Choosing curtains for the office: fabric, color, design, features

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The office today has become an attribute not only of office space, but also of some dwellings. In either case, this room requires a special approach in terms of design, because here you need to create an interior that is conducive to productive work. To do this, you need to take into account all the details, and curtains are one of them. When it comes to choosing curtains for an office in the house, then it is important to create a strict atmosphere, but at the same time, cozy and comfortable. You need to take into account a lot of other factors so that the curtains become reliable protection from excess light, decorate the interior, and play the role of an additional sound insulator.

curtains in the officeWorkroom curtains serve a number of important functions, including:

  • protection of documents and papers on the desktop from burning out under the influence of sun rays;
  • ensuring opacity;
  • creation of a working environment;
  • visual correction of the room if it is small, low, or dark.

By choosing curtains in the office, you need to evaluate them according to such criteria as aesthetics, functionality, naturalness and harmony with the interior of the room. In addition, you need to take into account your own style preferences and tastes, as well as the characteristics of the owner of the office and the activities that the person is engaged in.

Curtains and the use of the cabinet

curtains in the office 2It is very important to consider for whom the office space is being designed. If this is a creative person, then the interior should be original, conducive to the flight of imagination. Here is the place for bright curtains with an original design, but you should not bend it too much, because the office cannot be turned into a children’s room. If we are talking about an office where a person performs work that requires concentration of attention, complex calculations, etc., then it is better to choose the most strict and restrained curtains.

It is also worth considering the fact where the office is located, and how often business partners will look into it. It’s one thing if it’s an office space where meetings and presentations can take place, and where visitors often drop in. In this case, you need to choose the most strict curtains. If this is a home office, designed mainly for privacy and independent work, then you can choose from a wider assortment.

For the office of the head, both classic curtains and light and modern roller blinds are suitable. Blinds are a safe bet anyway. If presentations will be held in the office, then in a pair of blinds you can purchase thick curtains.

Type of fabric for curtains in the office

curtains in the office 3Since an office is a room where there are no particularly dangerous external influences, from fire or water, almost any type of fabric can be used here, but nevertheless, before going to the store, it is better to study some of the features of the behavior of different fabrics and their care.

Natural fabrics are environmentally friendly. Plus, they look really gorgeous and will decorate any office. Even after several years of operation, they continue to retain their original appearance. But completely natural fabrics are prone to fading, so they are not suitable for solar offices. They are also not very simple to care for: for example, silk curtains should never be washed – they can only be cleaned. However, today there is a compromise option – natural curtains with a special treatment, which makes it easier to care for them, but their cost is even higher than that of just natural curtains.

curtains in the office 4The disadvantages of curtains made from natural fabrics make you look towards synthetic ones. Today, there is such an assortment of them in stores that their eyes simply run up, and few people can distinguish them from natural ones. But still, the best option can be called curtains, which are made of fabrics consisting partly of natural fibers and partly of synthetic ones. If the office windows face the sunny side, then it is better to purchase fade-resistant curtains. If there is a fireplace in the office, then for your own safety, it is better to choose among the curtains that are as resistant to burning as possible.

As for the density of the fabric, everything is simple. If little sunlight penetrates into the office, then it is better to choose the maximum light translucent curtains, and if necessary, sometimes create complete darkness – to supplement them with blinds. It is better to decorate a too light office with curtains made of thick fabric.

Color and pattern of curtains

curtains in the office 5When choosing the color of the curtains, it is necessary to build on a number of factors: your taste, the prevailing interior, the degree of illumination. The easiest way to choose the color of the curtains is based on the color of the walls in the office: to make the office stylish, it is enough to choose a shade slightly lighter or darker than the color of the walls. You can, of course, be guided by the color of furniture, carpet or other elements that are presented in the office and occupy a substantial area.

