A house from a bar – the cost of building with your own hands

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Wooden houses are a kind of return to the origins of sustainable construction. After all, only wood will help create a unique natural microclimate in the house. And in some cases, it does not even need to be finished, because the house will turn out to be beautiful and without design frills. But how much does it cost to build a house from a bar yourself?

First of all, you need to estimate the costs of buying a turnkey house so that you can understand how much you will save by building on your own. Also, in the calculation, consider that you will need to buy a land plot for individual housing construction (you can see the prices here), that is, already with completed documents.

Why timber?

Reasons why they decide to build a house from a bar:

  1. It will always be warm inside such a house, since the design is distinguished by high energy-saving indicators.
  2. Wooden walls absorb moisture, and then release if the air becomes dry, which ensures a healthy microclimate.

  3. The timber is resistant to decay, insect and fungal attack thanks to a special antiseptic impregnation.

log house

What kind of timber is used in housing construction?

When deciding how much it costs to build a house from a bar, the type of building material must be taken into account:

  1. Not glued profiled. The products are provided with grooves that ensure tight joints. This bar also has a low shrinkage rate. In a house assembled from ready-made elements according to the principle of a constructor, natural ventilation is provided. This type of material is considered the most budgetary.

  2. Profiled glued beams. How much does it cost to build a house from laminated veneer lumber? It is twice as expensive as non-glued one – due to the fact that the material undergoes more technological operations during the preparation process, including drying, profiling, fire retardant and antiseptic preparation. Such a house is assembled quickly, because all the details are fitted with maximum geometric precision. In addition, it does not need additional finishing work. However, most of the projects made of laminated veneer lumber are typical. A forced ventilation device is also required.

  3. Thermobeam. This is a glued profiled beam, supplemented with polystyrene foam – insulation. It is characterized by minimal shrinkage and can be operated in the temperature range up to -50 ° C. The material is not considered “breathable” and is 20% more expensive than laminated veneer lumber.

log house 2

How building elements affect cost

Naturally, you will not be able to calculate how much it costs to build a house from a bar yourself if you do not have a project. It is cheaper to purchase a standard project that has already been tested by developers. The project necessarily considers aspects such as the area of ​​the house, the style of the building, the arrangement of rooms and utilities. Further work is carried out sequentially:

  • analysis of soils on the site, selection of a suitable type of foundation;
  • foundation erection;
  • circuit device, the first crown;
  • assembly of a log house;
  • sub-floor installation;
  • roof erection;
  • outdoor insulation;
  • ceiling device;
  • installation of doors and windows;
  • laying of engineering networks.

log house 3

The final stage is finishing. If the house is made of laminated veneer lumber, then it can be started immediately. In all other cases, take a 6-month break to shrink at home.

At each of these stages, various building materials are used, on which the final estimate will depend. By building a house on your own, you will save as much as the work costs, but only on the condition that you are able to organize and execute everything correctly.

log house 5

Construction stages and materials

For houses from a bar can be used:

  • pile;
  • pillar;
  • strip foundation.

Accordingly, the estimate includes the costs of piles, reinforcement, concrete, material delivery. The level of foundation deepening is taken into account without fail – in most cases it is 500-600 mm.

log house 4

As for the walls, the cost in this case depends on the complexity of the project and the type of material used. As a rule, they charge 50% more for the manufacture of components from European raw materials. The purchase of a kit for the construction of a typical log cottage will be twice as cheap as the installation of a “turnkey” building. But not only the manufacturer of the timber affects, but also the parameters of the material profile.

The type and height of the roof being erected are also important – the amount of lumber used depends on it. The cost of a suitable roofing material is also taken into account.

And one more thing – in order to save money, you can wait until the end of the season and buy materials at the sale profitably. But it’s up to you whether you are ready to stretch the project that much.

7 interesting projects of houses from a bar

When building a house from a log house, you can not reinvent the wheel and not spend a lot of time and money developing your own project, but use a ready-made one that will meet all the requirements as much as possible. Here are some interesting and completely different projects of houses from a bar that you may definitely be interested in.

# 1. House project “Family”

One of the simplest, but at the same time effective options for a house from a bar. This is a project of a one-story house, which is perfect for both a family vacation outside the city, and for permanent residence there. All the necessary premises are arranged here compactly enough and thought out so that in the end the construction does not take away unnecessary financial and time resources, and the finished house is functional and convenient.

