency with the help of wallpaper in warm colors. To compensate for the excess of sunlight, you can, on the contrary, with wallpaper in cold shades.

Wallpaper and child’s age

Naturally, the interior of the children’s room should change as the baby grows up. There is no single rule for all children’s rooms, but psychologists recommend adhering to some recommendations in the design of space for a child of different ages:

  • for kids under 2 years old, it is recommended to use wallpaper with large catchy drawings, since at this time the child actively learns the world and will be happy to look at unusual illustrations. In the recreation area, there should not be bright ornaments, so as not to disturb sleep – here they use pastel-colored wallpaper;
    wallpaper for nursery 3

  • when a child from 2 to 4 years old is better to use wallpaper in natural shades, and decorate the walls with child’s drawings and posters depicting heroes of fairy tales and cartoons. You can also decorate the walls with stickers depicting animals, but their size should not be more than the height of the baby himself;

  • for a preschooler, calm and discreet shades are chosen, and since this is the time of the most active creativity and games that can affect the state of the finishing material of the walls, it is better to use the wallpaper in two levels: the lower part is simpler and in case of damage it can be replaced without severe damage budget, the top – has a decorative function. Another solution in this case is coloring wallpaper;
    wallpaper for nursery 5

  • interesting wallpapers are suitable for a child of 6-9 years old, but not necessarily with pictures. A great option is a vertical strip. If now friends of your child regularly gather and play in the children’s room, which is typical for this period, then you simply cannot think of anything better than liquid wallpaper;

  • from 9 years old, it is imperative to consult a child when choosing wallpaper. It is important to take into account its requirements, but make sure that the material meets safety requirements.
    wallpaper for nursery 4

In addition, the gender of the child must also be taken into account: for girls, yellow, pink, pastel are becoming traditional shades, for a boy – blue, green, but there are always exceptions to the rule.

Wallpaper drawing and combination

Despite the fact that the modern wallpaper market offers us a lot of different options for patterns on wallpaper, choosing the right one is not always easy. It is necessary to take into account not only the tastes and preferences of the child, the design of the nursery, but also the influence of ornaments on the psyche. So, too frequent repetitive drawing can tire a child – it is better if there is one large drawing or a whole plot on the wallpaper, and even better if the ornament can be beaten with the help of the interior. So, a continuation of flowers and butterflies on the wallpaper can be a green rug resembling a lawn.

A good solution for many children is to combine different types of wallpaper. Thus, you can not only save more expensive material using horizontal division, but also bring an interesting effect to the interior. So, material with an active pattern can be shaded with calm monophonic wallpaper. When combining different wallpapers, it is important to ensure that they match each other in color scheme, and that as a result there is no oversaturation with drawings, patterns and ornaments. You can use horizontal and vertical combination, highlight a separate wall with interesting wallpaper or photo wallpaper.

Combining wallpaper is a great way to divide up the space of one room for two kids. With the help of different wallpapers, you can designate personal space for everyone, without using partitions or other structures.


The choice of wallpaper for the nursery is not only an interesting creative process, but also a responsible task. It is important to take into account a lot of factors, and in order to simplify your task, it is worth considering several suitable options and analyzing how they meet all the requirements put forward. In addition, we must not forget that a children’s room should have a harmonious interior, therefore, it is impossible to choose wallpaper in isolation from the rest of the room – they should be combined with furniture, flooring and curtains. How to properly glue the wallpaper – read our article.

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