A universal option for almost any office is curtains in light shades: milky, beige, white. In addition, the white color does not distract from the thought processes at all and even promotes creative search, as scientists have proven. Warm and cheerful shades of yellow and orange stimulate mental activity and bring comfort to the interior of the room. Also, shades of green are good for the office, which are able to calm down a little, reduce fatigue and fill the body with energy. All shades of blue are another great option for a workspace as they help you focus on what’s important.

curtains in the office 6It is necessary to take into account the location of the office relative to the cardinal points. So, too dark room with windows facing north, it is appropriate to supplement with curtains of warm shades and vice versa. But as for the various patterns, it is better to choose either plain curtains or with minimalistic ornaments, for example, geometric ones, for the office. But this is not a rule at all, because designers, artists and other creative and not only natures may prefer the original drawing on the curtains. It is only important to remember that the office cannot be overloaded with various drawings and ornaments.

curtains in the office 7Curtains often consist of several elements, for example, tulle, curtains and lambrequins. Naturally, all these details should be in harmony not only with the interior of the office, but also with each other. The easiest option is to use one tonality, but if you are sure that you can combine different shades on your own, then a combination of contrasting colors is also a good option. Lambrequins are a detail that adds coziness, fits perfectly into classic-style cabinets, but at the same time requires a sufficient ceiling height and room area, therefore it is not always appropriate.

Types of curtains

In terms of organizing your own workspace, no one has the right to limit, but still there are some rules that are worth listening to. They relate to which type of curtains is appropriate to use in the office, and which is best left for organizing the living room or bedroom.

The following types of curtains are perfect for the office:

  • classic curtains are pieces of fabric that gently fall from the eaves to the floor, while forming folds. Classic curtains can be on eyelets, on eyelets, laces, fastened with a drawstring method, or be covered with a lambrequin. In addition, such curtains can be lined to provide the best possible protection from the sun’s rays;

  • blinds for many of us are associated with an office or study, so they are the best fit in our case. The modern choice of blinds will allow you to decorate both an office in an office building and at home, creating a cozy, but at the same time, working atmosphere. In addition to the usual horizontal aluminum blinds, there are tons of other stylish options: vertical, colored, fabric, wood, patterned, etc. Any pattern can be applied to the blinds, even a company logo, which is appropriate for a manager’s office, for example. It is customary to use horizontal blinds together with other types of curtains, but vertical blinds can become an independent decoration of the window opening in the office;
    blinds in the office

  • pleated curtains are considered a type of blinds, but they should be given special attention. They are made of special fabric or paper gathered in an accordion. It is very easy to adjust such a curtain to any height; it will be an excellent addition to any cabinet, especially a miniature one. Pleated curtains bring a zest to the room and are perfect if the window has a non-standard shape;

  • Roman blinds consist of a piece of fabric and several rods, which, together with a lace, take part in the process of raising or lowering the curtains. When closed, it is a canvas of fabric that completely covers the window opening, and there are types of Roman blinds that will not let a single ray of the sun pass through. It is very simple to adjust their height, or you can fix the curtains at the top of the window opening to let in the maximum amount of light. Roman blinds are an excellent independent element of framing a window in a study;
    roman blinds in the office

  • Japanese curtains are a good option for a spacious office with a large window opening. They are several long and wide sheets of fabric that are attached to the guide at the top, and are weighted down by the load at the bottom. Such curtains look very impressive, they can be of any color and shade, you can also apply a drawing on your own order.

Curtain style

curtains in the office 8The style of the curtains is naturally selected based on the overall style of the cabinet. So, classic curtains are suitable for an office in a classic or baroque style. They can be plain or with jacquard stripes, complemented by laces and a lambrequin, but the latter is increasingly being abandoned in the design of workspaces.

Increasingly, the office is decorated in high-tech or minimalist style, which most closely match the workspace. For such offices, any blinds, Roman and Japanese curtains are perfect. Classic curtains will also be a good option, but it is better to choose monochromatic discreet ones, as well as curtains with eyelets.

In conclusion

Each of us is an individual with our own tastes and preferences, therefore it is impossible to give any unambiguous advice or clear rules in terms of choosing a curtain for a study. The recommendations described above should only help you to understand the range of curtains and decide how you see your office. Taking into account all the factors and requirements for the curtains in the office, everyone will be able to find the perfect option.

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