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The balcony can be used not only as an additional place to store all kinds of necessary and not very necessary things. It’s time to sort out all the rubbish that is still located on many domestic balconies and loggias, and turn these few additional square meters into a useful and cozy corner. Indeed, with the proper approach, even from the smallest balcony, you can make a comfortable recreation area, an office, a flower garden, the continuation of a room, etc. There are a lot of options, but for this, you first need to pay attention to the design and decoration of the balcony so that staying there really brings only pleasant emotions.

balcony finishingBefore proceeding with the choice of finishes and the finishing works themselves, you need to take care of reliable glazing and insulation of the balcony, so that in the future you can be there comfortably at any time of the year. For all such works, it is better to attract professionals who will do everything efficiently and on a turnkey basis: it is better to contact trusted specialists who have decent experience and positive reviews, for example, http://liniavikon.com.ua/113-balkon-pod-klyuch.html… When all the preparatory work is completed, you can proceed to the most pleasant stage – the choice of finishing.

In fairness, it is worth noting that you need to take care of the rough finish, which largely determines the quality of the repair work. For such purposes, drywall, plywood, polystyrene, plaster, etc. are used, but now I want to stop my attention on the variety of decorative finishing of the balcony, and there really can be a lot of options.

# 1. Plastic panels

This is one of the cheapest balcony finishes. The advantages of plastic panels include their low weight, ease of installation and a huge variety of colors, patterns and textures. The material is moisture resistant, but air permeable, which will be the key to an optimal microclimate on the balcony. Plastic panels are striking in the variety of their appearance. So, they can be laminated: a film is glued to the surface that imitates any other material, such as wood, stone, metal, etc. Also, with the help of special technologies, absolutely any pattern can be applied to the material, which will make the interior of the loggia or balcony as original as possible.

finishing the balcony with plastic panels

But it doesn’t do without flaws. Due to their lightness, plastic panels are very fragile, which means that you need to be extremely careful both during their installation and during operation, otherwise there is a possibility of damage to the surface, and scratches or dents will not add attractiveness to the interior. In addition, plastic does not tolerate low temperatures very poorly, therefore it can only be used on well-insulated balconies. This type of decoration is not recommended for families with small children, who can inflict an inadvertent blow on the panels, damaging their integrity, but if all household members are neat and attentive, then this material will help save a lot of money and make the balcony as comfortable and original as possible.

finishing the balcony with plastic panels 2

# 2. Wooden lining

Wooden lining for finishing the balcony is a real chic. This material will successfully fit into any room and will come in handy where they value everything natural, environmentally friendly, safe, where they love the smell of real wood and its stylish appearance. Other advantages of such a finish include excellent thermal insulation performance, resistance to temperature extremes, and ultraviolet radiation: the tree does not change color under the influence of sunlight. The disadvantages of this type of finish can be attributed, perhaps, to its cost, but it more than pays off with durability and beauty. Of course, the tree will require special care and handling.

finishing the balcony with wooden clapboard

For balcony cladding, species such as oak, aspen, alder and linden are suitable, but some conifers will cost much less, so you can stop the choice on pine, cedar or barely. Wooden lining is also classified according to the quality of the wood used: since we are talking about the front finish, it is better to use the material of the “extra” and class A. Materials of lower quality have obvious defects, but are much cheaper. For example, a class B wood paneling can do about the same as a plastic paneling.

finishing the balcony with wooden clapboard 2

In the decoration of the balcony, you can combine lining of different shapes: for example, the lining of the block house imitates a natural log house, having a semicircular shape, and the lining for a bar is flat boards that resemble a natural log house. Also on sale today is the so-called euro lining, which has longitudinal slots for better air circulation.

finishing the balcony with wooden clapboard 3

№3. MDF panels

MDF panels have received many characteristics from natural wood, and this is not surprising, since dry wood fibers are used in their production, which are carefully pressed and covered with PVC film. The latter is not only additional protection, but also plays a decorative role, since it can imitate any type of wood, giving the material a noble look.

finishing the balcony with mdf panels

The advantages of this type of finish include excellent performance of noise and heat insulation, low cost and ease of installation. In addition, during operation, such a coating also manifests itself as practical as possible: it is easy to care for it, it is very easy to clean from dirt. If we compare MDF boards with wooden clapboard, then it should be noted that they are more wear-resistant, but at the same time they also have some drawbacks. So, the material is flammable, not sufficiently resistant to moisture, and also not very durable, does not tolerate low temperatures well. But if such a finish is used for an insulated balcony, then you should not worry.

