9 tips for choosing the firmness of your mattress

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Every day we spend 8 hours in a dream, and if we are very lucky, even more. This fact should be enough to wisely approach the organization of a sleeping place. First of all, we are talking about the choice of a mattress, because it depends on it how comfortable you will sleep. The main thing to pay attention to is the firmness of the mattress. A product that is too soft or too hard will harm the spine and blood vessels. Alas, there is no ideal degree of rigidity for all – when buying, you need to use an individual approach. How to choose the firmness of the mattress and what factors need to be taken into account, let’s try to figure it out together.

“The tougher the mattress, the better” – myth or truth?

There is a popular belief that sleeping on a hard surface is incredibly beneficial. The most desperate are promoting sleep on the floor or on boards. In fact, it is just as harmful as sleeping on a sinking old bed.

If the mattress is too soft, the spine receives insufficient support and becomes unnaturally bent (seen in the image). The result of such a dream is back pain due to muscle strain and even shortness of breath due to compression of the lungs. Sleeping on too hard a surface also leads to curvature of the spine, with the greatest stress on the shoulders and hips, and the lower back does not receive sufficient support. After a night on such a mattress, do not be surprised by muscle pain. Due to the incorrect position of the spine, the vessels are pinched, therefore such a “rest” can bring a headache, numbness of the limbs and a feeling of fatigue.

It turns out that if both hard and soft mattresses are equally harmful, then manufacturers should only make products of average hardness, and then everyone will be comfortable. No, it’s a little more complicated. The choice of the optimal level of hardness depends on a variety of factors:

  • age;
  • weight;
  • health status;
  • preferred sleeping position.

Those. for one person, a soft mattress will be harmful, and for another – the optimal solution. What determines the firmness of the mattress? From what is inside him. Springs are available in varying degrees of stiffness and sizes. Much also depends on the type of filler, and in springless mattresses, filler generally plays a decisive role. For example, coconut coir and horsehair are much tougher than polyurethane foam. By adjusting the thickness of the filler, you can achieve the required stiffness.

Sleeping age

One of the most important factors is the age of the person for whom the mattress is purchased, since the spine requires different support at different periods of life.

  1. For newborns, a firm springless mattress is optimal, since the skeleton is just being formed. If you take a product that is too soft, you can get posture problems and curvature of the spine.

  2. For children aged 1-3 years, you can take a mattress of medium hardness without springs.

  3. For children 3-12 years old, medium firm mattresses with or without springs are also suitable.

  4. From the age of 12, it is important to take into account the individual characteristics of the child, his body weight and the state of the musculoskeletal system.

  5. Until the age of 25, the spine continues to form, therefore it is not recommended to sleep on soft mattresses. An excellent choice is a spring or springless product of medium hardness. If you have problems with being overweight, then you can take a hard mattress.

  6. People 25-50 years old should focus on body weight and health status – different types of mattresses are suitable.

  7. The older the person, the softer the mattress he needs, because after 50 years it is better not to sleep on hard products, preferring products of medium hardness and soft mattresses.

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Sleeper weight

The mattress should support the person’s spine during sleep, adjust to the sleeper and relieve muscle stress during sleep. The more a person weighs, the more serious support will be needed, i.e. the more body weight, the more firm the mattress should be chosen.

  1. Slender people weighing up to 55 kg are suitable for soft and medium-soft mattresses. Latex, polyurethane, struttofiber are usually used as fillers. The mattress can be with or without springs.
  2. For people weighing 56-90 kg, mattresses of medium firmness with an independent spring block are excellent. The filling is chosen based on personal preference.
  3. Hard mattresses are ideal for people weighing over 90 kg. You can opt for springless models. Coconut coir is considered the toughest filler. Horsehair and latex will be slightly less stiff. Spring mattresses are also suitable, but if there is excess weight, it is better to take a product with a reinforced spring block – this will withstand solid loads.

Health status

If you have serious problems with the musculoskeletal system, it is better to discuss the choice of a mattress with your doctor. General recommendations will be as follows:

  • with severe pain in the lumbar spine, firm mattresses are contraindicated. It is better to stop the choice on soft and medium hardness products;
  • for problems in the cervical and shoulder spine, it is better to choose a harder mattress;
  • in case of osteochondrosis and posture problems, the doctor will most likely recommend a harder orthopedic mattress.

Sleeping habits

The choice of the firmness of the mattress is influenced even by the pose in a dream, which a person most often takes. If you prefer to sleep on your back or on your side, it is better to take a mattress of medium hardness, and those who like to lie on their stomach should look towards more rigid products.

The right mattress for a couple

You are lucky if you and your significant other are in the same weight category and do not have problems with the spine, but there are often situations when the requirements of two sleepers for one sleeping place are completely different. What to do in this case? There are several ways out:

  • take a mattress, the two parts of which have different degrees of rigidity. This option will cost more than usual, but everyone will be comfortable;
  • if you can’t find a product with the right combination of sides, you can buy two single mattresses and combine them under a common mattress topper. The border, of course, will be felt, but it is clearly better than someone else sacrificing their health and sleeping on the wrong mattress;
  • buy a model with double springs. In such mattresses, smaller springs are hidden inside the springs with a larger diameter. External springs work when a light or medium weight person lies down, and when the load increases, small springs start to work.

How to make the mattress harder or softer?

The firmness of the existing mattress can be slightly changed:

  • if the product begins to seem too soft to you, you can purchase a patch with coconut coir filler;
  • to soften the mattress, pads with foam rubber are used.

An old and completely inappropriate mattress in terms of rigidity cannot be corrected by such methods, but if only minor adjustments need to be made, then these methods work.

How to evaluate the firmness of a mattress?

It is useful to know all the selection criteria, but in the store you can get confused. Which mattress is considered soft, which is hard, how to compare several products correctly? To assess the characteristics of a mattress, look at what it is made of. Products with an independent spring block most often have medium rigidity. Springless models with the presence of a coir layer will be stiff, and the thicker this layer, the higher the stiffness. The softest is polyurethane.

In many stores, the degree of hardness is already indicated so that it is convenient for you to compare different models. You can ask a consultant for advice, and you can sit down and evaluate several mattresses in order to understand which one suits you best.

The best manufacturers of hard mattresses

As you know, the manufacturer is responsible for quality by its name. When it comes to organizing healthy sleep, it is better not to save money and entrust the choice of products to a trusted company. Among the best manufacturers, it is worth noting:

  • Ormatek is a major domestic manufacturer that claims more than 3.5 million Russians sleep on the company’s mattresses. Products are produced in different price categories, different rigidity and size. Finding the right model will not be difficult;

  • Ascona is a Russian company that is part of a large European holding. The manufacturer’s mattresses are manufactured taking into account stringent safety and quality requirements. The modernization of production has made it possible to reduce the cost of products, therefore it is available to a wide range of consumers. The assortment includes mattresses with different types of filling, with and without springs, different sizes and degrees of rigidity;

  • Lonax is a relatively young company that has managed to establish itself. The production uses German equipment. For the manufacture of mattresses they try to use natural fillers (latex, coir, etc.). As part of the production there is a research center where new models are developed;

  • MaterLux – Italian mattresses produced since 1945. The products are of the highest quality, but they also cost accordingly;

  • IKEA is a brand that is familiar all over the world. The company produces not so many mattresses as manufacturers specializing in their production, but everyone can find a suitable model. The prices are quite low.

Again, do not forget to take into account the doctor’s recommendations in case of problems with the spine.

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