Choosing LED Fringe for Outdoor Decoration: 8 Practical Tips

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Running lights of garlands always make us feel like a fairy tale, a holiday, they are able to enchant the eyes of anyone. There are garlands in almost every home, but they are usually taken out for the New Year holidays and hung around the house. But they look no less impressive on the street: they instantly transform any object, draw attention to it, create an atmosphere of comfort and warmth, and they can be used all year round. LED fringes are best suited for street lighting. More on the website.

LED fringe is one of the most common types of street decoration. It is somewhat reminiscent of LED rain, but, unlike it, all the hanging threads have different lengths, so the edge is uneven, resembling a fringe. Such decoration looks homely and cozy, disposes to rest and dreams.

led fringe

Why is this decoration so popular?

led fringe 2This kind of jewelry is popular for several reasons:

  • wide range of options… The customer can choose the color, brightness, fringe size and much more. Also, options are divided into static and shimmering – everyone has the opportunity to decorate the house exactly as they imagine in their dreams;
  • safety… Since safe LEDs are used to create the fringe, the decoration can be used in combination with any materials. They can be attached to wooden structures, fences and even trees in the garden;

  • led fringe 3ease of use
    … You don’t need to have any serious skills to decorate a house or other object. Any owner can do this, you just have to spend a little time. With the help of such a fringe, you can create even complex compositions and light patterns;
  • amazing effect… Any object decorated with such garlands will always stand out from the rest. In addition, the soft and pleasant light from the lights will give everyone a feeling of home comfort. For a brighter effect, shimmering fringe is usually chosen – it is also very relevant for the holidays, when you need to create an atmosphere for an active and fun holiday.

When is fringe decoration appropriate?

Many people associate such decoration with winter holidays – New Year or Christmas. But this is just an association that has nothing to do with reality. You can use this decoration at any time of the year and for any reason. The LED mesh has a high level of moisture protection, so that the structure will not deteriorate when exposed to rain. Also, the jewelry can withstand temperature changes and can be safely used both in frost and on hot days.

led fringe 4And the scope of using LED fringe can be limited only by your imagination. So, with its help, you can decorate the facade of the house, and any store, and cafe, and a shopping center, as well as windows, trees, a fence, any object on the street, create a whole screen, etc.

The only thing that is important to consider when choosing an LED fringe is its length, as well as some characteristics, incl. operating mode, protection, type of power supply. It is better to draw up a lighting plan for a specific object in advance, so that when you come to the store you already clearly know what you need.

But what is undesirable to do is to use ordinary garlands designed for indoor use for decoration on the street. The fact is that they are not designed for wide temperature drops, the effects of moisture and other negative environmental factors. And garlands for outdoor lighting differ in a much wider choice both in terms of shape and color.

A few tips for choosing

# 1. Working hours

Depending on the effect that you want to achieve as a result of decorating an object with LED fringes, certain operating modes are also selected. So, most often, such garlands are equipped with several modes, among which are often found:

  • LED fringe working modecontinuous mode when all LEDs work unchanged. This option is often used for street decoration of shop windows, entrances and windows of cafes, when decorating trees in the courtyard, facades of houses, etc.;

  • Chasing allows you to smoothly light the lamps on the fringe and extinguish them just as smoothly, and as a result, you can achieve an overflow effect or a real light waterfall – an excellent option when creating a large-scale decoration, for example, a shopping center;
  • flickering is another popular variant of the glow, when the LEDs alternately or all together light up and then go out, and the speed and some other settings can be adjusted. This mode is often used just during the New Year holidays to decorate absolutely any object.

# 2. Degree of protection

led fringe protectionWhen it comes to outdoor decoration, you need to choose garlands that calmly tolerate rainfall, wind, dust and dirt, because they will have to be used for a long time, and often fringe becomes an excellent decor not only during winter holidays, but also all year round. That is why, when choosing LED fringes for outdoor decoration, you should pay special attention to protecting the product. So, on the garlands, you can find a protection indicator with two numbers, for example IP44: the first number means the degree of protection against the ingress of small particles, such as sand, dust, and others, and the second – the product’s water resistance. For use in outdoor conditions, the required minimum is just IP44, but if possible, purchase fringe with higher protection, for example, IP65, should be preferred.