finishing of the balcony with mdf panels 2

finishing of the balcony with mdf panels 3

No. 4. Vinyl siding

Vinyl siding looks very much like a wooden lining, since even the installation method and the fastening system are the same. Often such panels imitate the surface of a tree, but in principle, any options are possible: bright colors, patterns, imitation of any material. Although in terms of naturalness, it cannot compete with wooden clapboard, but it has a lot of advantages: durability, unpretentiousness in care, and also incombustibility. Moreover, such a finish perfectly copes with the influence of moisture and temperature changes, and the fact that this material is often used for exterior decoration of house facades should finally convince of its durability, practicality and reliability.

balcony trim with vinyl siding

No. 5. Cork panels

Cork panels are an excellent natural and environmentally friendly material that can become a real replacement for wooden lining, especially since it even wins in terms of performance. This finishing material is made from crushed bark of a cork tree and covered with veneer on top. Since cork grows only in the Caucasus, which is not enough, it is brought from other countries, which explains the high price of this material.

finishing the balcony with a cork

finishing the balcony with cork 2

The cork is able to create an ideal indoor climate, perfect for those who suffer from some kind of allergic diseases or have problems with the respiratory tract. In addition, the cork perfectly resists moisture, direct sunlight, therefore it is used even on non-glazed and non-insulated balconies. It has excellent heat and sound insulation properties, does not absorb odors, so it will come in handy in cases where the balcony is a favorite place for smoking. The list of advantages does not end there: the cork is very unpretentious in terms of maintenance, in which it differs sharply from its direct competitor – wood, it does not burn. You will have to pay for all this, since this finishing material is not cheap.

finishing the balcony with cork 3

№6. Drywall

Plasterboard is an excellent inexpensive and safe material for balcony finishing, which is especially suitable for those balconies that are combined with an adjacent room. For a balcony, it is better to choose drywall that is resistant to moisture so that its service life is as long as possible. The advantages of such a finish are mass: for example, drywall does not require any specific maintenance, it shows good performance, and allows you to quickly create a perfectly flat surface. In order to increase the strength of the drywall, it is better to use a reinforcing mesh when sheathing.

finishing the balcony with plasterboard 3

It is better to use this material on well-insulated balconies, since it does not tolerate frost very well. Well, the fact that the external material can hardly be called attractive cannot be attributed to either the pros or the cons, because with the proper approach, it becomes an excellent basis for the implementation of all its design ideas: drywall can be painted, finished with plaster, pasted over with wallpaper.

finishing the balcony with plasterboard 2

finishing the balcony with plasterboard

No. 7. A rock

We always associate stone with a standard of strength, durability and wear resistance. It is easy to maintain, allows you to create unique interiors, but natural stone for a balcony is taboo due to its heavy weight. That is why it is better to use its artificial analogue, which combines almost all the advantages of a natural stone, but at the same time weighs less and costs less. This finish allows you to hide all the irregularities and defects of the walls, and due to its small thickness, this material does not take away the useful area of ​​the balcony.

finishing the balcony with stone

finishing the balcony with stone 6

No. 8. Ceramic tile

It is in vain that many people associate tiles only with the decoration of bathrooms and kitchens. This material will also look very good when facing the walls of the balcony. A variety of colors, shapes, colors can satisfy all tastes and help create a dream interior. In addition, tiles are easy to use, as they are easy to clean and withstand the effects of even the most aggressive chemicals. In addition, it is durable, resistant to temperature extremes and moisture. There are no downsides here, however, it is better not to use it for finishing the floors on the balcony, since it is still a cold coating.

In conclusion

As you can see, there are a lot of options for decorating the walls of the balcony, and some of the materials presented can be used for decorating both walls and floors, getting a harmonious laconic interior. However, it should be noted that a number of other materials can be used for flooring. So, for example, marmoleum does not require careful alignment, but it is quite heavy, linoleum does not need a description, since it is the most popular material used in almost all rooms, but the laminate is only suitable for heated balconies. Analyzing the conditions of a particular room and your own preferences, it is not difficult to choose the desired finishing option, and the photos given will help you do this.

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