Basic requirements for a modern kitchen

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Original design, compliance with the style of the interior of the room and practicality are the three main requirements for a modern kitchen. Its ability to meet them, in turn, depends on the quality of the materials used in the decoration and equipment, as well as the equipment installed. In this case, special attention should be paid to the work surface and sink, which largely determine the appearance of the headset and the kitchen as a whole.

The main types of countertops

The most stylish and practical solution for a modern kitchen is faux stone countertops, also sometimes called composite countertops. By combining a number of outstanding performance characteristics, they have virtually supplanted all others. Only products made of natural stone can compete in terms of durability and appearance, but their cost will be significantly higher

All composite countertops are hydrophobic, i.e. do not absorb moisture, are resistant to most detergents and grease. Moreover, depending on the filler used and the manufacturing technology, they can acquire additional properties.

Two types of products are most widely used now – acrylic and quartz. The main advantage of the former, made from a mixture of minerals and acrylic resin, is the ease of thermoforming the material at the manufacturing stage. This allows us to manufacture countertops of almost any shape, including custom-made ones, and to realize the wildest fantasies of the designer. For example, a countertop can smoothly transition into a wall panel, bar counter, window sill and even form a single whole with a sink made of the same material. In addition, in this case, a very wide palette of colors is available.

Quartz countertops have their own advantage – they are much closer in characteristics to natural stone, therefore they are distinguished by higher strength and resistance to thermal and chemical influences. In particular, it is possible to place dishes that have just been removed from the hot plate directly on the work surface without a support. Scratching a quartz countertop, unlike an acrylic countertop, is much more difficult, and boiling water can be poured into a ceramic granite sink without first opening a tap with cold water. It should be borne in mind that it is not easy to form and transport products from a quartz agglomerate, and complex solutions are not suitable for them. With a long length, a quartz work surface, unlike an acrylic one, will not be seamless.

Kitchen sink options and shredder compatibility

The kitchen sink is usually matched to the color and texture of the countertop, although in some cases it makes sense to add a little contrast by choosing an accessory from a different material and a different shade. Acrylic sinks can be cut-in and cast together with the countertop, while composite sinks are always a separate product placed in a previously made hole in the work surface.

If desired, the composite sink can also be glued inside the countertop. However, it is almost impossible to do this at home, since it will be necessary to make a perfectly accurate cut, and then close the seam using a special compound. It should also be borne in mind that if you plan to install a heavy waste shredder in the sink, then constant vibration can cause separation of the sink and the countertop.

Fortunately, the latter problem can be easily solved by choosing the right disposer.

One of the two leading manufacturers of waste crushers, the American concern Anaheim Marketing International (brand Bone Crusher), took into account current trends and mistakes of the founder of technology – Emerson company (brand InSinkErator). As a result, when creating products under the Bone Crusher brand, emphasis was placed on high rotational speed, and laser balancing of the engine made it possible to minimize vibrations generated by the device. The Bone Crusher is also lightweight, which, combined with the aforementioned properties, makes it possible to fit any type of kitchen sink. The range of products and advanced technologies of the company can be found on the official website

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