8 tips for choosing furniture for restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs in 2017

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When entering a restaurant, cafe or bar, we first of all evaluate the interior of the institution. Moreover, the environment influences the attendance no less than the professionalism of the chefs and the range of dishes. For the most part, furniture sets the mood of the establishment, so you should pay maximum attention to its choice. It is necessary to take into account the type of institution, its audience, and the chosen cuisine, as well as the general style, while not forgetting to focus on the quality and functionality of furniture and take into account fashion trends. Let’s try to figure out how to choose furniture for HoReCa establishments, and what fashion trends this year should be taken into account.

# 1. Choosing the style of furniture

The whole atmosphere in a restaurant, bar or cafe should be subordinated to a common theme – then the institution is perceived as harmonious and cozy. The design style largely depends on the format, clients and cuisine. If this is a respectable restaurant where visitors come to relax and spend an enjoyable evening, the setting should be cozy, while providing everyone with ample personal space. Soft sofas and armchairs with large armrests are welcome.

If the establishment is focused on a quick snack, then it is better to give preference to compact simple furniture, you can bright. For a family-type cafe, large tables should become mandatory, and for a children’s cafe – small chairs and tables. The diner can be equipped with high chairs and counters, while the romantic cafe can be furnished with sofas for two and glass tables.
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Establishments of oriental cuisine are decorated in a minimalist way, in black, white and red shades. If the restaurant is dedicated to the cuisine of a certain country, then it will not be superfluous to purchase furniture that is traditionally used in local food establishments, borrow accessories, use paintings and decor that create the necessary atmosphere.

Recently, even ordinary cafes and bars are decorated in a certain style. If the country style is chosen, then the furniture should be wooden, rough, massive, the Provence style requires the use of light artificially aged furniture, etc. Ideally, the choice of specific pieces of furniture and their quantity is preceded by the preparation of a design project, which will reflect the concept of the institution.
restaurant furniture

Fashion trends this year dictate a departure from pretentious luxury and “flashy” solutions towards home furnishings. Well-known designer Nata Tatunashvili gives recommendations:

  • change chairs with high backs to more compact ones, traditional for home interiors;
  • abandon partitions and cabin division of space into so-called comfort zones;
  • focus on food rather than chic surroundings.

The halls of the most popular restaurants in Europe and Canada today are furnished with simple furniture, free from bulky decor details, and are maximally open to natural light.
restaurant furniture 3

# 2. Focus on furniture functionality

Of course, the appearance of furniture is the main factor in its choice, but you should not discount its quality and functionality. Before buying, it does not hurt to independently check chairs, armchairs, sofas for convenience and compliance with the height of the selected table. It happens that seemingly very nice chairs turn out to be too low or soft, so they do not allow a person not only to sit comfortably, but also to reach for a drink or a plate on the table. Another common mistake when choosing furniture is too tall or unstable hockers.

No. 3. Furniture material

In modern cafes, restaurants and bars, you can see furniture made from a mass of different materials: wood and metal occupy leading positions, glass, plastic, stone and rattan are often used, as well as leather and all kinds of textiles. It is important that the material is of high quality and durable, so there is no point in saving. More expensive pieces of furniture will look more solid, and they will retain their attractive appearance longer.

Restaurant designer Irina Glik says that this year natural materials will be in high esteem. Stone stoves, natural wood, textiles in combination with living plants make the establishment attractive for the whole family, almost in a home circle. And most importantly, you can come to such a restaurant in casual clothes without fear of breaking the dress code.

Following fashion trends, do not forget about the chosen concept of the establishment.

  • For example, for a fast food cafe or bistro, compact wooden or plastic chairs without armrests, as well as chairs on a metal frame, will be appropriate, the main requirement for which is mobility and the smallest possible size.
  • For a sushi bar, simple wooden chairs, geometrically correct wooden tabletops, sofas with durable fabrics are suitable.

  • For coffee houses, you can use armchairs and chairs with soft upholstery; for restaurants, massive tables, furniture with jacquard, tapestry leather upholstery are suitable.

