Can you use an inflatable whirlpool in winter?

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Whirlpools are very popular. They provide relaxation and refreshment. Creating a real pool or even a luxury whirlpool is simply too expensive for many garden owners. The alternative: a high quality and inflatable whirlpool. But the inflatable whirlpools can permanently in operation taken and also used in winter? Sounds like a crazy idea.

Great demand for pools and hot tubs

Germans are crazy about pools. The swimming pools represent a little luxury that can be easily integrated into your own garden, balcony or terrace. A pool provides cooling in summer and serves as an oasis of well-being that drives away stress and tension. In recent years, however, many consumers have moved away from traditional swimming pools and are particularly interested in easier to install, inflatable hot tubs. The jets massage the back and the resulting water bubbles create a pleasant tingling sensation on the skin.

While hot tub use is widespread in the warm months, many hot tub owners are reluctant to use the hot tub in winter. In the following article we will explain the necessary conditions and show you how to make your hot tub winterproof. This is actually possible, and it can be definitely worth it.

It depends on the manufacturer and the material

First of all, it is important to know: When it comes to pools and their use, no general statement can be made. Is an inflatable hot tub really a good alternative to the real pool? As the saying goes: It depends! In this highly segmented market, a large number of companies have specialized in the manufacture and sale of inflatable whirlpools (including MSpa, Bestway, Intex, Arebos, CosySpa, Netspa, and many more).

Brand! What many do not know and use as a synonym: Not every hot tub is a Jacuzzi. A jacuzzi pool is its own brand and may only be designated as such by the original.

But back to the manufacturers of inflatable pools: As a rule, materials are used that do not Outside temperature of up to 4 ° C withstand. This is due to the fact that the water reaches its highest density at this temperature. If the thermometer continues to drop, the water expands and freezes. It is only from this threshold that the problems begin and the requirements for the pool material change significantly.

During the expansion of the water, ice crystals stick to the pool walls and can cause lasting damage to the inflatable pool. The effects of the weather make the fabric brittle, fragile and can even be completely pierced. This is due to the fact that the material is less stable at lower temperatures and is therefore prone to damage. However, some manufacturers have addressed this problem and launched inflatable hot tubs that can withstand the freezing temperatures. Through a strong UV coating and a frost-resistant protective layer neither wind, weather nor solar radiation have a chance.

In addition, high-quality inflatable whirlpools can be equipped with a system which the water automatically heats up to 3 ° Cas soon as the water temperature drops below 1 ° C. The prerequisite for this, however, is that the inflatable whirlpool must be switched on permanently. An automatic sensor then regulates the temperature.

What conditions are necessary?

It is advisable to study the manufacturer’s instructions carefully before purchasing a whirlpool. Most (cheap) whirlpools are not winter-proof. That is, if there is no clear note on the packaging or the manual that the Whirlpool winter-proof you should refrain from using the inflatable model permanently in winter.

The good news: Most of the best inflatable hot tubs currently available are suitable for winter as they are equipped with an anti-freeze system or similar technology.

Are there any reviews of inflatable hot tubs?

There are now numerous current test and comparison reports to inflatable whirlpools that can be used all year round. For example on our side, at Whirlpool King, at or at The Spruce (in English), as well as on many other reputable online platforms. In the clear comparison tables, you can compare all the important properties of the products with each other and thus find out your personal (winter-proof) test winner. The current whirlpools from MSpa, Bestway and Intex are almost always taken into account. These brands have been able to establish themselves strongly in recent years.

Unfortunately (as of the editorial deadline) there is still no official test report from the Stiftung Warentest, from Eco-Test and also from the international platform Wirecutter To date, nothing has been published in this product category.

The power consumption should not be underestimated

Important: If you want to use your inflatable whirlpool in winter, you have to be prepared for increased power consumption. The biggest power guzzler is the heating.

Since this has to work particularly hard in winter, the power consumption can be loud can quickly develop into the range of several hundred euros per year. In addition, the water cools down faster. Here you can with special Thermal covers and insulating pads counteract this in order to save electricity. A sheltered place can also be an advantage to keep the temperature of the water up.

Use the whirlpool in winter?  Crazy Idea or Feasible?

Can a normal inflatable hot tub be winterized?

In general, it can be said that an inflatable hot tub cannot be permanently secured against winter temperatures. Nevertheless, it is possible to positively influence the resistance of the material. You should heed the following tips and experiences:

  • If the hot tub was active during the day, the heat can be stored with a cover inside the hot tub.
  • Even if the outside temperature drops by a few degrees at night, the air below the shell has heated up so that the heat was transferred to the material. This makes it possible to reach the minimum temperature even though the outside temperature is much lower.
  • However, this method is not sufficient to compensate for temperatures below freezing.
  • Protective covers are also able to protect the material from damage. After draining the water, the whirlpool can be embedded in the protective coat and thus remain outside in winter.
  • If you have the option, you can build a wooden paneling around the pool or let the whirlpool in a wooden terrace so that it is completely protected and insulated.

Further measures for the winter

In addition, there are of course other ways and means of continuing to use the hot tub as an everyday escape in winter. For example, the whirlpool can be set up in the winter garden. Through the glass front, users can still enjoy the view of nature and garden enjoy and the pool will not suffer any damage. An original jacuzzi also enhances a winter garden. In the winter garden there is usually a cool freshness, but the temperatures are much higher than in the outside area. It is important to ensure that the temperature does not fall below the limit. In an emergency, you can help yourself with a radiant heater.

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