A bed for three children: 6 tips for choosing

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Children are always happiness, joy, pleasant chores and positive emotions. The more children there are, the more grace there is in the home. With the appearance of each child, the parents face the question of their placement, because each child is a person and he needs his own space. Arranging a room for one child is not so difficult. It is a little more difficult to arrange two sleeping places in one children’s room, but what if there are three children in a family, and there is one room for them? A specially designed bed for three children will help organize space and solve the problem of lack of free space. It remains only to get acquainted with the assortment and selection parameters.

Baby bed designs

The children’s room is usually divided into three areas:

  • rest zone;
  • game Zone;
  • work zone.

If children can easily share the play and work area among themselves, then each child should have his own sleeping place. When organizing a bed, it is very important to take into account the individuality of each child. This question becomes much more complicated when there are three children, and the dimensions of the room remain the same. Here manufacturers of modern children’s furniture come to the aid of parents. Currently, a huge assortment of baby beds is produced, both factory-made and on order. How to understand all this diversity? The first step is to know what kind of bed designs exist, their advantages and disadvantages.

Structurally, there are only two types of cots:

  • single;
  • multi-tiered.

Everyone knows what single stand-alone beds are, and if the area of ​​the children’s room allows, of course, they are installed, since they are considered safer and more convenient to use than multi-tiered ones. On such beds, children do not interfere with each other during sleep, getting off their tier.

To save space in the children’s room, autonomous beds are equipped with drawers for linen and toys, and bookshelves, due to which additional dressers and lockers are not required. Such beds differ only in design, in some accessories and parameters.

What is a modern bunk bed for three children? This is a structure in which sleeping places are located on several levels. It is from the method of their arrangement that the subspecies of multi-tiered beds stand out:

  1. Three-tiered – a standard type of bunk bed, assuming the placement of berths one above the other. Such a bed really saves a lot of space, but its placement is advisable only in rooms with high ceilings. Another disadvantage of such a bed is associated with the high location of the upper tier, which can be unsafe for the child and requires additional help from parents.

  2. All three berths are located at different levels, but not one below the other.

  3. Two berths are located at the bottom, one at the top.

  4. Two berths upstairs, one downstairs.

  5. Pull-out berth – one berth is located under the lower bed and, if necessary, slides out from under it.

  6. Matryoshka bed. When assembled, such a structure is a chest of drawers. If necessary, the beds are pulled out one after the other, forming a so-called staircase. This is a very compact model, but it has its drawbacks. Children are forced to climb onto such a bed in turn and can interfere with each other’s sleep.

When choosing models with pull-out beds, you should pay attention to the flooring. It must be abrasion resistant. If there is a rug or other rug next to the bed, care must be taken to ensure that it does not obstruct the bed.

Whichever design you choose, it should be comfortable and comfortable. These qualities are ensured by a properly selected mattress base. They can be of different types and differ functionally. There are three types of bases:

  1. The simplest, but not the best blank foundation. The sleeping area is a blank sheet of plywood that is not orthopedically correct and does not provide sufficient ventilation for the mattress, which creates an excellent environment for the development of pathogenic microorganisms that can provoke various diseases.
  2. Rack base. Represents wooden slats, located at some distance from each other. On this basis, the mattress is provided with good ventilation, but the orthopedic effect is not obtained.

  3. The best is the orthopedic base. It is made according to the rack and pinion principle, in which the slats are replaced by curved lamellas. This design provides good ventilation and due to the cushioning capacity of the lamellas, an orthopedic effect is created.

In addition, bed designs differ in terms of completeness with additional elements:

  • drawers for storing bedding and underwear, toys and bedding. Such boxes are present in almost all designs, if there is free space under the lower bed;

  • built-in wardrobe. This is a handy device that saves a lot of space in the room, especially if several wardrobes are built into the bed. Often it is located under the upper bed, but there may be various options;

  • boxes for linen made in the form of a ladder to the upper tier. This design is large enough and very roomy;

  • desk. Can be installed near the bed of the lower tier if the other two beds are located upstairs;

  • folding table. This device is located on the side of the bed. A very functional fixture. It can be used as a table for writing, eating or playing. Due to the peculiar design, it allows rational use of the space of the children’s room.

