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It doesn’t always have to be a brand new iPhone 13. Apple itself offers so-called refurbished iPhones, and dealers such as SATURN also sell used iPhones as B-goods. We have put together all the advantages and disadvantages of refurbished devices for you.

What does refurbished mean?

An important piece of information right at the beginning: Apple is not yet offering refurbished iPhones for sale in Germany – unlike retailers such as SATURN – but is limited to Macs, iPads, iPods, Apple TV and accessories.

In the USA you have already made further progress, where you can already buy refurbished iPhones. These are mostly returns. These are examined by Apple for possible errors and brought into a condition that is well above the normal used status. In addition, the Californians sell refurbished products with a one-year guarantee, if you wish you can even extend this via AppleCare.


Anyone who opts for a refurbished iPhone can get a real bargain.

Apple ensures these points during a general overhaul

  1. Full functionality check.
  2. If modules are defective, they are replaced during the process.
  3. Refurbished products have been thoroughly cleaned and checked.
  4. Devices are repackaged (including manuals, cables, etc.).
  5. Products contain the originally installed operating system or sometimes a newer version.
  6. Before it is sold, there is a final QA check.
  7. The QA test follows the same technical guidelines as the test for normal products.

Advantage: Significant savings beckon

The biggest advantage is of course the lower price, you can usually expect savings of around 15 percent. An example: The 12.9-inch iPad Pro (5th generation) with 128 GB of storage now costs at least 1,199 euros from Apple. If you opt for the refurbished variant (4th generation), only costs of 799 euros will be incurred. The savings are similar with other devices. Thanks to the certification by Apple, you also have the certainty of receiving a fully functional product with complete documentation. In addition, every device is subject to Apple’s high quality standards.

Disadvantage: area hidden and mostly older generations

One disadvantage is that they are mostly a bit older products. And: In Germany, the group still does not sell any refurbished iPhones. It is not known when Apple will include these in the program. Not really negative, but a bit unfortunate: The area is pretty hidden on Apple’s website and is not advertised aggressively. In other words: Anyone interested in a refurbished iPad or other products is unlikely to find this area. And if so, it was probably more by chance.

Buy B-goods at SATURN: These are the advantages


SATURN also sells iPhones cheaper as B-goods.

Already knew? You can also buy B-goods at SATURN – and at a significantly lower price compared to the recommended retail price. B-goods are used devices that have been technically comprehensively tested and reconditioned. Means: The device itself works perfectly, includes a new charger and new headphones, but may show minor signs of use such as small scratches.

The advantages are obvious: you can save a lot of money with B-goods – and still don’t buy a pig in a poke, but from a dealer who professionally processes all B-goods and deletes the data of the previous owner in accordance with DIN certification. In the course of more sustainable consumption, you are also doing something for the environment and contributing to a more careful use of resources with your purchase.

B-goods buy now at

This is how you can recognize a refurbished iPhone

ios model number

You can use the first letter of the model name to check whether you have a refurbished iPhone.

You may have bought a used iPhone somewhere and are now wondering whether it is a smartphone that has already been refurbished? You can check that for yourself pretty easily.

  1. Go to “Settings> General> Info”.
  2. Now make a note of the first letter of your model number.
  3. You can tell from the letter whether it is a refurbished iPhone.

M = iPhone was bought directly from Apple
F = iPhone has been completely overhauled by Apple or a service provider
P = iPhone was sold as a personalized device with engraving
N = iPhone was exchanged for a faulty iPhone as a replacement device


  1. Apple sells refurbished products.
  2. In Germany, Macs, iPads, iPods, Apple TV and accessories are available refurbished.
  3. A refurbished iPhone is available in the USA, but not (yet) in Germany.
  4. Average savings are around 15 percent.
  5. All products are sold with a one year guarantee.
  6. Apple guarantees full functionality and new packaging.
  7. Also at SATURN you can buy iPhones cheaper as B-goods.
  8. Usually only older generations are completely overhauled.
  9. Based on the model number, you can tell whether it is a refurbished iPhone.


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