Built-in ironing board: 8 tips for choosing

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There are things that make life easier for every housewife. This includes the ironing board. It is much more convenient to iron clothes, curtains or bedding directly on the ironing iron, rather than on the table or floor. In the modern world, built-in ironing boards have been used for a long time due to a number of advantages, which we will talk about.

Types of ironing boards

First, let’s figure out what they are:

This is a classic model. It differs from an ordinary board by the fastening mechanism, with the help of which the device rises vertically. To improve the system, a structure similar to a cabinet is erected around the trowel, or it is bought immediately, taking into account the required dimensions

They are found in niches or in furniture drawers. Due to limited space, they can be folded several times. They are considered the smallest.

  • Built in wardrobe

They are reliable to use. They look beautiful and neat in the interior. As a rule, they are made to order, given the size of the furniture.

Installed in a niche behind a shelf or behind a mirror.

Such a structure is easily enough mounted to a wall or to a door, thanks to which the ironing device can be easily brought into working position, and after use it can also be quickly removed. Due to the fact that such a trowel is not hidden in the interior, it is usually installed in special cleaning rooms or, for example, in the bathroom. You can store board elements in different places, this will not affect functionality in any way.

Built-in ironing board design

Built-in ironing equipment folds up during use, so their design is rather complicated. Their execution consists of:

  • Supports. Mounts to the back of a niche or cabinet.
  • Folding mechanism. For long-term operation, the part must be made of good metal.
  • Ironing table top. It is made from both metal and wood materials, etc.

IMPORTANT: You need to fix the base well. It should easily support not only things when ironing, but also the weight of the board when folded

Countertop material

The main part of the trowel is the table top. It comes in different sizes, but the quality of workmanship is directly proportional to its durability. Materials for manufacturing can be:

  • Chipboard. Used for the production of inexpensive models. The working part of the ironing device made of such raw materials begins to exfoliate and creak under the influence of water and steam.
  • Waterproof plywood. The thickness of such a sheet should be 10-20 mm. The surface is covered with heat-resistant foil and then covered with a decorative element. It is considered the most common option for making modern ironers.

  • Perforated metal plates. Products made from such raw materials are heavy, but rather durable and strong.
  • Thermoplastic. Lightweight and durable material, resistant to deformation under the influence of high temperatures, which provides a longer service life.
  • Metal mesh plates. Products made from these raw materials are lightweight and convenient to use.

Optional accessories

Some of the trowels are supplied with additional parts. The more there are, the more comfortable ironing is. The following accessories will be useful in use:

  • Iron stand. It is usually made of heat-resistant metal. It is an obligatory attribute of the complete set. It can be of different types and shapes, with an attached socket, a wire holder. There are also options that fit the left and right hand. The video below shows several types of stands.
  • Small ironing board for sleeves. It is used for convenience and practicality. The shape varies slightly.

  • Extension socket. Compact and easy to use. Gives mobility to your actions. With built-in sockets, it is often supplied with a wire holder, which makes ironing more convenient and increases user safety.

  • Spare cover. Its fabric is usually heat resistant and sealed with a soft pad. Colors can be any.

How to attach the ironing board?

The mounting method depends on the type of built-in ironing board chosen. If the board is in a pull-out furniture drawer, then the fastening is made thanks to the support structure. As a rule, it always comes with the kit. The height of the pull-out shelf should not be higher than one meter, otherwise, this will significantly complicate the ironing process. Its dimensions are proportional to the size of the box.

The folding type of ironing equipment is built into a wall or cabinet. The table top is connected to the metal frame and is equipped with a folding device. This method of fastening ensures the strength and stability of the board. This product is quite simple to hide. On the wall, it is placed in a special niche or frame, on top of which a decorative door or panel can be hung.

IMPORTANT: It should be remembered that the fixing elements must be made of quality materials to create a reliable fastening system

Advantages and disadvantages

It is not rational to choose built-in devices for ironing clothes in appearance. You need to familiarize yourself with their advantages and disadvantages.

The pluses include:

  • Saving space. An excellent solution for small apartments
  • High level of practicality. If the product is made of high quality materials, this device will serve you for a long time.
  • Ease of operation. Due to the various designs, the board can be easily brought into working position and just as easily folded back.
  • The ability to fit into any interior.


  • It is difficult to find suitable furniture for built-in ironing surfaces. As a rule, it is made to order, and it will cost much more than the finished one.
  • Inability to move around the apartment. For example, you like to iron things and watch your favorite movie at the same time, but there is no TV nearby. For you, this point will be negative.
  • High price. The price of this design will be higher than that of the classic model.

IMPORTANT: The disadvantages of the built-in ironers are quite relative, and the high price is fully justified by the quality and functionality

DIY ironing board

If you know how to use tools, then you will definitely have no problem making an ironing board yourself. First of all, it is necessary to prepare a niche where this “system” will hide and determine its size. For work you will need:

  • Plywood, chipboard or other material for the frame.
  • Cloth fabric.
  • Chromed tubes.
  • Bolts (for upholstered furniture).
  • Guides and handles for them.
  • Flange.
  • Plate for fixing lock.
  • Clipped bolt.

The following devices are also useful: a drill, a screwdriver, a milling machine, an electric jigsaw, a stapler.

Then we just follow the algorithm:

  • Once you have everything ready, start drawing the countertop.
  • Use a jigsaw to cut the part and a router to trim the edges.
  • Use a stapler to secure the fabric to the workpiece.
  • Next, you need to make a frame for installation. The depth is calculated based on the chrome tube size and the thickness of the back wall of the niche or cabinet.
  • Then you need to install a jumper in the frame, which should rotate easily. In this case, it is best to use bolts specifically for upholstered furniture. This jumper is attached to the guides from the inside, on the other hand, a handle is installed. Fold the corner where the handle and plate are located inward and attach to the frame.
  • Next, fix the center tube fasteners in the middle.
  • Then collect the remaining system from the tubes and start pulling the guides. The correctness of the construction angle depends on them, which should be 90 degrees.
  • Install the countertop. Latches can be used for safety.
  • The final stage will be the installation of a door or sash.

Selection recommendations

When buying a built-in float, we advise you to pay attention to the following components:

  • The folding mechanism must be of high quality. This is a fundamental detail. If it is not reliable and made of bad metal, do not buy it. Such a board will not last long.
  • Support quality. Solid support guarantees reliable operation of the trowel not only in working condition, but also when folded. And if it is done poorly, then the product can fall out of the niche or cabinet and injure the one who will be nearby at a certain moment.
  • Weight. For good fixation and safe use of the ironing surface, you need to take into account the thickness of the wall to which the product will be attached and the weight of the structure itself.
  • Stability. In working position, the trowel must be well fixed. Ironing safety comes first.
  • Equipment. Check with your dealer for any additional accessories included.

If possible, check out several models, even if they seem very similar.

Instead of output

Ironing is an integral part of the daily life of many people. This process should be as comfortable and safe as possible. That is why everyone needs to independently decide on the choice, taking into account their needs, capabilities and preferences. A meticulous approach and knowledge of the important parameters of the built-in ironing board is the guarantee that you can buy exactly what you need. Happy choice!

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