8 ways to cool a room without air conditioning in hot weather

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The best friend and helper in hot summer is air conditioning. But what if you have to spend this summer without it, and the room is so hot that your brains melt? Folk ingenuity has long invented several ways to cool the air in a room without a split system. Let’s not hide – in terms of efficiency, all these techniques are inferior to the air conditioner, but nevertheless it will become a little cooler in the apartment, and you will feel better. Perhaps you already know some of the ways how to cool a room without air conditioning in the heat, and read about others in our material.

Curtains or blinds on windows

The most vulnerable place in our apartment to hot air is the windows. Even if they are as tight as possible, the sun’s rays penetrate through them, glass, surfaces, and then air heats up. The result is an oven. The simplest and most commonplace thing that you can do this summer is to close the windows with blackout curtains that completely or almost completely block out sunlight. This advice is relevant for the most sunny hours, and in summer it is already from 8-9 in the morning until 19-20 in the evening.

The disadvantage of this method is that curtains made of heavy opaque fabrics are expensive. In addition, if someone is at home during the day, they will have to sit in the dark. This method will definitely suit you if you are at work all day: when leaving the house, immediately close the curtains. In the evening, the apartment will be noticeably fresh. In addition, blackout curtains can be beautifully combined with lighter tulle, and the end result is a harmonious and multifunctional window decoration.

An alternative to heavy blackout curtains are lighter, more compact sun shades that also effectively darken the room. It is best to choose white blinds that actively reflect the sun’s rays.

User experiments show that when white blinds are used, the temperature on the windowsill drops by 5.50C. In combination with other methods, this method will be even more effective.

Foil reflects the sun’s rays even better. It can be glued to window panes, which is especially important for residents of apartments facing the south. Minus – the foil will have to be glued back and forth on a regular basis, or you will have to endure blind windows.

Sun protection film

This is a variation on the previous one. The advantage of this method is that the film protects from heating, reflecting most of the sun’s rays, but a little light still penetrates – it will not be in the apartment like in a cave.

Council. Buy films from reliable manufacturers so as not to have problems with installation and dismantling, and also not to observe how the film begins to peel off by itself within a couple of weeks after it was glued.

Sunscreen films are made on the basis of polyethylene terephthalate, and the coating of rare earth metal oxides takes the brunt. This combination allows active reflection of UV and IR rays. The film can be colorless, tinted in one of many shades, or have a mirror surface. The latter has an additional advantage – it provides protection from prying eyes, which is especially important for residents of the first floors. Do not forget to remove film during the fall season so that it does not take away light and heat when you really need them. The material is inexpensive, you can handle the gluing yourself.

Ice and fan

Cutting off the heat coming from the street is only part of the victory over it. It is necessary to somehow cool the air, which has already warmed up. Here we must act decisively. All of you have probably heard at least once that you need to put cold water in front of a fan or bottles of frozen water. It all works, but it can be done better.

So, you need a plastic bottle. Pour water, freeze it, take it out of the freezer, cut the bottle (you can wield a kitchen hatchet), take out ice. We somehow split it with a knife and add salt. Place the sizzling and crackling ice in a large bowl in front of the fan and enjoy the refreshing breeze.

One of the experimenters notes that in 10 minutes the temperature in his room dropped from an awful 35.50C to a more or less comfortable 260C. The downside is the long preparation, and the ice melts quickly, and in an hour you will just have a bowl of warm salt water.

Active moisturizing

The good old way, which was used by our grandmothers. The bottom line is to humidify the air, and then the apartment will become cooler. How to moisturize? There are many approaches:

  1. the most primitive way is to spray water from a spray bottle. Spray with ice water for added effect. Do not get carried away too much – repeat the procedure every 1-1.5 hours, otherwise it will become too damp at home – you will get the effect of a steam room;
  2. as an option – put a bucket of water, or several. The colder the water, the better;
  3. wet towels and sheets are generally a hit from the past. It all looks strange, but, according to mothers and grandmothers, it works;
  4. a modern variation is a humidifier. Only in our case, the most classic option is suitable – a humidifier built on natural evaporation. In it, air regularly passes through a container of water, leaving it cleaned and humidified. Thanks to the built-in fan, the process goes faster. If you pour cold water or even put ice cubes in a container, it will be better. It is also said that adding lemon and peppermint essential oils will have a better refreshing effect.

