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As wide as the choice of flooring is, sometimes paint is the best option. This option is only suitable for wood and concrete floors. Painting protects the floor from negative influences and improves its decorative qualities. What paint for concrete and wood floors is better to choose from the huge number of options presented?

# 1. Main selection criteria

You can simplify your choice if you clearly define the initial data in advance. So, the main criteria for choosing floor paint are:

  • floor paintfloor material. For wood and concrete surfaces, the list of suitable materials will vary;

  • for wooden floors, the texture of the wood is important;

  • for concrete floors, it is important where the work will be done. If this is a living space, then attention should be paid to the toxicity indicators of the paint;

  • conditions for painting and further operation. The choice of the composition is influenced by the presence or absence of ventilation in the room, the level of humidity. Some paints, such as epoxies, can only be applied in a well-ventilated area. If painting is carried out outdoors, it is important that the material withstands the effects of precipitation;

  • floor loads.

# 2. What paints are suitable for wood floors?

floor paint 2Wooden floors are covered with paint, mainly in order to increase the wear resistance of the material, protect it from moisture, mold and mechanical stress. If the coating is not applied, then even the highest quality wood is unlikely to last more than 2-3 years. To protect the wooden floor, varnishes and paints are used. The latter are of interest to us. Paints are inexpensive, easy to apply and are able to revive and transform the interior of both a country house and a residential city apartment.

The following paints are best suited for treating wooden surfaces:

  • acrylic;
  • oil;
  • enamel.

No. 3. What paints are suitable for concrete floors?

floor paint 3Concrete floors also require additional paint finishing, although they demonstrate record strength and durability. Without it, dust will always be present on the coating. In addition, an unpainted concrete floor does not look very attractive, to put it mildly. The following paints are used to paint concrete floors:

  • epoxy;
  • special compounds for concrete floors;
  • acrylic;
  • polyurethane enamels;
  • less commonly used alkyd-urethane, acrylic-silicone and latex.

Painted concrete floors are now used not only in industrial premises, but also in residential ones, incl. in hallways and bathrooms.

No. 4. Acrylic paint

floor paint 4Acrylic paints are suitable for painting both wood and concrete floors. A material is prepared based on acrylic resin, dye pigment and water. They can be matte or glossy, there are a lot of color options. The paint will provide reliable protection against mechanical and chemical influences. It is convenient to apply it both with a spray gun and with a brush. It will take more material to paint a wooden floor than to process a concrete one of the same area, because the tree is more porous and will partially absorb paint.

Main advantages:

  • resistance to moisture, high and low temperatures, UV rays;
  • fire resistance;
  • vapor permeability;
  • non-toxicity, absence of pungent odors and high drying rate;
  • ease of application and maintenance;
  • durability (up to 20 years);
  • large selection of colors.

By the combination of properties, acrylic paint is an excellent option both for painting floors in an apartment and outside. The only drawback is a higher price than other types of paints, but numerous advantages and durability more than cover this drawback.

No. 5. Alkyd paint

floor paint 5Another good option for a wooden floor is alkyd paints. They have excellent resistance to moisture and UV rays. The basis of these paints is alkyd resins and vegetable oils, sometimes special additives are used. The group of alkyd paints includes oil and enamel paints.

Until recently, oil paints were used everywhere, but now they are used quite rarely, and the low price of the material bribes buyers to a greater extent. It is also worth noting that oil paint can be matte or glossy, it creates an excellent barrier to liquid penetration and is easy to apply. The coating has more drawbacks: a pungent odor, a long drying process, fire hazard, instability to chemicals and not the highest durability.

Enamel paints are significantly superior in performance to oil paints. They will become reliable protection for a wooden floor from all kinds of influences: moisture, sunlight, etc. After application, the material dries very quickly, the surface is durable and easy to clean. Among the minuses, it is necessary to note the fire hazard and toxicity during operation.

No. 6. Epoxy paint

Epoxy paint is often used to paint concrete floors and is mixed with the two components right before application. Among the advantages of the material:

  • phenomenal abrasion resistance;
  • strong and incredibly durable coating;
  • resistance to any atmospheric influences;
  • resistance to chemicals;
  • excellent adhesion to concrete;
  • the color remains unchanged for a long time;
  • environmental friendliness.

floor paint 6The main disadvantage is the small range of existing shades. In addition, you will have to mix the components before applying. If after a while you decide to change the color of the floor, problems may arise. Due to its properties, epoxy paint is used for painting the floors of parking lots, workshops, workshops, and in residential premises it can be used for painting the floor on an open balcony.

