8 tips for arranging bedroom furniture

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It is difficult to argue with the fact that the bedroom should be the most comfortable, quiet and relaxing place in the apartment. At the same time, making a bedroom such is not always as easy as it seems. On the one hand, there should be a minimum of necessary pieces of furniture, but, on the other hand, they must be correctly positioned relative to door and window openings, as well as relative to each other. How to arrange the furniture in the bedroom correctly, and what basic rules should you follow?

# 1. Competent planning

To simplify your task and not to rearrange bulky pieces of furniture from place to place, it is better to think over their location in advance. To do this, you can use special programs, some of which are so easy to learn that they are suitable for any user, even not very experienced in these matters. Do not forget about the numerous mobile applications: you only need to set the parameters of the room and the sizes of the necessary items and drag them from place to place at least indefinitely until you find the best option.

arrange furniture in the bedroom

An even easier way is to draw the room to scale, mark the locations of windows and doors, as well as sockets and switches. All pieces of furniture can also be cut out of paper to scale and moved around a conventional room until the best solution is found. The only caveat is that you need to correctly take into account the dimensions of the furniture: it is good if you already know them for sure, and do not operate with approximate values. In the latter case, the likelihood that something will not fit and the furniture arrangement plan will have to be changed increases.

When choosing a place for all pieces of furniture in the bedroom, first of all, it is necessary to take into account the rules of ergonomics, because this is a resting place, and it should be comfortable to relax and sleep there. That is why the width of the aisle should be at least 70 cm. Today, feng shui hobby is becoming more and more popular, so many people take this philosophy into account when planning a bedroom.

arrange furniture in bedroom 2

# 2. How to arrange the bed in the bedroom?

Let’s start with the most important and basic piece of the bedroom – the bed. To make the sleeping place as cozy and comfortable as possible, and sleep healthy, it is better to consider the following tips:

  • it is better to put the bed with the headboard against the wall. So a person subconsciously creates a sense of security and calmness. If for some reason such a layout is impossible, then you can use a high headboard or move the bed to a tall piece of furniture;

  • it is better to arrange a double bed so that the approaches to it are from both sides, while do not forget that the minimum width of the passage is 70 cm.If the bedroom is very tiny, and young people live in it, sometimes this rule is neglected and the bed is moved to the wall, what not to do if the bedroom belongs to aged people, since it will not be very convenient for them to get out of bed;

  • it is better to move a single bed with its side to the wall – this way it will look more harmonious, and it will be more comfortable to rest on it;

  • it is not recommended to place the bed by the window. Although this is a rather romantic solution, constant drafts and cold air from the window opening do not contribute to a pleasant rest. Moreover, the approach to the window will be difficult. An exception can be called the case when the bedroom has two large windows: then a bed can be placed between them, and then, if the climate in the region is not very harsh and cold winters are rather rare;

  • the bed should not be placed directly opposite the door either. Firstly, it is uncomfortable for sleeping, and secondly, the bright light from the next room when the door suddenly opens can cause discomfort. It is better when, upon awakening, a person immediately turns his gaze to something nice and pleasant to the eye: a picture, a flower, a window, etc .;
    arrange the bed in bedroom 2
  • it is also better not to place the bed in front of the mirror, and in general if the mirror is provided in the bedroom, it is better that the sleeping people are not reflected in it: the same effect of discomfort is created as with the door in front of the bed;
  • an interesting solution is to put the bed in a corner and arrange it diagonally. In this case, behind the bed, you get a place for a cabinet or a shelf for storing the most necessary things.

Naturally, the bedside tables are located on the sides of the bed. The size and design can be absolutely any. Of course, it is better to use the same bedside tables, but today some designers advise to decorate the bedroom asymmetrically.

arrange the bed in bedroom 4

No. 3. Where to put the cabinet?

In addition to the bed, usually the bedroom has bedside tables, a chest of drawers or dressing table and a wardrobe. Sometimes a TV is added to this list. If the apartment has a dressing room, then a wardrobe in the bedroom is not so necessary, but instead you can put an armchair, a book rack or a desk, depending on the requirements and preferences.

wardrobe in the bedroom

Usually, the wardrobe is an integral part of the bedroom. It can be either a small wardrobe or a spacious wardrobe. In any case, it is better to put it close to the wall to save space, another great option is a corner cabinet, which has excellent spaciousness.

place a wardrobe in bedroom 3

It is not recommended to place the cabinet near the wall where the window is located, because in this case its contents will not be sufficiently illuminated by sunlight. It is best if the cabinet is located near a wall opposite a window or near a wall to the side of a window.

place a wardrobe in bedroom 2

No. 4. How to position the chest of drawers?

