Android apps crash: you can do that

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Apps determine our everyday smartphone life. It’s just a shame if the programs close again immediately after starting – completely automatically. Your Android apps also crash? We explain why this is and how you can solve the problem.

From André Gabriel

Your Android apps crash without you doing anything? Don’t worry, other users are also familiar with the problem. For example, Google search, applications such as TikTok and Tumblr and apps from various banks are affected. Fortunately, Google knows the main reason and is officially communicating a simple solution.

Apps crash: Android system WebView is to blame

The technological troublemaker is in most cases called Android System WebView. The software works with Chrome by making sure that other applications can display their web content.

The reason for the crashes is a bug in the software, which should run normally on new versions of Android System WebView and Google Chrome. In other words: two updates are often enough if, for example, your Android apps crash. If the problem cannot be resolved in this way, we have further recommendations for you.

App updates: Update on the Samsung Galaxy

Are you using a Samsung device and individual Android apps crash? In the first step you should bring Google Chrome and the system app Android System WebView up to date. To update the applications, do the following:

1. Open the settings.
2. Select “Apps”.
3. Tap the magnifying glass in the upper right corner.
4. Enter “Android System WebView” in the search field.
5. In the results, tap on “Android System WebView”.
6. Select “App Details in Store”.

You should now be in the Google Play Store. Select “Update” there and wait until the process is complete – the version number should be at least 89.0.4389.105. To effectively prevent certain Android apps from crashing, you can also carry out the steps with Google Chrome.

You are not being offered an “update” option for the Play Store app? Then tap on the three dots in the upper right corner and press “Automatic updates on”. Then restart the smartphone and check whether the affected Android apps are still crashing.

First alternative: force a stop

Sometimes, forcing an Android app to quit is enough to fix a crash problem. Sounds like a contradiction in terms, but it can work. To do this, proceed as follows:

1. Open the settings.
2. Tap on “Apps”.
3. Select the affected app.
4. Tap “Force Stop”.

Then you exit the settings and open the corresponding Android app, which hopefully no longer crashes.

Clear app data, empty memory and cache

If Android apps crash, deleting the saved app data can help. To do this, switch back to the app menu in the settings, tap on the application concerned, select “Storage” and finally “Delete data”. Since you then have to set up the app again, you can alternatively or additionally (if the data deletion does not lead to success) completely remove it from the smartphone and reinstall it from the Google Play Store.

Exhausted RAM can affect the functionality of apps – and even encourage crashes. To clean up the memory, open the device maintenance in the mobile phone settings, tap on “RAM” and select “Clean up”. If you can’t find the menu, just use the search – it might say “Battery and device maintenance”, for example. You can also use the same menu to reduce the (internal) memory – but manually.

To manually clear the cache of an app, search for it in the settings and select “Storage” again. Then you tap on “Empty cache” and wait for the automatic process.

Android apps crash because of missing permissions

It is not without reason that this tip comes last. In and of itself, no app should cause serious problems just because you have revoked certain permissions. Of course, the complete scope of services depends in part on it – for example, a photo app usually has to access your camera. But a system crash shouldn’t be one of them.

If you feel that the restricted permissions are causing Android apps to crash, think about an alternative first. There is none? In that case you can open the app menu again, select the relevant application and tap on “Permissions” to approve the previously denied permissions.


1. Your Android apps crash? As a rule, you have to update the Android System WebView and Chrome.
2. The problem persists even though both versions are up-to-date? Force a stop through the settings.
3. From deleted app data to emptied cache: You have further options in the event of app crashes.
4. Even not granted permissions can cause affected apps to crash on startup.


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