Choosing curtains for the nursery: fabric, color, design, features

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Children’s room is a special room in the whole apartment. Its arrangement must be approached with special trepidation and thoroughness, because the space in which the child grows affects his psyche, personality, but development processes. That is why it is very important to create a harmonious interior of the children’s room. One of the key details of any space is textiles, incl. and curtains: when choosing them, you need to weigh several key factors so that the curtains not only bring aesthetic pleasure, but are also safe for the child, easy to clean, etc.

Fabric and functionality

curtains in the children's roomThe main requirement that is put forward for the material of curtains in the children’s room is their environmental friendliness and safety for the health of the baby. In addition, they should not become very electrified, attracting dust, but should be easily erased, because the room should always be clean, and children can stain the curtains during the game. All these requirements are fully met by such fabrics as linen and cotton, and from non-natural – viscose. To maximally protect your child from the negative effects of dust, pay attention to curtains treated with special antistatic compounds: with them, the fabric does not attract dust particles, remaining clean and safe for longer.

curtains in the children's roomIn many magazines and in pictures with beautiful interiors, you can find children’s rooms made in the style of a “little princess”: on the windows there are multilayer curtains with lambrequins, and even a canopy over the bed. All these heavy constructions. Numerous draperies are not only not very appropriate in a children’s room, but also can create additional problems for parents, because such a huge amount of fabric will collect a lot of dust, which means that it will need to be washed very often. At times, for parents who are busy caring for a small child, such frequent washing of huge curtains can be burdensome.

curtains in the children's roomIt is very good to choose curtains from high-quality fabric for a nursery, but remember that the fabric should not be too expensive, since children are children and at any time they can turn an elegant canvas into a space for drawing and the embodiment of their own fantasies.

When choosing curtains, you need to pay attention to the features of the room. So, if the sun’s rays are not very active and penetrate little into the room, then it is better to use translucent fabrics, which will more serve a decorative function than a protective one. The south side requires more powerful protection, and thicker canvases along with sheer tulle will need to be provided to shade the room from the sun at lunchtime.

curtains in the children's roomThe size of the children’s room itself and the window opening are also of great importance. Small windows can be decorated with Roman or roller blinds, which will practically not take up space. If it seems to you that they look somehow lonely, then the window opening can be supplemented with classic curtains in the selected color scheme.

Pay special attention to the cornice: it must be very strong and durable. And even if the child decides to play with curtains, hang on them, pull, etc., they must withstand all this pampering and not injure your child. If there is a question about choosing a curtain rod for a stretch ceiling, then we bring to your attention the corresponding article.

Color and design of curtains for the nursery

curtains in the children's roomIf for a small child, curtains can be safely decorated with the image of cartoon and fairy-tale characters, in general, to your taste, then it is better to consult with a teenager, since children at this age are more vulnerable and require treating them as equals. In addition, you need to remember that the color of the curtains affects the psyche of the child: for example, very bright ones will only annoy, and completely monotonous ones will be too boring, so it is important to find a middle ground that will also take into account the character of the baby.

curtains in the children's roomStill, it is worth remembering that although the children’s room should not be too gray and monotonous, too bright patterns and colors are inappropriate here: only accents on the curtains can be bright, but not the entire canvas. When choosing a color, start from the existing interior of the room: if everything is done, for example, in a blue tone, then you can choose a soft blue color for the curtains. Rooms where monochrome colors are diluted with a brighter color of curtains, which become the highlight of a children’s room, also look interesting. And, conversely, if there are so many different colors and shades in the room, then it is better to choose the curtains as light and unobtrusive as possible. Curtains in pastel light shades are an ideal choice even when you are in doubt about which color will best fit into the interior of a child’s room.

curtains in the children's roomBlue, blue and green curtains are often chosen for boys, while girls’ parents prefer pink, crimson and pastel shades. You can be guided by this principle, but it is important to remember that when the child turns 6-7 years old, the curtains will most likely have to be changed, and in this case it will already be necessary to consult with him, since at this age his own sense of style and taste begins to form …

Many parents often want to decorate their children’s room in some unusual way, and curtains can help a lot in this. In addition, it is thanks to the change of curtains in the future that you can turn a cute little girl’s room into a stylish teenager’s room.

curtains in the children's roomThe color and material of the curtains can be repeated in the design of other textiles: pillows, bedspreads can be made in exactly the same style, turning the nursery into a stylish cozy nest. In this case, you will also make a huge contribution to the process of forming a sense of beauty in the child.

