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Creating the correct lighting scheme for a room is a very difficult task, in solving which it is important to take into account a lot of factors. Bedroom lighting has many features: it should be comfortable, uniform, sufficient, but at the same time dim and diffused to create an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation. It is necessary to provide not only basic lighting, but also functional near the bed and mirror, as well as decorative, if it fits into the interior of the bedroom. A huge selection of lighting fixtures, made in various styles, provide a real scope for imagination, but it is worth considering a few rules and useful tips.

# 1. We take into account the size of the bedroom

When choosing luminaires and their attachment points, it is important to take into account the size of the room first. The larger the bedroom, the more carefully you will have to select lighting items so as not to leave any corner of it in the shade. But the task is not much easier if the bedroom is small, because in this case it is important not only to correctly place all the lamps, but also to choose sufficiently compact options. The size of chandeliers, floor lamps and other appliances should be proportional to the area of ​​the room.

bedroom lighting

The bedroom provides several types of lighting. Basic should be in any case, and it is provided by a chandelier on the ceiling. It is also important to provide lighting in the bed area so that it is convenient to read. Sconces, small table lamps or even floor lamps are suitable for this. If there is a mirror in the bedroom, then lighting must be created around it so that it is convenient to tidy oneself up. If you have a rather large cabinet, you should think about its internal lighting. In addition, if the bedroom has an armchair that serves as a cozy reading corner, or a desk, then lighting must be provided at these points as well.

Decorative lighting plays a special role in the bedroom: spotlights on the ceiling, podium lighting, candles, bedside lamps – all this creates a certain atmosphere and brings comfort to the rest room, while giving a dim diffused light.

bedroom lighting 2

# 2. Basic lighting

Basic or basic lighting must be provided in any case. It is necessary to create uniform and sufficient light in the dark, but it should not be too bright, because the necessary level of light for reading, working or personal care creates functional lighting.

It is better if the main lighting is diffused, which is achieved by directing the flow of light into the ceiling or the upper part of the walls. You can also use dense shades that scatter light enough so that it does not hit your eyes. Another good option is to use spots, the direction of the light from which you can change at your own discretion. Ideally, for a bedroom, use a dimmer, with which you can adjust the power of the central lighting.

main bedroom lighting

As for the location of the central lighting, it is traditionally arranged in the geometric center of the room. This is a great option, whose convenience has been tested by time, however, designers advise another way. So, basic lighting can be created in the center of the space above the bed.

If the height of the room is not very high, then it is better to use the most flat lamps. If the bedroom is catastrophically low, then the basic lighting can be created with the help of several lamps hung just below the ceiling on the walls at the same distance from each other.

main lighting of bedroom 2

No. 3. Bedside lighting

The second most important thing in the bedroom is the bedside lighting. Its need for an explanation does not need, because often before going to bed in bed you want to read, finish some business with a laptop, etc. Bedside lighting can be organized using sconces, recessed or table lamps, as well as using floor lamps. Naturally, if the bed is designed for two, then the lighting items are purchased in pairs.

bedroom bedside lighting

The main rule that should be adhered to when arranging this type of lighting is sufficient brightness to provide comfortable conditions for reading, but at the same time, the flow of light should not interfere with the spouse sleeping next to it. To ensure such a requirement, it is necessary to select dense and diffusing lampshades: with their help, the luminous flux is directed down to the bed. The lamp should rise about 60 cm above the bed level – in this case, it will not dazzle people in the room.

It is better to place a sconce at a height of 1.5-2 meters from the floor. By the way, lamps on retractable brackets are perfect for the bedroom: they are attached either to the wall or to the head of the bed.

No. 4. Mirror lighting

A mirror in the bedroom is an important and necessary attribute, especially if this room belongs to a girl or a married couple. Serves as a mirror to help in applying makeup, as well as so that you can look at your reflection when trying on a particular outfit, and not constantly run into the hallway.

It is necessary to illuminate the mirror even if it is located near the window. Illumination from both sides with the help of a sconce can be called ideal. You can also use a lamp located on top of the mirror exactly in its center, or built-in lighting.

lighting mirror in the bedroom

No. 5. Cabinet lighting

If there is a wardrobe in the bedroom, and its dimensions are decent, then it will be much more convenient to find the necessary things if you equip it with your own lighting. Of course, you can do it yourself after installing the cabinet, or you can choose a model with built-in lighting, where the light will turn on automatically when the doors are opened, like a refrigerator. When choosing, you need to pay attention so that the lamps do not get very hot during operation.

lighting cabinet in the bedroom

No. 6. Workplace lighting

When the bedroom is combined with an office, it is necessary to provide lighting for this area. A desk lamp is best suited here, but since the desk will still be located in the bedroom, the lamp may not have a very strict look. At the same time, it is not bad if all the lamps in the room are in harmony with each other and make up a single composition.

lighting table in bedroom 2

lighting table in the bedroomSome bedrooms have space for a reading chair. In this case, it is also better to provide lighting near it. The best option is a floor lamp, but depending on the style of the bedroom, its size and layout, wall sconces may also work. Another modern option is a luminaire with a flexible leg.
lighting table in bedroom 3

lighting table in bedroom 4

No. 7. Decorative lighting

Lighting items can do an excellent job of decorating, and they can be used in a bedroom of any size. In small rooms, thanks to the correct additional lighting, you can visually expand the space, as well as place accents and create the necessary atmosphere.