No. 7. Polyurethane enamel

floor paint 7The coating is used to paint concrete floors and usually also involves premixing the components. Due to its properties, it can be used for painting indoors and outdoors.

Main advantages:

  • resistance to negative environmental influences, incl. high humidity and sunlight;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • mechanical and physical density;
  • perfectly smooth surface;
  • profitability.

With all its advantages, polyurethane enamel is rarely used, as it requires a long drying period – up to 14 days.

No. 8. Rubber paint

floor paint 8Rubber paint recently appeared on the modern construction market and immediately impressed with its amazing properties. The coating can be applied to almost any surface, incl. concrete and wood. The material is made on the basis of polymers, due to which it receives such distinctive performance qualities:

  • resistance to moisture and sunlight;
  • elasticity;
  • impact resistance and abrasion resistance;
  • durability, the paint is not prone to cracking and peeling;
  • profitability.

The coating can hardly be called cheap, but in operation it shows itself really well. If the first rubber paints had a characteristic odor, now manufacturers have worked on this shortcoming and have been able to eliminate the unpleasant odor.

No. 9. Top manufacturers

When choosing a paint, the name of the manufacturer also means a lot. Decent materials are produced by both foreign companies and domestic ones. Let’s dwell on the best of them.

TOP 5 world manufacturers of floor paints


TikkurilaThis Finnish company, which has existed for over 150 years, is a recognized world leader in the production of paints and varnishes. The range of products is constantly growing, new technologies are being introduced to produce higher quality and wear-resistant coatings. For floor painting, the manufacturer has a whole series of Betolux paints that are suitable for wood and concrete surfaces. There are more than enough color options.


DuluxAnother leader in the paint industry. This British company today boasts 26 production facilities located on 4 continents. Dulux paint is used to paint surfaces in homes and industries around the world, and is used to paint the most important structures: the Sydney Bridge or the Olympic Stadium in Beijing. It’s not even worth talking about the huge range of paints. The manufacturer’s lineup has a ton of options for painting wood and concrete surfaces.


DUFAThis renowned German manufacturer has been on the market since 1955. Its paints are environmentally friendly, wear-resistant and are presented in a wide range. The manufacturer is constantly improving the production technology, improving the quality of the product. Production is carried out in several European countries, and is sold almost all over the world. For floor painting, the company offers polymer enamel, alkyd and acrylic paints.


BECKERSThe Swedish company BECKERS positions itself as a manufacturer of the most environmentally friendly paints. The products are widely known throughout Europe, as well as in the domestic market. An integral part of production is a research center, where work is constantly underway to improve the characteristics of paint and varnish coatings. The range includes Golvfarg V series paint for concrete surfaces, wood paint and Akrylatfarg paint for outdoor concrete and wood surfaces.


PolisanA large Turkish company, whose products are widely represented in the domestic market. In terms of value for money, this is one of the best options. The range of the company has a lot of options for various types of coatings, incl. and for painting wood and concrete floors. The choice of coatings of the manufacturer is constantly expanding, and the quality is improving. The company prides itself on producing only materials that are safe for human health.

TOP 5 domestic manufacturers of floor paints


EMPILSThe history of this enterprise goes back to 1897, when tin and iron were produced here. Later, production changed its profile several times, until in 1991 it began to manufacture paint and varnish coatings. Today it is one of the largest domestic manufacturers in its field. The products are produced under several brands, for any type of surface and with different properties. For painting floors, paints are presented in a series for wood and mineral surfaces.


SvyatozarAnother good domestic manufacturer of paints and varnishes, known on the market for over 20 years. In terms of quality, the products do not differ from imported ones, but their price is much more profitable, which was the reason for the increased demand for the company’s paints. The assortment is wide, so you can find any floor covering you need.


SINTEPOLReliable manufacturer of a wide range of paints. All coatings are durable, produced on modern European equipment using foreign raw materials. Among the company’s clients are the largest enterprises and government agencies of the country. The assortment includes paints for concrete floors and wooden surfaces.

Paints and varnishes plant “Oliva”

The enterprise has been operating since 2004, equipped with modern equipment, and has a research laboratory in its structure. The company closely cooperates with foreign colleagues, which allows it to use the best world achievements in the field of paint production. At the same time, the cost of products is noticeably lower than for similar imported goods. Among the wide range of manufactured products, paints occupy a leading place. Whole series of coatings have been developed for covering concrete and wood.

KVIL paint plant

KVIL paint plantA large domestic manufacturer that dates back to 1993. Produces a huge number of various paints and varnishes, satisfying virtually all areas of use. A huge selection of materials is available for painting concrete and wood surfaces both indoors and outdoors.

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