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Someone still has fresh memories of Soviet paper photowall-paper, which usually depicted forest glades or exotic waterfalls. They quickly burned out, torn and were afraid of water, which made them abandon the idea of ​​using such a decor in the kitchen. Today the situation has changed dramatically. It is enough to choose a material on a suitable basis and with a protective coating, and you can safely use photowall-paper in the interior of the kitchen, because they allow you not only to bring in a certain mood, but also to visually correct too small, low or uncomfortably large spaces. What is important to consider when choosing, and which drawing will be the most appropriate?

# 1. Photo wallpaper basis

A kitchen in which someone is constantly cooking something is always splashes of water, grease and dirt. Their greatest concentration is in the working area, therefore, it is not recommended to use even the most wear-resistant wallpaper in the area of ​​the kitchen apron. Most often, a part of the wall near the dining table is decorated with a similar finish. In any case, the wallpaper that will be used in the kitchen should be as dense as possible, moisture resistant, withstand the influence of sunlight and washing with a damp sponge, since splashes in the kitchen are inevitable, and they fly everywhere.
wallpaper in the interior of the kitchen

The top layer of photo wallpaper must be treated with special protective compounds, paints must be moisture resistant, but the base material is of greatest importance:

  • paper wall murals are inexpensive, breathable, but are not at all adapted to difficult kitchen conditions. True, the designers found a way out here too. Such panels can be glued in the apron area and covered with glass – it will turn out beautifully and reliably;

  • photomurals on a fabric basis are no less environmentally friendly than paper ones, but they will not tolerate constant moisture. The options are the same: either do not use it at all in the kitchen, or hide it under glass;

  • Non-woven photomurals are more expensive, but they are durable, durable, resistant to fading, they are breathable and can be washed. This is the best option for the kitchen;

  • vinyl-based wall murals also have excellent performance. They can withstand high humidity, retain their color for a long time, are subject to wet cleaning, are durable and can even hide minor wall imperfections. Their only drawback is that they do not “breathe”, but since photowall-paper is not used as an independent finish, but is combined with other materials, this drawback does not reduce the popularity of this type of coating. Therefore, both non-woven and vinyl are suitable as the basis for photo wallpaper for use in the interior of the kitchen.
    photo wallpaper in the interior of the kitchen 3

The technology for creating photowall-paper involves applying a pattern with different types of paint. In the kitchen, it is best to use products printed with ultraviolet inks, which perfectly reproduce natural colors and are resistant to moisture, grease, many chemicals and sunlight. Wall murals printed with eco-solvent ink will be cheaper. They also withstand washing, constant exposure to ultraviolet rays, abrasion resistant, but the first days after gluing give off a specific smell.
wallpaper in the interior of the kitchen 2

# 2. Wallpaper surface type

By type of surface, photowall-paper is divided into:

  • smooth;
  • textural.

Smooth wallpapers can be matte or glossy, the latter give characteristic reflections, so if they are undesirable, then it is better to opt for a matte version. The drawing is protected with varnish, special moisture-proof agents or using lamination technology.
Wallpaper in the kitchen is smooth

Texture panels have a pleasant embossed surface and can imitate leather, papyrus, stone, brick, canvas, linen, wood or sand, and the KLV online store even includes wallpaper with the image of famous paintings, frescoes and landscapes of ancient cities. Such wallpapers glare less, they can last for ten years, if, of course, they are covered with protective substances.
wall murals

No. 3. Wallpaper size

Wall murals, as a rule, have a height of 2.6 to 3.6 meters, the width of the panel ranges from 0.36 m and can go up to several meters. Narrow photo panels are often glued to the kitchen door, sometimes they are used to distinguish a dining group in a small kitchen. You can decorate the entire wall with large canvases, and in some cases, corner wall murals are optimal.

Many manufacturers offer the same pattern in different formats, and if necessary, they can make wallpaper of any required size and even apply the desired image.

The process of gluing photowall-paper usually does not cause any particular difficulties, especially since manufacturers, for convenience, number individual parts of the whole canvas. Panoramic wallpaper is divided into several parts, and with proper joining, the seams between the canvases will be invisible. If the presence of joints is generally undesirable, then it is better to choose seamless photowall-paper, but they cost a little more than usual ones, and it is much more difficult to glue them, therefore it will be difficult to do without the help of professionals.
wallpaper in the kitchen

No. 4. Wallpaper color and style

Photo wallpaper is, first of all, interior decoration and an opportunity to transform the kitchen, set the atmosphere of a cozy French street, summer seaside, garden or big city. With the help of photo wallpaper, you can visually make a small kitchen larger, a low one – higher, and a dark one – lighter, and it all depends on the correct choice of pattern and color scheme.