A dresser or dressing table is another must-have attribute in a bedroom. You can place it anywhere, and if there is no mirror above the chest of drawers, then it can also be used as a TV bedside table, of course, if you need this piece of equipment in your bedroom. If the dressing table is equipped with a large mirror, then it is better not to place it opposite the bed for the reasons described above.

chest of drawers in the bedroom

It is also worth noting that in some cases the bedroom is combined with a study. In this case, the list of necessary items includes a table and a chair, and it is better to place them closer to the window in order to make the most of natural light. To organize a place for reading near the window, you can position a chair.

No. 5. How to place furniture in a small bedroom?

Taking into account all the described rules, the arrangement of furniture in the bedroom becomes not such an easy task, and it becomes even more complicated when it comes to a miniature bedroom. In this case, you need to arrange all the necessary items, create a harmonious and comfortable space, but at the same time leave enough space for movement.

arrange furniture in small bedroom 2

First, you need to create as many storage locations as possible, and use space that is usually unused for this purpose. So, the entire bed can be surrounded by shelves, use the space under the bed to store things and bed linen, but in this case it is necessary to select a bed model with a spacious niche in advance. Thus, space is won, and the chest of drawers can be discarded. As a last resort, you can organize a small shelf above the bed for storing the most necessary things.

arrange furniture in a small bedroom

If even the most compact cabinet does not fit, then you can replace it with a hanger bar to hang the most necessary items on it. An interesting solution is the organization of the podium: this way you can select the bed, and additional storage space appears inside the podium. Another option is transforming furniture. Although it is expensive, it is the only solution for some bedrooms. This can be a bed that can be removed into the closet or other interesting solutions. For a small bedroom, a ready-made set of furniture is not very suitable, as it may simply not fit, but modular furniture is what you need.

arrange furniture in small bedroom 3

Narrow bedrooms should be noted separately. In this case, it is better to put the bed perpendicular to the long wall in order to visually level the room’s imperfections. The only exception is the case when, with such an arrangement of furniture, the distance to the walls remains less than 70 cm.

No. 6. How to arrange furniture in a bedroom combined with a living room?

Small apartments are a problem for many of us. Often there is no separate place for the bedroom, and it is combined with the living room. At the same time, it is important to distinguish two zones: personal and public. A screen, a wardrobe, a rack, any partition can serve for differentiation – it all depends on the style of the interior and personal preferences. It is better to place the sleeping area in the farthest part of the living room bedroom in order to create the most cozy and intimate atmosphere there.

bedroom with living room

If it is not possible to select a separate sleeping area, then it will be necessary for the sofa to combine two functions: during the day – receiving guests and watching TV for the family, and at night it turns into a sleeping place. Depending on how many people will use the berth, the appropriate sofa is also selected, it is important that it unfolds.

bedroom with living room 3

bedroom with living room 2

No. 7. How to arrange furniture in a bedroom combined with a nursery?

Often a bedroom, even in not the smallest apartments, turns into a nursery for a while. For a crib, in principle, any place is suitable, the main thing is that it is not near a window or a mirror. The cot can stand close to the parent’s bed or be separated by a changing table. For an older child, you need to allocate a small sofa and a place for toys; for a baby, you can equip a canopy above the bed.

bedroom combined with a nursery

No. 8. How to arrange furniture in the bedroom in feng shui?

If you are a fan of feng shui teachings, then when arranging furniture in the bedroom, you should consider the following rules:

  • the best shape for a room is a square or rectangle;
  • furniture with sharp corners is taboo;
  • massive furniture, if available, must necessarily stand under the wall;
  • all parts of the bedroom must be illuminated, incl. and corners;
  • it is better to purchase a bed with legs for better circulation of positive energy;
  • it is undesirable to place the bed opposite the door, but it should be located so that the sleeper can see the door. The best place for a bed is a side wall, to which it should be turned by the headboard;
  • There should be a minimum of mirrors in the bedroom, and it is better to hang a picture in front of the bed.

It is up to everyone to decide what rules are best to follow when arranging furniture.

arrange furniture in the bedroom according to Feng Shui

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It is not enough to make high-quality repairs in the bedroom and choose good furniture – you need to be able to arrange it correctly so that you can rest comfortably and pleasantly, and your sleep is healthy. In order to correctly arrange the furniture in the bedroom, it is important to think in advance about where and what will stand, otherwise you will have to rearrange it later. The tips above should help you find the right place for each piece of furniture.

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