Council number 3. Source of power

Depending on the length of the LED fringe, its power type may differ. So, the simplest option is to connect to a household network, but at the same time it will be impossible to connect several garlands to each other, since a communication failure can lead to a complete failure of the entire LED fringe. As a rule, this type of food is preferable for decorating a small object: the canopy of your own house, a tree or bush at the entrance, a window, etc.

led fringe power supplyTo power the fringe, a special transformer can be used, or a power supply that lowers the incoming 220 V to the 12 or 24 V required for the garland. When choosing a transformer, it is worth starting from the expected loads on it, and it is better to use models with a power reserve so as not to overload the device … You can also use several power supplies at once, but the longer the garland is used, and the more threads it contains, the more transformer power will be needed. Individual garlands can be connected to each other using connectors, but it is important that they are also moisture resistant. The instructions should indicate the maximum number of garlands that can be connected together, and it is better not to break this rule. It is better to calculate the required length of the LED fringe in advance.

Much less often, batteries or solar panels are used as power for such a decoration. But these options are ideal for those places where it is difficult or even impossible to connect to the power grid, for example, trees far from the house, trees in the park can be decorated with just such an LED fringe, because you will not have to worry about finding possible ways to connect to the network. But if everything is clear with batteries, then solar panels are of greater interest: such a battery accumulates energy during the day, when there is no need for a garland, and gives it back in the evening, providing a fringe up to 12 meters long glowing for 8 hours.

Council number 4. Where to use?

led fringe houseLED fringe is a versatile outdoor decoration. Most often, it is used for decorating flat wide surfaces, such as facades, showcases, canopies, roofs, window openings, and entrance groups. But fringe is also great for decorating three-dimensional figures, for example, columns, garden figures, trees and bushes, railings, stairs, intricate architectural elements of buildings, as well as for streets, squares, parks. Thus, any part of the street or area near the house can be turned into a fairy tale, distinguished against the background of surrounding objects and turned into a corner of a fabulous rest.

Council number 5. Strict calculation

led fringe calculationGoing to the store for LED fringes, you already need to clearly know how many meters of this garland will be needed for decoration. You need to try to buy a strictly defined number of garlands, because if there are fewer of them, they will not cover the entire area, but if there are more of them, it is even worse. Indeed, in this case, you yourself, your neighbors, all passers-by will squint from the bright light, and if such a fringe works in a static mode, it can cause headaches and nervous disorders of others.

Council number 6. The good neighbor rule

led fringe 5They often decorate the area around their home with the help of LED fringes, but do not forget that people live nearby who may be disturbed by illumination. Therefore, it is better to immediately make sure whether too bright light is leaving the decoration, whether it interferes with the neighbors’ sleep at night, or whether it impairs visibility on the road.

A great solution is to set a timer so that the LED decoration will turn on or off on a schedule. In some cases, it will also be appropriate to use motion sensors, which will activate the fringe glow only when people appear.

Council number 7. We save electricity

The timer idea is a great way to save money on electricity, as LED fringes can be a significant expense. Therefore, you can set the timer so that the lights turn on at dusk, and turn off when everyone goes to bed, or when the cafe closes, etc.

In general, it is better to calculate in advance how much it can cost to operate the LED fringe so that the electricity bills do not shock.

Council number 8. Storage

led fringe storageLED fringe is also versatile in that it can be used absolutely in any season. But if it becomes necessary to remove such a decoration, then it is important to correctly fold all the threads with the lamps, so that next time you do not start decorating with painful untangling. That is why it is better to wrap the fringe around a coffee can, a thick, wide sheet of cardboard or other items.


LED fringe is the perfect way to decorate the street. It can be used on facades, and on windows, and on canopies, and on trees, and on shop windows, and on stairs, in a word, there are a lot of options for its use. But it is important to choose the right garland so that it meets the operating conditions, is of a suitable length, and suits as much as possible for a purely visual effect. And then the site, house, street, shop will plunge into the atmosphere of a holiday and a fairy tale.

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