The most important principle when choosing photo wallpaper for the kitchen is focusing on the degree of illumination:

  • bright kitchens facing south need coolness, so cold shades and black and white photos will be appropriate here;

  • kitchens where the amount of natural light is insufficient, it is better to decorate with wallpaper with a predominance of warm colors, shades of orange, red and yellow are perfect.
    wallpaper in the kitchen 2

When choosing a color and pattern, it does not hurt to pay attention to the features of kitchen furniture and appliances:

  • bright kitchen sets will look ridiculous and tasteless with the same bright wallpaper, so monochrome linens and neutral shades are the best option in this case. Black and white photos and sketch drawings will do;

  • often kitchen sets and appliances have neutral shades (beige, gray, white, etc.), and they can just be diluted with bright colors, but restrained monochrome wallpapers will also look great – it all depends on the size and style premises.
    wallpaper in the kitchen 3

Wall murals are a versatile decor that will be appropriate in the kitchen of any interior style. It is only important to choose the right drawing:

  • natural landscapes, still lifes, as well as photo wallpaper-frescoes will fit well into the classical style;
  • in the style of high-tech and minimalism, it is preferable to use drawings with a small amount of details, abstractions, macro photography elements; volumetric images and imitation of cork, plaster, brick, wood and other materials are also suitable;
  • the interior of the kitchen in the style of Provence will be decorated with photowall-paper with the image of lavender, French landscapes and sights, as well as wallpaper with the effect of antiquity;
  • Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles can decorate with contrasting photo wallpapers with a glossy surface and a predominance of geometric shapes;
  • eco-style is natural landscapes, greenery, fruits, vegetables and insects;

  • especially interesting are photo wallpapers in ethnic style, on which African, Indian, Mexican, Persian and other ornaments can be depicted.
    wallpaper in the kitchen style

Travelers’ kitchen can be decorated with photo wallpaper with the image of a map of the world, continent or country, as well as photos of planes, cars, ships and other transport. In the kitchen interior, photo wallpapers with the image of drinks, mouth-watering dishes, vegetables and fruits look great. Panels depicting a wide variety of natural and urban landscapes, sky, space, interiors, sunsets and sunrises, textures, as well as black and white images are always popular.
wall mural kitchen style 3

No. 5. Wallpaper for a small kitchen

To visually enlarge a small kitchen, it is not at all necessary to use magic – there are wallpapers for this. To achieve the desired effect, you need to follow a few simple rules that designers use in their work:

  • the best solution is a wallpaper with a light background and an unobtrusive pattern. Wall murals with the perspective created by streets, bridges, stairs, terraces, panoramas and natural landscapes are also great;
    photo wallpaper for a small kitchen
  • not every landscape drawing will look harmonious, so it is advisable to back it up with appropriate furniture or decor items. For example, an image of a blooming garden can be complemented with a vase with the most appropriate flowers. When choosing a drawing, start from the chosen interior style and its features;
  • cold shades tend to slightly increase the space and move the wall away, so if the kitchen lighting allows it, pay attention to the blue, blue, green colors and their shades;

  • the image must match the dimensions and proportions of the room. Too large and voluminous patterns (for example, flower buds) will crush, and too small an ornament can create a sense of disorder;
  • Today’s popular 3D photomurals are not suitable for compact kitchens – optical illusions will be perceived incorrectly and create unpleasant sensations.
    wallpaper in the kitchen style 2

No. 6. Wallpaper for the kitchen with low ceilings

Low ceilings, with the wrong approach to the organization of the interior, can seem even lower and literally put pressure on those in the kitchen. Wall murals come to the rescue in this case too. Visually raising the ceiling will allow:

  • wallpaper with abstract vertical lines, be it stripes, waves or zigzags;
  • all the same natural and city landscapes, but shot at an angle, from bottom to top. Trees, statues, towers and skyscrapers literally work wonders from this perspective.
    fotooi for low kitchen

Another option is ceiling wall murals featuring the sky, tree crowns, space and abstract stripes. They do an excellent job of lifting the ceiling, but they are only suitable for kitchens equipped with a powerful hood.
ceiling photomurals

No. 7. Wallpaper for a narrow kitchen

Wallpaper with a predominance of horizontal lines will perfectly fit into the interior of a narrow kitchen. This is either abstraction or natural landscapes. Images of the sea with waves, beaches, fields, mountain slopes, etc. will do. The desired expansion effect can be achieved if you stick such wallpaper on a narrow wall and try not to overload the drawing.
photo wallpaper for a narrow kitchen

No. 8. Wallpaper for a spacious kitchen

The owners of large kitchens are not limited in the choice of pattern and color – any photo wallpaper that matches the style of the room will do. If the kitchen is too large and high, it looks not cozy enough, then you can use wallpaper with a large volumetric pattern.

Photo wallpaper will come in handy when zoning a large kitchen-dining room, studio apartment or combined kitchen-living room – with their help, you can easily and effectively highlight the dining area and separate it from other areas of the large space.
wall murals in a large kitchen

No. 9. What else is important to consider?

Finally, as a bonus, here are some tips that will help you create the most harmonious interior:

  • the wall or part of it, decorated with photo wallpaper, should be free and, if possible, be at some distance from the kitchen furniture;
  • Photo wallpaper in the kitchen interior occupies a smaller part of the wall surface, is located away from the center of splashes, grease and is combined with plain wallpaper, painting or plaster. It is best for the background color to match the prevailing shade of the wallpaper, then the interior will be as harmonious as possible. Contrasting combinations are also allowed, but it is easy to make a mistake here – either impeccable taste or the help of professionals is needed;
  • the drawing depicted on the panel should be supported by other elements in the interior;
  • wall murals can be glued not only on the walls, but also on the doors, and someone even manages to decorate the refrigerator with them.
    wall mural kitchen

Colorful and realistic photo wallpaper will become a beautiful and durable decoration of the kitchen interior if you choose the right material, pattern, style and appropriate place for them.

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