Whatever color the curtains are chosen, they can always be decorated with additional elements. So, you can use clips, bright applications with Velcro, which will develop children’s imagination: images of animals, the sun, cartoon characters, etc. You can also use elements that begin to glow slightly at night, playing the role of a night light and at the same time creating the illusion of a fairy tale. Such elements are also perfect for a space-style nursery.

curtains in the children's roomTiebacks for curtains can be chosen in the form of toy-holders: for example, a bunny or a teddy bear will embrace a canvas of curtains in their arms – unusual, fun and stylish. Even the fabric itself may already be painted with your favorite fairy-tale characters or a positive children’s drawing. Another interesting option is to design a lambrequin in an unusual way so that it has the shape of a flower, cloud, sun or something like that.

The curtains in the girl’s room can be decorated with bows, ruffles, angel figures, butterflies, etc. For boys, geometric prints, abstractions, fantasy designs, and universal designs are great.

Types of curtains for the nursery

In the children’s room, in fact, you can use any options for curtains: it all depends on the size of the room, the design idea and your taste. So, the most common options for a nursery are:

  • classic curtains: only curtains or curtains supplemented with transparent tulle. Another element that can be in this traditional set is a lambrequin. Classic curtains are very easy to use, they are very easy to regulate the flow of light entering the room, and even a preschooler can handle this, unlike curtains that are opened using some kind of mechanism. Lambrequin in a children’s room is a continuous space for imagination. You can make it asymmetrical, use interesting textures, sew on a lining, etc. As a result, you can achieve an amazing effect, if, of course, the room allows the use of so many elements, and you are ready to take care of them;
    classic curtains for the nursery

  • eyelet curtains are a separate type of classic curtains, but in the context of a children’s room it is better to consider them separately. It is this design option that the child will use most conveniently, and due to the special attachment on plastic or chrome rings, spectacular folds are formed on the fabric;
    curtains on eyelets for the nursery

  • Austrian curtains are a good option for a nursery. They very much resemble French curtains, only in a free state they form a straight canvas without numerous folds. The French curtains themselves are unlikely to be appropriate in a child’s room. The Austrian version is quite interesting to work with and easy to use: it is enough to pull on the lace, as the canvas rises, forming several voluminous folds, and the length of the curtain can be adjusted at your own discretion. Such curtains are usually decorated with a floral pattern or abstraction so that they look attractive in any position;
    Austrian curtains for the nursery

  • Roman and roller blinds are perfect for a minimalist room, or if the space does not allow the use of more voluminous designs. Such curtains can be made either monochromatic, but it is better to provide them with some bright interesting pattern in order to add zest to the interior. But keep in mind that only an older child can cope with the mechanism for opening / closing them, so either be ready to constantly adjust them yourself, or use them already in the room of a teenage child;
    Austrian curtains for the nursery

  • blinds will be a good option for a student who will personally, at his own discretion, regulate the amount of light that enters his room. But in order for the children’s room to be harmonious, in addition to the blinds, the window opening will also need to be decorated with translucent tulle. But it is not necessary to buy the most ordinary white aluminum blinds – you can opt for wooden, fabric, bright plastic models. By the way, on many of them you can apply any pattern or choose from the wide range that is offered;
    blinds in the nursery

  • Japanese curtains will perfectly fit into the interior of a stylish teenager, and they will look equally impressive both in the room of a girl and a boy. Do not forget that any pattern can be applied to the canvases of Japanese curtains, thereby complementing the concept of the entire children’s room. Japanese curtains compare favorably with all the others in the principle of their work: for example, they are attached to the guide at the top, they are long canvases that can be moved as desired, resulting in a continuous covering or an open window.
    Japanese curtains for the nursery

In conclusion

Curtains for a children’s room should harmoniously combine several parameters: ease of use, safety for the child and a beautiful appearance that fits harmoniously into the room. That is why the choice must be treated with special attention and responsibility, so that from the earliest years the baby admires the beauty and does not suffer from toxic tissues, etc.

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