  • For the summer area of ​​the institution, it is better to use furniture that is as resistant as possible to adverse environmental conditions, which is why plastic and rattan are so often used.
    restaurant furniture 4

No. 4. Calculating the number of pieces of furniture

To answer the question of how many pieces of this or that furniture need to be purchased, you need to draw up a plan in advance for its arrangement in the institution. When trying to fit as many tables as possible, keep in mind that visitors and staff need to move freely around the room, and not maneuver between chairs and people.

When drawing up a plan for arranging furniture, it should be borne in mind that with its help you can zone the space. For these purposes, high backs of sofas or a competent selection of furniture of different shades are used. The need for zoning and how to carry it out should also be thought out in advance.
restaurant furniture 7

No. 5. We take into account the requirements for the maintenance of furniture

Some pieces of furniture amaze with their unique design and non-standard shapes. They can even be convenient to use and functional enough, but require specific care. For catering establishments, it is better not to choose furniture that takes too much time to maintain and put in order. The easier it is to maintain your furniture, the better.
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No. 6. Commercial furniture preference

Don’t make the common mistake many restaurant and cafe owners make – don’t buy furniture designed for home use. The flow of people in catering establishments is large, the load on furniture items is increased, so you need to choose furniture intended for commercial use. Furniture market research suggests that the average lifespan of home furniture is around 10 years, assuming a family of 3 will use it. If the same items are used by 10 people, then their service life will be halved, but now imagine if the number of people increases to hundreds.
restaurant furniture 8

Furniture for commercial use is made more durable, which is achieved by design features. For the manufacture of wooden products, the strongest types of wood and additional fasteners are used. The paintwork is also of high quality, and the upholstery is made from easy-to-clean, durable and hygienic coatings. The two-year warranty for a commercial chair is matched by a 20-year home life – a fact that speaks for itself. If there is no desire to buy new furniture every six months, it is better to immediately purchase high-quality products, made taking into account the conditions of future use.

No. 7. Features of the choice of a bar counter and bar stools

The bar counter requires special consideration. It can become an adornment of any institution if it is equipped correctly. First of all, you need to remember that the bar counter is selected taking into account the space required for technological equipment. Therefore, it is better to decide in advance what equipment the bartender will have, otherwise it may be impossible to place the necessary elements later.
restaurant furniture 9

The bar counter can be made in the form of a straight line, be L-shaped, trapezoidal, semi-circular, semi-circular, but the main requirement for it is the convenience of guests and good visibility of the bartender’s work. By tradition, an odd number of hockers are placed at the bar, 50-60 cm of space is provided for each guest. As for other parameters, the optimal height is 112-115 cm, width is 60 cm, and the recommended height for bar stools is 80-83 cm.

The design solution of both the counter itself and the hackers can be absolutely any – the main thing is that these elements fit into the overall theme of the institution or even become its highlight.

No. 8. We make the interior unique

Do not forget that decor items also significantly affect the perception of the interior and can make an institution truly unique and memorable. Look for non-standard solutions! Svetlana Evdokimova, a recognized master of design, advises to make the interior lighter and more transparent with the help of mirrored surfaces, large glazing areas. Unusual chandeliers, original lamps help to break the severity of standard configurations, give the interior originality. Careful selection of the finishing palette, unusual combinations of shades and tones will make the found spatial solutions unforgettable.
restaurant furniture 10

The designers of the Moscow specialized factory OTTO STELLE propose to prioritize the uniqueness of the interior design, and not ostentatious chic. Often, a well-found image saves the design budget and at the same time attracts customers; such ideas are eternal hunting in the restaurant business.

It is not easy to combine conflicting designs. However, furniture for restaurants, cafes and bars presented in the catalog www.ottostelle.ru, simultaneously:

  • comfortable for visitors;
  • fits perfectly into spaces of different styles;
  • meets the current trends in interior design.

Decorating a restaurant’s halls should be as tasty as preparing dishes from its menu. This advice deserves to be the main guideline for the owners of establishments who want to reach the heights of the professional Olympus.

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