9 Tips for Choosing a Window Installation Contractor

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Installation of windows is usually the final touch in any renovation, and when the renovation work comes to an end, nerves and forces are usually at the limit. It is tempting to contact the first window installation company that comes across. Alas, this approach is fraught with a big risk in a year and a half to replace unfairly installed windows, because many defects may not be noticeable during the initial examination. If we add here the likelihood of running into fraudsters who will take an advance payment and disappear, it becomes obvious that the choice of a contractor for installing windows must be approached responsibly. This is exactly what will be discussed in our article.

Experience in the market

The more years the company has been installing windows, the better. This has a positive effect on the quality of the services provided, and also suggests that the company will not disappear in a month and will faithfully fulfill all obligations for warranty service. The demand for modern double-glazed windows is great, therefore there are traditionally a lot of scammers. One-day firms are attracted by low prices and, at best, install not very high-quality systems, and at worst, they hide after receiving money from you.

Of course, not all new companies are bad, but the chance to get high-quality windows when contacting an organization with many years of experience is many times greater. The criteria given in the article below will help to find one among companies, even with little work experience, that can do their job at the proper level.

PVC profile manufacturers place information in the section with partners about the companies with which they cooperate in a particular region. If you could find there the company where you are going to order windows, this is a good sign. In general, dealer relations with the manufacturer of the profile and fittings have a positive effect on the price. For large orders, the contractor company receives discounts from the manufacturer, so it sells products to the end user at a lower price.

Windows from the company “Russian windows” in Moscow

“Russian Windows” is a vivid example of a serious and responsible company for the production and installation of windows. The organization has been operating since 1996, produces plastic windows at two factories in Russia, has all the necessary certificates. On the site you can easily find examples of works and photos of production. The company uses the Rehau profile, performs its lamination, offers decorative layout, colored handles, stained-glass windows, and various configurations. All windows have a 15-year warranty, you can arrange an interest-free installment plan. After installing the windows, you can contact the service department, which is part of the company.

Office availability

If a company in contacts only indicates an email address, this is a serious reason to think. The site should contain information on how to call the company and where the office is. A more or less serious organization should have an office where you can see product samples, talk to managers, sign an agreement, study all documentation and certification for windows.

Going to the office, do not forget to note for yourself how the room is decorated. Now we are not talking about the design and cost of furniture, although this is also important to some extent. You should pay attention to whether the office is cozy, whether there are little things that complement the interior, how many samples are presented. The fact is that one-day companies will not waste time and money on comfortable furniture, coziness and a large number of samples.

Manager literacy

In a normal company, you should clarify all the details, including the type of house where the windows will be installed, the state of the building, system requirements, wishes for shape, color, sound insulation, etc. This will allow you to choose the option that suits your needs.

What do unscrupulous companies do? Their employees do not undergo continuous training, do not want and cannot offer a unique solution, so everyone is made a universal option, which in some cases is not entirely suitable. Not the cheapest solution can be sold, and it is good if it turns out to be of high quality and meets its price.

Site and its content

Having a website 10-15 years ago was just an added bonus. Now its existence is a must have, i.e. if a company does not have its own website, then this is somehow completely frivolous. We recommend that you carefully study the portal, find information about product certificates there, see photos of samples.

An excellent indicator is the presence on the site of examples of work performed so that you can understand how the windows will be made in your apartment.

Of course, the site can be made in just a couple of hours, add fake certificates and other people’s work, but then the company’s dishonesty will be seen in other things as well. If in doubt that the works shown belong to this particular company, you can search for images in one of the popular search engines.


If the site is executed correctly, you can definitely find a section with customer reviews there. With a probability of 99.9%, there will only be praises in the direction of the company, so do not be lazy to search the Internet for reviews on third-party sites. Of course, it is better to choose a contractor who has mostly positive reviews, but having a small amount of negativity shouldn’t be too scary. All kinds of situations will happen, and the customers are not always adequate – it is important how the contractor reacts, whether he tries to correct his mistakes, how he resolves conflict situations.

