Artistic parquet: varieties, selection, installation, care

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Long-term evolution of parquet art – artistic “palace” parquet. The transformation of old ideas, a symbol of luxury, wealth and exquisite taste. Artistic parquet is not only for creating a classic style, such a covering will be an effective decoration for any interior. The cost of this type of parquet is quite high, but due to its durability and aesthetic qualities, you should pay attention to it when choosing a floor covering.

Artistic parquet basic concepts

A floor covering that has a complex subject composition in an ornamental or mosaic design is called art parquet. Its peculiarity is that it consists of different types of wood at the same time. With the help of separate elements that differ in color and appearance, a solid canvas is formed with an unusually beautiful image.

Types and features

The variety of images on the parquet includes monograms, heraldic symbols, genre scenes and individual components. Geometric parquet consists exclusively of rectangular planks. Dvortsovy – elements of free form, complex storyline.

Modular “panel board”

Modular parquet is a prefabricated structure of regular geometric shape, consisting of individual wooden planks. This type of parquet is connected according to the thorn-groove principle into a single canvas with a clearly repeating pattern. It is better to lay such parquet in rooms with a small area or oblong rooms with a large number of decorative elements.

The advantages of this parquet: multilayer structure, a large assortment of patterns, installation is easier and quick, affordable cost, excellent performance of the material.

“Power socket”

One of the most complex ornamentation is considered to be a “rosette”, consisting of round, oval, square or other geometric elements based on monograms, animals, plant or floral motifs. In the manufacture, various types of wood are used, differing in color and direction of fibers. In the store they are purchased as a whole composition.


This type is used to divide one space into several zones or as edging of individual elements in the interior. “Border” emphasizes the shape of the room, outlining the contours with geometric ornamentation or vegetation, the lines of which are intertwined.


“Craquelure” – gives the artistic parquet an aged look. The manufacturing technology uses the method of applying cracks, scratches, abrasions to the floor surface.

Manufacturing methods, materials and texture

The technology for the production of decorative parquet elements is complex and time-consuming, but thanks to modern equipment, it speeds up the process of making even the most complex patterns on the flooring. Parts are produced using laser technology with high precision cutting of complex geometric shapes. The drawing is applied to the blanks thanks to computer design, then the choice of wood species is made, the most popular are oak, ash, walnut, exotic – mahogany, wenge, then the necessary parts are cut out to create a specific image. Ready-made modules or as separate elements with an assembly scheme are supplied to the retail network.

There are several techniques for creating a pattern from wooden elements:

  • “Marquetry” is the essence of the mosaic technique, first, parts are made from different types of wood, a pattern is applied to the shield, then the elements are glued to the base according to a given pattern. If the idea of ​​the image is quite voluminous, then several modules are glued at once, and when they are laid they are assembled into a single picture.

  • “Intarsia” – to create an image, an array of wood of a certain species is taken as a basis, grooves are cut out. Each element of the drawing is made separately from other species based on the sketch. In the future, all elements are cut into the base directly during installation, forming a full-fledged image. The assembly of this type is done by hand and requires high craftsmanship and is the most valuable floor covering.
    The advantage of this type, durability and the possibility of restoration.

  • “Inlay” is a way to add elegance and shine to the coating; for this, metal or stone inserts are used in the pattern.

  • “Grafier” is an old technique, such a floor covering can be found in palaces and historical buildings nowadays. During the production process, a gutter is cut out in the massif, which is filled with valuable natural material, amber, metal, wood dust and others.

Rules for choosing artistic parquet

When choosing an artistic coating, you need to pay attention not only to the drawing, but also to the technical indicators.

  1. A combination of material in color and texture. It is better to exclude sharp transitions in color, contrasting combinations. Harmonious, subtle transitions will give the picture a unique look.

  2. The dimensions of the images on the cover. Large and bright paintings will ideally decorate bright rooms with a small amount of furniture.

  3. You should purchase additional items such as: plinth, inserts, glue, underlays and others.
  4. Assess quality indicators, product integrity, related documents, warranty card.

Advantages of natural wood parquet

  • one of the important advantages is durability. Subject to the rules of maintenance, it will last for several decades, and the ability to restore it will extend its service life.
  • restoration of the original appearance to the decor by sanding and coating a protective layer.

  • use of natural natural material – wood, an environmentally friendly material for humans and the environment.

  • the coating allows you to absorb extraneous sounds, and also has thermal insulation properties.
  • possesses high decorative and aesthetic qualities, such a coating will emphasize the style and taste of the owner and give the interior a zest.
  • universal flooring is used in homes, apartments, as well as offices, showrooms, palaces, residences.

Styling features

In order to install parquet flooring in a quality manner and without errors, it is necessary to study the instructions in detail and strictly follow all the prescribed requirements for the laying technology.

  • Preparation of the base. The first thing that needs to be done is to prepare a rough base, that is, before installing the parquet, the base must be clean, dry, strong and perfectly flat, the permissible deviation is 2mm per 1m2. To do this, it is leveled with the help of special building mixtures, such as a self-leveling liquid floor. Then the surface is sanded, cleaned of dust and primed. The base can be either a concrete screed or a wooden surface.

