Choosing concrete rings for a septic tank in Moscow: sizes, manufacturers

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More recently, country houses were firmly associated with a small uncomfortable structure and an almost complete lack of communications. Today, dachas in the Moscow region, for the most part, are modern buildings that are equipped with autonomous systems for water supply and wastewater treatment. As a rule, septic tanks are used to accumulate and purify wastewater. Concrete rings are considered one of the most popular materials for the construction of septic tanks. When equipping your own summer cottage, it is important to immediately figure out what concrete rings are, and how to choose them correctly.

In fairness, it is worth noting that today not only concrete rings are used for the construction of septic tanks, but also plastic, polymer sand and fiberglass. But it is concrete that are in the highest demand due to their distinctive performance properties. They are heavy enough to prevent groundwater from pushing out the septic tank, are resistant to drains, have a circular shape and different diameters. For the production of concrete rings, a metal frame is used, filled with concrete mortar, as a result, a product comes out that can withstand huge loads, which is important when arranging a septic tank. To all this, it is worth adding a relatively low price and speed of installation, however, it is almost impossible to do without special equipment.

Concrete ring size

concrete rings for septic tank 2Reinforced concrete factories produce concrete rings, mainly for the construction of tunnels for communication facilities, wells, but due to the properties described above, these products are excellent for arranging septic tanks. On sale you can find rings with different diameters, and it is precisely the choice of this indicator that must be taken with the utmost care.

Typical heights of concrete rings are 90 and 100 cm, wall thickness ranges from 6.5 to 11.5 cm.The diameter can be as follows:

  • 70 cm;
  • 80 cm;
  • 100 cm;
  • 120 cm;
  • 150 cm;
  • 200 cm;
  • on request, many manufacturers of concrete rings can create a product with a different required diameter.

concrete rings for septic tank 3Usually, rings with a diameter of 1 m are used, and this choice is dictated by a lot of arguments. Thanks to such rings, you can create a capacious septic tank that meets all the requirements, the contents of which will not dry out in the summer, which is quite possible when larger diameter rings are chosen. The consequence may be the formation of a natural colmatant at the bottom and walls of the septic tank, a solid enough substance that is not so easy to remove. In order to get rid of it, you will have to use a crowbar or a jackhammer, because if you do not take any action, the capacity of the septic tank will gradually decrease.

In each individual case, it is necessary to calculate the capacity of the septic tank, analyze the amount of wastewater, the frequency of their formation, etc.

concrete rings for septic tank 5Experts do not recommend using more than 4-5 rings for the construction of a septic tank in order to maintain the tightness of the structure. If you need to build a more capacious septic tank, then it is better to choose rings with a slightly larger diameter.

A logical question arises about how much a septic tank should be. So, it is believed that it should hold a three-day amount of wastewater. At the same time, one person discharges an average of 200 liters of wastewater per day. So it turns out that if a family of four stays at the dacha, then the volume of the septic tank should be at least 4 * 200 * 3 = 2400 liters.

concrete rings for septic tank 4When choosing concrete rings, it is important to pay attention to whether they are equipped with special hinges for ease of installation with their equipment. In addition, the rings can also have locks that connect two adjacent parts, and allow you to obtain the most sealed design that does not harm the environment. But you will have to pay extra for such a bonus, because rings equipped with locks are slightly more expensive.

concrete rings for septic tank 6For the bottom of the septic tank, it is better to purchase a ring with a bottom to simplify your waterproofing work. When arranging the septic tank itself, it is difficult to manage on your own, although there is an option that provides for the gradual undermining of the earth under the ring and immersion of the rings one by one into the pit, but this is difficult and time-consuming. It is much faster to attract special equipment, but before that you will need to dig a well, think over the approach of equipment to the site, and during the installation process, carefully monitor that the rings are not damaged.

You can make your task easier if you use the services of professionals who will carry out all the turnkey work as soon as possible. Experts will help determine the best location for a septic tank, taking into account many factors, prepare a place for a septic tank, deliver concrete rings and carry out their correct installation and waterproofing of the entire structure, and then connect the sewage system. All work on calculation and installation is carried out promptly and efficiently, which is confirmed by numerous customer reviews.

Concrete ring manufacturers

When arranging a septic tank, I want to be sure that the concrete rings of which it consists are of high quality and durable, can last a long time without deforming or cracking, withstanding the necessary loads. That is why you need to pay attention to the name of the manufacturer. Today in Moscow and the region there are a lot of enterprises producing these products. Let’s dwell on the most famous and positively proven ones.

