Choosing bathroom furniture: 6 useful tips

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The bathroom is an important part of any apartment, since a lot of time is spent there. That is why you need to carefully choose not only plumbing items, but also furniture in order to create a comfortable and functional room. Of course, when the bathroom is spacious, you can install a normal chest of drawers or wardrobe, a laundry basket, a hanging cabinet, and even a cozy seating area. But if every square centimeter counts, then the choice of furniture in the bathroom should be approached with special attention, combine the functions of different objects, and use all the free space with benefit.

Before moving on to the peculiarities of choosing bathroom furniture, it is worth noting that all items should not only be attractive externally and fit well into the created interior, but also be of high quality, withstand high humidity, temperature changes and other negative factors. In addition, furniture should not be devoid of functionality. The modern assortment makes it possible to choose anything for the bathroom, with specified parameters, or even custom-made. There are, of course, modern developments, such as an anti-fogging mirror, but we will focus on more common and affordable items.

Council number 1. Choosing a bedside table under the washbasin

Surely, even in the smallest and most compact bathroom there is a place for a bedside table, which is installed under the sink. In fact, this is the only way to use this space with benefit, because otherwise it cannot be equipped in any way. And the cabinet has the function not only of storage, but also of direct support of the sink itself.

bathroom furniture

First of all, you need to pay attention to the material from which the bedside table is made. So, the chipboard, which is now popular, is not the best option, which will constantly have to be protected from the influence of moisture, which is basically impossible in the bathroom. Otherwise, in a year and a half, such a bedside table will lose its pleasant appearance and partially functionality. Much more reliable material will be MDF boards, the production technology of which is somewhat different from chipboard, which makes them slightly more resistant to moisture. By the way, the use of protective films and coatings can extend the life of such a product.

bathroom furniture 3

The fittings also deserve attention: it is better to choose products with chrome-plated handles, hooks and other elements. Otherwise, after a few years, the constant exposure to moisture will make itself felt, and all these elements of the bedside table, which previously served as decoration, will turn into ugly, rusted parts.

bathroom furniture 2

It is better if the bedside table, like other pieces of furniture in the bathroom, is on legs. In this case, it will last much longer, since moisture will not affect its base, which can get on the bathroom floor and form small puddles. It is easy to imagine what can happen to a bedside table, which will be constantly under the direct influence of water, and even if the room is unventilated.

bathroom furniture 4

The number of shelves and their very location in the bedside table can be different, and here you should rely on your own preferences and ideas about convenience. So, in the nightstand there may be several drawers, there may be just doors behind which shelves of different heights are hidden, or even baskets for laundry. If there is not much space in the bathroom, then you can put the sink in a corner and install a corner bedside table: this saves space and allows you to use it more effectively. By the way, if the shelves in the cabinet can be adjusted in height, this is a huge plus, because you can always adapt this piece of furniture to the size of any detergent or cleaning agent. Thus, the bedside table turns from a simple way to hide all communications into a spacious and functional storage place where you can put a lot of accessories used in a given room.

Council number 2. Think about the countertop

The countertop has recently begun to conquer domestic bathrooms, and until some time it was considered something unusual. Now, many have realized that she can turn the bathroom not only into a place where they take a shower, but also into a resting place where you can relax and take time to take care of yourself.

It is not necessary to decorate the sink with just a bedside table – you can use the countertop and arrange additional storage space around the sink. On it you can put those items that are most often used, as well as simply decorative things. The countertop can be of absolutely any size, and if the bathroom is not quite small, then the countertop can be several times larger than the sink. Under such a countertop, it is logical to organize a storage system that will replace all dressers, bedside tables, hanging cabinets and at the same time will look as attractive and neat as possible.

bathroom furniture 9

If you decide to equip your bathroom with such a multifunctional and aesthetic element as a countertop, then its choice should be taken seriously. It must be strong, reliable, durable and fit into the interior. Bathroom countertops are made from different materials. So, natural stone, and this, as a rule, marble, can have a glossy or matte surface, is striking in its durability and strength, resistance to any kind of damage, but at the same time it weighs a lot and is expensive. Countertops made of artificial stone, made of marble or granite chips connected with acrylic, are almost as good as their natural counterparts, but they are a little easier to scratch, but they are much cheaper, and outwardly the difference is difficult to notice.

bathroom furniture 10

Glass countertops can have absolutely any shape, they are moisture-proof, resistant to damage, and their inner side can always be pasted over with any tinting film. The disadvantages include fragility and the formation of lime stains from water, so this type of countertop has not found wide popularity. But MDF boards, which can be used for bedside tables and dressers, are not very well suited for countertops, because in this case it is easy to damage them, which can cause a gradual deterioration in aesthetic and strength characteristics. Oddly enough, wood is much more resistant to impact, especially when protective materials are used.

bathroom furniture 11

Council number 3. Which dresser is better?