  • Laying the parquet on the screed is carried out using a special glue, but only after the concrete surface has completely dried, after about 4-6 weeks. The glue is selected according to the type of wood and material specification; it can be dispersive, synthetic, two-component, polymer.

  • If the installation is carried out on moisture-resistant plywood, it is recommended to pre-mark and lay out the parts. The works are carried out at a temperature of + 18 ° C and a humidity of 40-60%. In order to exclude the possibility of squeaks and parquet coming off, it is necessary to divide a standard plywood sheet into 4 parts. Fasten the plywood with self-tapping screws, and so that the seams of the plywood and the parquet do not coincide, they should be positioned in different directions, for example, if the base is laid straight, then the parquet is placed diagonally and vice versa. Parquet modules can be glued-free using the tongue-and-groove system, but the glued connection is more reliable.

  • Laying parquet flooring. Before laying, it is imperative to make an expansion joint of 1 cm between the wall and the floor. The next step is to apply glue to the surface and ends of the strips using a notched trowel. After that, the parquet floors are pressed and fixed, and the excess glue is removed. It is worth remembering that the assembly of artistic parquet should be done according to the attached diagram. For a tight connection, the parts are knocked out with a special rubber hammer. Further work is carried out a week after the glue has dried.

  • Grinding and protective coating (varnishing). After the laying work is over, we proceed to sanding, making the coating even and smooth. Then the dust is removed with a vacuum cleaner and we proceed to the varnishing stage. Before applying varnish, the floor is primed. It is recommended to purchase one brand of primer and varnish. When choosing a varnish, you should pay attention to the base: water, solvents, polymer resins and others. Varnishing protects the parquet from moisture and mechanical stress. A varnish is applied from 3 to 9 layers, with each subsequent complete drying of the layer, about a day. After 1-2 months, the coating gains full strength and you can proceed to the arrangement of furniture.

Care and restoration

Thorough care will provide the decorative coating with a long service life, and the possibility of restoring the natural floor will still delight you for more than a dozen years. Since wood is whimsical and does not like exposure to water and dry air, you should remember the general recommendations:

  • do not use harsh abrasive detergents, alcohol, gasoline, thinner.

  • if water is spilled onto the surface, remove immediately. Carry out damp cleaning with a soft cloth or vacuum cleaner.

  • minor mechanical damage (scratches, abrasions) are removed with a wax pencil.

  • special rubber caps are purchased for furniture with legs.

  • During the heating season, it is recommended to supplement the air humidification with a special device.

  • once a month you can apply a protective wax-based polish.
  • to give the parquet its original appearance, restoration work is carried out, removing the old layer of varnish, putty, polishing and applying a new layer of varnish.

TOP 5 manufacturers of decorative parquet in Russia and Belarus

Today Russia is a worthy competitor to world-class leaders. Russian manufacturers have seriously succeeded in the production of art parquet of varying complexity and design. Due to the fact that the production sites are located in Russia, it was possible to achieve a reduction in the cost of parquet boards. Based on the sources available to us on the Internet, in the opinion of sales agents, consumer reviews, experts in the installation and operation of this type of parquet, we can single out several leading manufacturers:

  • The company “Artparket” is the # 1 manufacturer in Russia for the production of floor coverings and development, sales of wooden products from floor to ceiling, provide design projects and installation services. Own production on innovative equipment, the manufacturer manufactures products with maximum precision of details. Provide a large catalog of products: art parquet, solid wood flooring, block parquet, multi-layer parquet, sports floors and related products. With the help of the ART parquet Design program, you can independently participate in the development of a selection of exclusive parquet floors.

  • Domestic manufacturer of art parquet “Russian Classics”. The company’s activity is based on the manufacture of complex decors of floor coverings: rosettes, borders and others. The company’s designers and specialists draw inspiration from the works of famous masters of art in such styles as Empire, Baroque, etc. The manufacturer produces some of the parquet elements exclusively by hand. The company develops and expands its range of products in the field of flooring.
  • Parquet factory “Coswick” (Belarus) is a foreign enterprise, the production line is located in Minsk, based on Canadian capital. Full production cycle from A to Z, which allows you to fully control the process of all stages of the production of parquet boards, guaranteeing the quality and high level of finished products. The production program consists of the production of: solid board, classic parquet board, modular and block parquet. Other finishing materials: ceiling and wall panels, decking, related products.

  • The production of exclusive parquet flooring from the Green Wood trademark is due to the equipment of the plant with Austrian equipment. There are three parquet production plants on the territory of the Krasnodar Territory. The first line of production is solid board, the second line is parquet board and Elite parquet flooring. The third line is the production of decorative parquet.
  • Da Vinci brand is an international company for the production of floor coverings: solid board, block parquet, art parquet, mosaic. Produced in Europe with a wide range of assortments and are suitable for commercial and private facilities. Production is also located in Russia. The products are checked for quality in accordance with European standards. The manufacturer’s warranty reaches up to 25 years.
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