The lack of feedback on the company says that it has not been on the market for long, and we have already touched on this aspect.

You can ask your friends for a recommendation. They may be able to recommend a decent company, but even so, check it against the criteria listed in the article.

The cost

On occasion, we all want to save money and, even realizing that free cheese lies only in a mousetrap, we still believe that we are the ones who are lucky and will be able to deliver the highest quality windows in the world for a penny. When evaluating offers from contractors, never turn off your brain and do not be tempted to an extremely favorable price. Analyze!

  1. If a company offers a price 20% lower than the regional average, then there is a big risk of being left without windows and without prepayment. Remember that there are firms that tend to collect money for orders and disappear. Deceived clients are often shown in news reports, but still there are those who give money to fraudsters again and again.

  2. What else can a too good price turn into? The fact that in the process additional payments will emerge (for example, for metering, delivery, dismantling, etc.), and as a result, the cost of windows will come out, as in other companies, or even higher. It’s just that a not entirely honest contractor decided to sell more of his goods in this way.
  3. Windows can fully match their price, i.e. be made of low-quality plastic, which will turn yellow in a couple of seasons. The contractor may use a plastic profile with thin metal that will not give the required strength, and as a result, the window will sag. The locks may break in a few months, the glass unit will not keep warm … It is not pleasant enough, and in a couple of years you will again look for a contractor, and the ghostly savings will result in spending on new glazing.

Warranty and action in case of complaints

The company manager needs to find out how long the warranty is for the product, fittings and installation. Also check the list of warranty and non-warranty cases, the procedure for action in case something breaks.

Ideally, one company should handle manufacturing, installation and warranty services. If one company makes and installs windows, and a service contract is concluded with another, then sooner or later a situation will arise when companies will look for someone to blame and throw you on top of each other, not wanting to repair.

Be sure to ask your manager about the process of filing and processing a complaint. If they tell you that they will somehow solve the problem or that there are never complaints, this is not a very good sign. A serious company must have a well-established scheme for filing complaints, responding to it, including an expert visit and warranty repair.

After installing the windows, you should have a contract where the terms and conditions of the guarantee should be spelled out.

Assessing the assembly team

Just as the design of an office can tell about the reliability of a company, so the appearance of its employees can judge their seriousness. In this case, we are talking about the assembly team. Not only do normal organizations recruit qualified people and spend money on their training, but they also take care of their clothing and equipment. It is optimal if the workers in the brigade are neat, dressed in overalls, and work with professional equipment.

Next, we analyze the competence of the contractor. Competent installers will ask the owners where they can temporarily leave new windows, and also find the best route to bring the structure into the apartment. Before starting to dismantle old windows, the foreman will make sure that the window opening and the new window correspond in size, and then he will warn you to protect the furniture and flooring.

Experts advise to control the entire process of installing windows and ask questions to the installers. If they cannot find a normal answer and explain their actions, it is better to call the company office.

What else do you need to know?

When choosing a contractor for the installation of windows, specify the following points:

  • manufacturer of accessories. Window companies usually advertise the profile manufacturer very loudly (Rehau, KBE, VEKA, etc.), but they are silent about which fittings they use, and they may not be of very high quality. If the company does not provide this information on the website, please check in person. The best option is fittings from Wink Haus and ROTO;

  • read the contract carefully so that it does not turn out that some work is paid separately, and some unnecessary accessories, on the contrary, are included in the price. There are firms that sell mosquito nets, ebb tides, child locks and other things without warning you about it;

  • bonus programs are different. Too generous offers, when everyone gives and reduces prices for everything, is a reason to think, but discounts when ordering several windows is good and right;

  • before signing the acceptance certificate after installing the window, check whether the system is well fixed, whether it is blown by the wind, whether it is easy to open and close the handles, etc.

And one last tip. When planning to call or go to a window installation company, read a little about what windows are, what are the advantages of plastic, wooden and aluminum profiles, what double-glazed windows are, what is the difference between warm and cold glazing of a loggia and a balcony. In short, you must have a minimum theoretical base so that you are not forced to do what is not needed, taking advantage of your ignorance.

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