LLC “ZhBI-11”

The company entered the domestic construction market in 2001, so today it can already boast of decent experience in this area. The enterprise has solid production facilities, the largest in the Moscow region. All products meet the requirements of GOST, and their control is carried out at each stage of production. In addition, the company is distinguished by a flexible pricing policy and prompt execution of orders, and its main clients are construction companies.

The manufacturer helps customers navigate the assortment and choose the necessary products, makes an estimate and even goes directly to the site for additional consultations. The company has a solid vehicle fleet at its disposal, so even the largest order can be promptly delivered to any point.

The range of the manufacturer today includes road slabs, concrete fences, cast-iron hatches, storm grates, pipes and, of course, concrete rings and related elements. All rings are 90 cm high, and their diameters are 1, 1.5 and 2 meters, although it is possible to order rings with a diameter of 70 cm and a height of 0.5 m. The company also offers covers and bottoms for wells, rings with a bottom, and also rings with lock connection.

CJSC “Sodruzhestvo-YAP”

A large enterprise that has been manufacturing and supplying reinforced concrete products in Moscow and the region since 2001. Today the company is proud of the accumulated experience, production facilities and professionals who work at the enterprise. All products are of high quality, and the manufacturer offers a flexible pricing policy and good discounts to large customers. Delivery of products is carried out as quickly as possible, quality control is carried out by the production laboratory. The manufacturer adheres to all the rules of a complex technological process so that the products meet the requirements of GOSTs.

Today the company offers its customers concrete and sand concrete, as well as finished products: blocks, beams, base and road slabs, as well as concrete rings. Rings are made with different parameters: the height is 90 or 100 cm, and the diameter is 70, 100 and 150 cm. The company tries to constantly improve its products and expand its range through the use of modern equipment and strict control, from raw materials to finished products.

Production Association “Factory of concrete goods No. 2”

A modern enterprise that uses the most powerful equipment and conducts strict control of products, which ensures its high quality. At the moment, the company works around the clock, so it is able to fulfill any order, and thanks to its extensive vehicle fleet, it can be delivered to any point in Moscow or the region. The manufacturer offers the widest range of concrete, cement and plaster products, and takes a leading position in the region in terms of production volumes.

The company is equipped with advanced equipment, and the production process is almost completely automated. Real professionals monitor the production process. Among those products offered by the company, one can distinguish elements of foundations and fences, pipes, road slabs, as well as well rings, covers and bottoms. Concrete rings differ in diameter and height: for the arrangement of septic tanks, they offer products with a height of 90 and 100 cm, a diameter of 70, 80, 100, 120, 150, 200 and 250 cm.In addition, the company produces well rings with a bottom, which are also necessary for equipping septic tanks: with the same height, the diameter of such products does not exceed 200 cm. Rings and a quarter are also presented – products with grooves for convenient and sealed assembly, as well as rings with a bottom and grooves, separate covers and a bottom.

LLC “GorSnabStroy”

The company is considered a production association, as it was formed as a result of the merger of several production and trading enterprises, which happened in 2010. The company boasts its own modern production facilities, a considerable vehicle fleet, which includes specialized equipment, as well as high quality finished products, because they meet all the standards and requirements. The diversified manufacturer offers lumber, aerated concrete blocks, concrete mixes and a wide range of reinforced concrete products.

Well rings are presented in a wide range, and for septic tanks from the proposed ones are perfect those that have a height of 90 and 100 cm, and a diameter of 70, 80, 100, 120, 150, 200 and 250 cm.There are also rings with a bottom, with a lock , with a bottom and a lock, with a lid, separate lids and bottoms.

Production plant “concrete goods 24/7”

«ŽBI 24.7»The manufacturer uses modern equipment, strictly follows all production rules, which allows him to produce products that meet domestic and European quality standards. In addition, the company assists customers in product selection and provides round-the-clock shipment of materials. The range of the manufacturer includes reinforced concrete blocks, slabs, piles, slabs, steps, fences, pillars, as well as flowerpots, urns and, of course, well rings.

Concrete rings are presented in the widest range: you can choose a product with any required diameter and height. For arranging septic tanks, the company’s rings with a height of 90 and 100 cm, and a diameter of 70, 80, 100, 120, 150, 200 cm are suitable. The manufacturer also offers rings with a bottom, with locks, covers and bottoms.

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