The project provides for the presence of a small entrance hall that leads to a spacious living-dining room and a bathroom. Next to the living room there is a small kitchen, the purpose of which is only to prepare food, and it will be possible to have breakfast, lunch and dinner in the dining room with large windows, it, moreover, has an exit to the terrace, so in the warm season, dinners can be moved and there. The project provides for the presence of three bedrooms, each of which can be turned into a nursery. Each bedroom has a huge corner window to make the most of the natural light. But that’s not all. There is also a place for a sauna, which can be accessed from the bathroom. An excellent option for a country house.



# 2. Country house project “Terem”

Another wonderful home option for a large family who prefers to relax together. A house built according to such a project will be comfortable and will become a real decoration of any suburban area. On the ground floor there is an entrance hall and a dressing room, where not only all the necessary things can easily fit, but also some accessories for performing garden work. The decoration of the first floor is a spacious living room, which plays the role of both a relaxation room and a dining area, since it is connected to the kitchen. In good weather, you can move your meal to the veranda, which is accessible from the kitchen. In addition, on the ground floor, the project provides for the location of a spacious bathroom with a sauna, which will be an excellent place to relax. Also, on the first floor, one bedroom is provided.

A staircase leads from the first floor to the second. On the second floor, it is proposed to arrange three bedrooms: it is convenient when there are always many guests in the house or when the family is large. The versatility of this house project lies in the fact that it is perfect for both suburban construction conditions and as permanent housing within the city.




No. 3. House project “Dachny”

The layout of the house according to this project is great for building it on a summer cottage. It will take up a minimum of space, only 7.5 * 10.5 m, but its layout allows you to compactly arrange all the necessary zones. The entrance to the house leads to a vestibule, which leads to a spacious living room. Unlike many other projects of a house made of timber, there is a separate kitchen with a dining area, which is not combined with the living room. From the kitchen and living room, doors lead to the terrace for outdoor dining – ideal for summer cottages, and ready meals are not far from the kitchen. In addition, the first floor has a bathroom and two small bedrooms.

In the attic there are two more bedrooms and a spacious balcony where you can also relax in the warm season. An excellent option for those who like to spend time in a large company, because there is a place for everyone in this seemingly not so big house.



No. 4. House project “Zhukov”

A comfortable and economical house that looks more than solid on the outside. Thanks to its well-thought-out layout, the house can be either a permanent year-round dwelling or a country house for a seasonal stay. It provides everything you need for life. On the ground floor, a significant place is occupied by the kitchen-dining room, which can accommodate a considerable number of people. There is also a bathroom and a boiler room, and a staircase leads to the second floor. There is a spacious bedroom and a living room that can turn into another bedroom at night. A spacious balcony is provided on the second floor, which can become another resting place.




No. 5. House project “Compact”

This project provides for the construction of the most compact and functional home, which is suitable for a small family. Its area is 57 m2, of which the living area is 33 m2. A distinctive feature of the house is a spacious covered terrace that can be used as a resting place. The house itself has a small entrance hall, a spacious living room with a kitchen and a dining area. There is also a small bedroom, bathroom and sauna. Large windows make the room bright and cozy. Thanks to the original facade, the house will become a decoration of the site.



No. 6. House project “Chic”

An excellent house for a large family, which can become a decoration of a suburban area or play the role of permanent housing. For a comfortable stay, there is everything you need and even more. The facade of the house is stylish and attractive and the layout is perfect. The first floor includes a spacious entrance hall that can accommodate all the necessary things for the whole family. The huge bright living room opens up to the kitchen. The kitchen area allows not only to cook food there, but also to dine there. There is a door from the kitchen to the terrace, which is very convenient, because you can very quickly take out all the prepared dishes for a snack in the fresh air. In addition, the spacious ground floor allows you to freely place there a boiler room, a bath, an office and a garage – an excellent option for business people who value comfort in everything.

A staircase connects the first floor with the second, which has an entrance hall and three very spacious bedrooms with huge windows. The peculiarity of the project is the second light, i.e. there are no ceilings above some of the premises on the first floor, and the ceiling of the second floor becomes the ceiling for them. This technique allows you to make the interior of the house more spacious, airy and light.




No. 7. House project “Surprise”

Before us is a project that will become a real find for all those who like to relax interestingly and profitably without leaving home. It is perfect for a suburban area, but more than fit for permanent residence. The total area is over 280 m2, and the main feature of this house is the presence of three floors. So, the basement floor includes a sauna, billiard room, bath and a number of auxiliary rooms.

On the ground floor there is a spacious living room, a huge kitchen dining room with access to the terrace: the project, like many others, provides for a simple and quick exit from the kitchen to the air to organize dinners there – you don’t have to go around the whole house with plates. Also on the first floor there is a bedroom, a bathroom, a dressing room and a hall with a staircase leading to the second floor. There are two more bedrooms and a bathroom. Such a house is a great option for all occasions.





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