  • shelves for books and toys. Their location can be completely different.

When buying a bed, you can choose the necessary components or order additionally. By purchasing such a complete set, you save even more space in the children’s room.

In addition to design features, the choice of bed is influenced by the materials from which they are made.

Bed material

Materials for the manufacture of children’s furniture must be durable and meet safety standards.

  • For small children, cots are made of wood. The types of trees used are oak, beech, birch, pine.
  • Teenage beds can be made of metal. Metal is a cold material and can disrupt a young child’s sleep when touched. In addition, the tree is considered safer.

Whatever the material, it must be hygienic, non-toxic and moisture resistant in order to withstand frequent wet cleaning.

Bed safety

As you can see, the variety of beds is quite large. How to choose the right model from it? You need to be guided by the fundamental principles of choosing a crib:

  1. First of all, the bed must be safe for children.
  2. The bed must match the dimensions of the child’s room.
  3. Take into account the individual characteristics of children.
  4. Functionality.
  5. Harmony.

Let’s start with security.

The bed is necessary in order to provide babies with a restful sound sleep, and none of its features should affect the health of the child. When choosing a bed, you need to pay attention to:

  • Bed design. It must meet all safety standards: be stable, withstand the required weight, at the upper levels there is a mandatory sidewall to prevent the child from falling out. Be sure to pay attention to the reliability of the butt joints of the bed elements. They must be tightly fixed.

  • The materials from which the bed is made and paints and varnishes must comply with GOSTs for children’s furniture.

  • The bed should not smell anything. Smelling materials can cause allergic reactions in children and cause sleep disturbances.

We take into account the individual characteristics of children

The choice of bed is influenced by the age, height, weight, gender of the children and personal preferences.

If the children are of different ages, it is necessary to proceed from the safety rules; it is not recommended to have children under 5 years of age on the upper levels. In the case when all three children are preschool age, it is worth purchasing a bed with a pull-out system. So, the upper level will be at a safe enough height.

There is no such restriction for teenage children. The bed will have a larger size and more discreet colors than a bed for babies.

The gender of children can affect not only the color palette and the choice of the overall style of the bed, but also the entire structure. So, boys and girls can be at different levels and the location of the sun loungers depends on which children of which gender. It should be borne in mind that the separation of girls and boys can be different partitions, cabinets, shelves and lockers.

Dimensional parameters are influenced by the weight and height of children. The child on the lower level should sit quietly in its place, without touching the head of the crib from above. The length of the berth should be such that the child in the lying position does not rest on his feet and does not have to curl up in order to fit in the bed. It should be borne in mind that children grow up quickly and when choosing furniture, one must either calculate its use up to a certain age, or take a bed obviously more with the expectation of growing up.

When choosing a bed, it is necessary to clarify how much weight it can support. The same applies to the stairs to the upper tier.

Bed functionality

Previously, we looked at accessories that can be built into the bed. The higher the functionality of the chosen design, the more space can be saved in the space of the children’s room.

Bed style

Finally, they reached the point that the bed should harmoniously fit into the filling of the nursery. Each child may have different preferences and priorities. Taking them into account, the design of the room is made out, and the sleeping area is selected. Naturally, she should flow into this composition.

The bed can be decorated both in the same style and for each child separately using some common decor elements.

If necessary, you can decorate the bed yourself. It will be very exclusive and very interesting. In addition, children can be involved in this creative activity.

To choose a really good bed, parents should pay attention to safety and geometric parameters, and otherwise consult with your children, take into account their personal qualities and preferences, then this will be their favorite resting place and the bed will serve not only as a resting place, but will make your family stronger and more friendly.

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