Recently actively advertised the so-called. mobile air conditioner on the water. It does not have a classic air duct for an air conditioner, and, according to marketers, it is cooled by spraying water. Basically, we are being overpriced for a traditional humidifier. Cooling, like from an air conditioner, will obviously not be – only humidification.

Does the moisturizing method work? Partly. Researchers from the people report that in 10 minutes the temperature dropped from 320C to 290C, and this is in the presence of a wet sheet and a bucket of water in the room.

Along with air humidification, local humidification of oneself is also used. This is a wet towel around the neck, as athletes do. Some say that they really get better, while others note the unpleasant effect of flowing jets of water.

Proper ventilation

There is no way without fresh air in summer. Only now there is no fresh air in the midday heat, therefore it makes no sense to ventilate at this time. The windows must be opened when the outside temperature is minimal, i.e. from late evening to early morning. Let the apartment air out all night, and don’t forget mosquito nets.

This tip works great when paired with dimming. It turns out that at night you let in fresh air, and in the morning we close the windows with curtains or blinds so as not to miss the heat and preserve the coolness achieved. Windows can be kept in ventilation mode by setting the handle diagonally.

Council. Always compare the temperature at home with the temperature outside the window. The night temperature will be indicated by the weather websites. If it is hotter outside, then do without the open windows – leave them only for microprotection.

Approximate temperature dynamics in the summer months during the day

Fighting heat sources

Household appliances, light bulbs and a heated towel rail are sources of heat, and when the temperature outside and in the apartment is comfortable, you may not even notice it. In the summer, the computer system unit or TV panel seems to get warmer. Heat radiates directly from them, which raises the temperature in the room by several degrees.

The advice is to minimize the use of household appliances, especially those that get very hot. We are talking about a computer, TV, hairdryer, curling irons and hair straighteners. The refrigerator also heats up decently, but we do not consider turning it off. Also try to use your stove to a minimum, at least during the hottest time. In the heat, appetite decreases, and this will benefit us. And in general, in summer, it is better to close the doors to the kitchen.

If there is a heated towel rail in the bathroom, then it is better to turn it off for a while.

Ordinary incandescent bulbs also warm up decently, so in many articles on the Internet you will definitely find advice to replace them with fluorescent or LED ones. It’s a great idea, considering that they consume less electricity and last longer, but you will hardly notice the real result in terms of cooling from such a replacement. In summer, artificial light is used to a minimum.

Wet cleaning

This method is akin to the humidification method mentioned above. If you wet as many surfaces in the house as possible, especially metal, then they say it will become easier. In fact, the method can only be called a working one. Experiments show that in the first minutes after wet cleaning, the temperature really drops a little, but very quickly returns to its previous indicators, and those who started this wet cleaning will not even have time to notice this insignificant result, since they will sweat after physical activity …

It is better to use the listed methods in combination – then the result will be many times better. For example, we ventilate well at night, close windows and blinds during the day, turn on the fan and put ice in front of it. We enjoy the resulting effect.

And some more tips

To make life more comfortable in the heat, use the following tips:

  • instead of the usual pillow, take a pillow stuffed with buckwheat. It does not retain heat, therefore it will be easier to sleep on it;
  • soft drinks work great, but you shouldn’t drink them too quickly – you can get sick;
  • on the hottest days, try to move less;
  • change your diet in favor of increasing the amount of plant foods and reducing heavy carbohydrates, at the same time, you won’t have to cook a lot in the kitchen. It is better to drink plain water in the heat, and carbonated, sweet and sour drinks can trick your body, causing artificial thirst;
  • the hottest nights will be easier to survive if you move to sleep on the floor;
  • if possible, get rid of heat accumulators for a while. First of all, these are fluffy carpets;
  • A few plastic ice bottles laid out in the backseat will help you make the journey in a car without air conditioning easier.

Many people go for another trick and prefer to spend the hottest days in shopping centers, if they can’t go to the sea or at least the pool.

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