Decorative lighting can be done in one of the following forms:

  • spot lighting of the ceiling. If a multi-level stretch or suspended ceiling is used in the bedroom, then it can be illuminated with point light sources, which will create an interesting interior, and the ceilings will appear higher. Another option is to use multiple colors to illuminate the ceiling. A little imagination, and in the bedroom you can give any mood, create a real starry sky above your head;
    decorative lighting in the bedroom

  • you can illuminate with the help of spot lighting the podium on which the bed is located, if there is one in the bedroom. When you turn on this backlight in the dark, it will seem that the bed is floating in the air. An alternative is to create lighting in the floor around the bed, the effect is the same;
    decorative lighting in bedroom 2

  • illumination of a niche, sculpture or painting, if they play a special role in the interior of the bedroom. In this case, rotary luminaires, which provide directional light, are best suited;
    decorative lighting in bedroom 3

  • nightlights today are presented in such a variety of shapes, colors and sizes that they can become a real decoration of the bedroom during the day and create soft light at night;
    decorative lighting in bedroom 4

  • candles fit perfectly into the interior of any bedroom. By themselves, different in color and size, they already become a decoration of the room, and if they are lit, a truly cozy atmosphere reigns in the bedroom. Candles can be grouped, placed in lanterns, candlestick chandeliers, transparent vases, etc. In addition, you can come up with a lot of other options for lighting the bedroom, for example, using garlands.

No. 8. Lighting and interior style

In addition to the fact that all the lamps in the bedroom must be in harmony with each other, they must also fit into the created interior. Lighting items are that important trifle, the right choice of which can create a complete harmonious interior, add zest to the room, and the wrong one can ruin even a well-thought-out design.

For a bedroom decorated in a classic style, massive chandeliers are suitable, the lamps of which imitate lighted candles. You can complement such a chandelier with appropriate floor lamps and sconces. Also used are chandeliers coated with gold or silver, with crystal pendants. A lantern-style chandelier with ornaments and pendants will perfectly fit into the oriental interior.

bedroom classic style

Minimalism involves the use of spotlights, small chandeliers or lamps on a long wire. You can use lighting objects that are quite unusual in shape, but without pretentiousness and frills, lamps with flexible legs are perfect.

bedroom minimalism

Chandeliers and lamps in the form of geometric shapes, straight and curved lines perfectly fit into the high-tech style. Chandeliers are also used that combine a whole scattering of small lamps on one plafond. A distinctive feature of the style is asymmetry, the use of metal, plastic, glass and stone.

high tech bedroom

In country and Provence style, lamps with a fabric shade or lamps stylized as kerasin are perfect. Luminaires with wrought iron or vines are also used. You can create a harmonious interior using this technique: make shades from the same textiles as the curtains and bedspread.

bedroom provence

№9. Lamp type

For the bedroom, you can choose any of the existing types of lamps:

  1. incandescent lamps are the cheapest, familiar to many of us, but at the same time very uneconomical, although they give a pleasant warm light, which is needed for the bedroom;

  2. fluorescent lamps are much more economical and give a pleasant diffused light. In addition, such lamps are durable, but for the bedroom it is better to select those that give a warm white light to create a pleasant cozy atmosphere;

  3. halogen lamps can give diffused or directional light, therefore they are suitable for general lighting and for directional lighting. In the bedroom you can use pendant, swivel, recessed, spot halogen lamps. Also popular are lamps that create the effect of a starry sky. Halogen lamps are more economical than incandescent lamps and have a longer service life;

  4. LED lighting is a leader in terms of efficiency. In addition, such lamps give a soft glow and provide a huge scope for design fantasies.

types of lamps

If you want to make your bedroom as comfortable, functional and modern as possible, you can consider using the remote control. With its help, you can not only turn on and off the lighting in a certain area of ​​the bedroom, but also adjust its intensity without leaving your place.


In the bedroom, it is especially important to create the right lighting that will meet a number of requirements. It should be soft so as not to irritate the eyesight, but at the same time, in certain areas of the room, it should be made brighter for comfortable reading or other activities. At the same time, it is important to choose the right lamps for the interior style, make sure that they are in harmony with each other, and supply them with lamps of the appropriate type. An important role is also played by the way the lighting is controlled: the switches should be in convenient places, and it is best to use dimmers to adjust the light intensity.

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