If the bathroom is very small, then often the countertop will be inappropriate, and storage space is organized with the help of hinged shelves and dressers. Previously, the presence of a chest of drawers in the bathroom could be quite surprising, but today the trends have changed, and a chest of drawers is becoming as necessary as the shower or sink itself. Here you can put towels, personal care products, all kinds of cleaning and detergents and other items that may be needed in this room.

bathroom dresser

Chests of drawers, as a rule, have a small height, can be of any width and are made of different materials. In this regard, MDF is one of the best options that optimally combines cost and quality. It is not recommended to use such a material as chipboard in such difficult conditions, but wooden products are quite applicable, since they are treated with special impregnations, covered with protective agents, and as a result, it can last long enough, delighting with its attractive and expensive appearance. The simplest, cheapest and most moisture-resistant option is a plastic chest of drawers. But they are fragile and the large weight of all kinds of accessories will not withstand, and the assortment is not happy with the variety.

bathroom dresser 2

Please note that the chest of drawers can be not only straight, but also angular, and since the space in the corners, as a rule, is used irrationally, this is a great chance to make even a not very large bathroom functional. It is also important to pay attention to the fittings: the quality of handles, door closers, etc.

For small rooms, long tall cabinets, the so-called pencil cases, are more suitable: in them on the lower and middle shelves it will be possible to place things that are in constant use, and on the top ones – those things and objects that are used much less often.

bathroom dresser 3

Council number 4. We use hanging objects

In the bathroom, where there is already little space, you need to use all the space to the maximum. That is why you can use possible places on the walls. These can be corner shelves, all kinds of cabinets that are mounted in places where it is convenient to use them and where they do not interfere with people.

To take an object from a shelf or cabinet, you do not need to bend over, so such items will become especially convenient where elderly people live.

There are also shelves that are combined with a mirror. Behind the mirror, which visually enlarges the space, there is enough space for objects that are in constant use: toothbrushes, razors, cosmetics, etc. The only drawback of such mirrored cabinets is that the area of ​​the mirror itself is limited, which may not correspond to the idea of ​​a mirror with a large unusual shape. In addition, such a shelf nevertheless brings the surface of the wall closer, creating the effect of a slightly more modest space: a mirror, in this case, at least a little, but saves the situation.

Council number 5. Ready set

In the design of the bathroom, one must adhere not only to the principles of functionality and reliability, but also to aesthetics. Therefore, all pieces of furniture, plumbing must be combined with each other and with decoration. And since we are talking about furniture in this case, all objects must be in harmony with each other. If you don’t want to go shopping and choose suitable pieces of furniture that would also be just the right size, then you can take a closer look at ready-made sets. In this case, for sure, everything will be in harmony with each other, and the bathroom will be the standard of style.

bathroom furniture set

bathroom furniture set 2

bathroom furniture set 3

Council number 6. Little things and accessories

If storage space in the bathroom is sorely lacking, then you can use hooks on the walls and doors. Please note that all accessories (hooks, loops, handles, etc.) must be chrome-plated, because their gilded plastic counterparts retain their pleasant appearance for only a few months. All fittings, like furniture, must be reliable, chip-free, functional and free of visible damage.

bathroom accessories

bathroom accessories

Naturally, you should try to ensure that everything in the bathroom is harmoniously combined. Accessories give a touch of home coziness and a comfortable atmosphere. In Europe, bathrooms have long been decorated with paintings or photographs depicting landscapes, flowers or abstractions. In addition, plants and other accessories can be used in the bathroom, but the main thing is not to overdo it, and do not thereby deprive the room of functionality.

If space allows, then why not put a separate laundry basket or organize a small seating area with an armchair and a table. It is better to place such a corner away from water sources.


It seemed that choosing bathroom furniture was not so difficult, but it is important to take into account a lot of nuances.

  • Firstly, few people can boast of a spacious bathroom, so you will have to go shopping with a tape measure or make custom-made furniture.

  • Secondly, the bathroom is a room where humidity constantly reigns and temperature changes are observed, so all pieces of furniture must withstand such harsh conditions.

  • And, thirdly, the furniture must harmoniously fit into the existing interior, be as functional and convenient as possible.

Everyone chooses the color, model, shape of all cabinets and nightstands at their discretion.

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